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October 19th, 2010

Where’s My Changing Tables At?

Now that I’m a parent, I notice things that I hadn’t noticed before. Table edges are really pointy. Some places aren’t meant for strollers. And some restaurants have really lousy high chairs.

More important than that, though? Changing tables in bathrooms.

It seems like it should be a no-brainer nowadays: all bathrooms of reasonable size should have changing tables – both men’s and women’s bathrooms. But if you’re like me, you’d be surprised at how many men’s rooms don’t have changing tables. Worse than that are shops that don’t have tables in either the men’s nor women’s rooms.

C’mon guys and gals, it’s 2010. That’s not acceptable.

The bigger problem is, well, what do you do in that situation? My wife has joked about a possible restaurant scenario of clearing off a table and changing our son’s poopy diaper right there. And that’s tempting, but usually one of us takes him out to the minivan and changes him there. (Boy, that’s going to suck in cold weather.)

My least favorite thing to see, however, is when I’m in a new or newer men’s room that has ample, empty wall space. It just bugs me, you know?

Oh, and one last thing: can we agree that restrooms should also have standard signage indicating when it does have a changing table? I hate playing the guessing game.

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