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June 11th, 2004

Wiki as PIM

I always liked the concept of Wiki, a very open and free publishing system born from the same ideas of sharing and collaboration as the Internet itself, but I never much cared for the execution. But at work recently a few of us have been using a wiki to collect information and write quick-and-dirty documentation and I really grew to like its ease of use.

It occured to me that using a Wiki for jotting down quick notes, much like what I’ve done for a while with Yahoo!’s Notepad, would be a great solution and I’d have more control over the data. With that, I installed PhpWiki on a personal domain, slapped some password protection on it, and started using it for not only quick notes, but to-do lists, a “Pings to write” list, a shopping list that my wife and I can edit collaboratively from our respective workplaces before one of us goes shopping, and even a calendar.

I’ve gotta say, now I’m addicted.

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