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July 18th, 2000

When Diapers Attack

Dateline: Allen, TX: At an apartment complex, a person changes his or her baby. The dirty diaper, probably a Pampers or similar, is wrapped in a plastic bag and then thrown into a plastic garbage bag on the back porch. Consequently forgotten about, too.

Leave it to the heat: an overly hot Texas summer (allegedly – though I’m sure it’s normal) actually heated up the diaper enough to spontaneously combust. That, coupled with flammable plastics around it, caused a whopping $3,000 in damage. From a diaper.

Morals: take out your trash, and watch what your kid eats! -pm

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bob barker January 12, 2007, 5:17 pm

so if you left the baby outside then would he ignite?

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