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August 19th, 2000

So This is How Spammers Work

I got an interesting letter via US mail the other day:

To: Vice President/Sales & Marketing (not me, incidentally)
From: Robert T. Leflar
Subject: Acquisition of Your Customer List
Date: August 5, 2000

Revolution Software Inc. is America’s premier supplier of direct mail lists to computer, communications, and Internet marketers. In our business model, we acquire customer lists from information technology firms like yours for unlimited, anonymous use. Basically, we agree never to disclose the name of your firm, your personnel, or the names of your product(s) and/or services.

We are particularly interested in business buyers of Internet hardware, software and communications services, e-commerce servers, computer telephony products, database servers, web design tools, and Java and C/C++ programming tools (none of which, incidentally, we sell). The following platforms are of interest to us: Windows 95/98, Windows NT/Windows 2000, Linux/Unix, Windows CE, Palm OS, and Macintosh.

To discuss the acquisition of your customer list, please contact me by phone, fax, or e-mail:…

To add to the already shady nature of this company, they have two different e-mail addresses, neither of them at their own domain (one is at, the other at I’m now wondering what I should do with this letter. 🙂 -ram

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