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May 17th, 2000

Even Dwarfs Started Small

There’s something about strange movies that I enjoy — movies so strange you know there’s symbolism in there somewhere, but you can’t figure out what it is. Last night I checked out one of the stranger movies I’ve seen: Even Dwarfs Started Small.

Imagine if you will:

  • An entire cast of little people (this is only the second movie in history to do this)
  • Cannibalistic chickens
  • A crucified monkey
  • A car that drives itself in circles for half the movie
  • Blind dwarfs swinging sticks like swords to protect themselves
  • Everyone laughing at everything, all the time
I enjoy Jean Luc-Godard’s Frech New Wave movies like Week-end and Alphaville, but I had never seen any of Werner Herzog’s movies. This one seems like a good introduction and manages to be entertaining, disturbing, funny, and sad all at the same time. -ram

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