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July 5th, 2000

Brand Loyalty

… I realized I have none.

Following my discussion the other day about the shoddy state of consumer grade electronics, I present you a list demonstrating how little brand loyalty I have:

  • Home CD players: I’ve had two, both Teacs (so this is kind of close to brand loyalty)
  • Portable CD players: Koss and “Classic
  • Home cassette decks: Two Teacs and a Sony
  • Portable cassette decks: Sony and a couple non-name-brand models
  • VCRs: I’ve had a Magnavox and now a Hitachi
  • DVD Player: Toshiba
  • Receivers: Harmon-Kardon, Scott
  • Television: Magnavox
  • CD Recorder: Philips
  • Headphones: Panasonic, Sony
  • Turntables: Three Geminis and a Dual
  • Portable Stereo: Philips/Magnavox
I guess the closest I’ve come has been some minor loyalty to Teac or Philips/Magnavox (I’m also looking at a new TV now, leaning towards a Philips model), but in general, I’m all over the map. I’m curious as to how loyal others are with their electronics purchases. -ram

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