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April 12th, 2000

Mungo Park

Several years ago – three to be precise – Microsoft launched Mungo Park, which was destined to become the successor to Microsoft Bob. The premise: send out celebrities on well-funded "adventures" throughout the world. Mungo Park was a key part of Microsoft’s second MSN relaunch, this time moving content to the web instead of having it closed off like AOL. Big names were involved: Martha Stewart, Tom Clancy, Oliver Stone, and others.

Unfortunately it flopped – big time.

What’s scarier, though, is that the site still exists. You can read all about Lyle Lovett’s epic struggles on the highways of Chile, or research the 1997 Mir space station mission – still "updated daily" with new images (hah!)

Interesting note: Mungo Park was a person long before Microsoft made it a site. A restaurant, too. -pm


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