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June 16th, 2000

Ted L. Nancy

Hello. My name is Paul McAleer, and I am a Content Provider for the Internet Website called "The Daily Ping". I have been working on this Internet Website for 45 years with my budgie, Petey, and my cohort, Ryan MacMichael. Together we comb the surface of the Internet and real life for interesting items to expound upon. No stone unturned!

I have been reading your books for 3 years now (have all three). I’m concerned that not enough people are reading your books, since I often see them on discount racks. Only the new book, Extra Nutty!: Even More Letters from a Nut, has been promoted. Your letters to large corporations are hysterical and highly entertaining.

I have a request to ask of you. In addition to The Daily Ping, we’re working on a traveling roadshow called "Ted L. Nancy’s Traveling Roadshow". It will exhibit the comic wit and poignant topicality that Ping readers are used to, but live instead of being simple text on an Internet Website. I trust you will have no problem with us using your name and promoting your books (Letters from a Nut, More Letters from a Nut, and Extra Nutty) and disallowing any conspiracies suggesting that you are, in fact, Jerry Seinfeld. Jerry is a funny funny man, but he’s not you. At least, I won’t admit he is.

We hope to hear back from you soon. The Roadshow will be stopping in Thousand Oaks, CA, soon! We hope to see you there.


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Joy October 12, 2007, 7:45 pm

LOL – while the cat’s away the mice will play! My boss just left for vacation and so a co-worker and i have had a little time on our hands. We work for a law office and have some ‘real doosies’ come in. Earlier this week we had a gentleman in need of our services who, when asked what he did for a living told us he owned 3 businesses and was a ‘terriorist hunter’. He then proceeded to talk about ‘his people’ and look longingly at his briefcase (which had a presidential seal on it… they have them at all the gift shops in DC). My co-worker wondered aloud (after this character had left) if ‘his people’ got hot in his briefcase.

In the same week we had a defensive end looking gentleman who got busted exposing himself. We later learned he was shopping at a shoe shop wearing a plaid skirt and three inch heels.

These interesting people made me think about Ted Nancy and his wonderful writings. Inspired, i brought them in and we are reading them (her for the first time, me rereading).

After looking online and seeing that there were others who had such good taste in authors, i had to say hi!

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