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September 5th, 2000

Hints from Heloise

Has anyone else ever glanced at the Hints from Heloise column in the newspaper? It’s hard one to miss… it’s the one with the helpful household hints like “A great way to use an old photo album that’s lost its luster is to use it for hold recipe clippings from the newspaper!” (that one is made up, incidentally).

I’d like to harness the creativity of the loyal Pingers—what would your hint be if you were to submit one to Heloise? Take a look here for an idea of what you’d find in the column if you’ve never seen it. -ram

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FROM: Eduardo
DATE: Tuesday September 5, 2000 -- 12:28:12AM
Aqui aprendiendo un poco

FROM: Matt
DATE: Tuesday September 5, 2000 -- 7:25:20PM
Actually I have ben looking at heloise quite often for many years now. As far as my suggestions I cannot say that I have any right now. But heloise also brings up the memories of Boys Life magazine and their "hobby Hows" section. In Hobby Hows people would desribe a unique hobby and if they printed it you would get $10. My friend and I stayed up real late one night in junior high just thinking of all the endless possibilities. Some we came up with were "I collect farts in a jar" and "I collect used tissues"

FROM: Peggye Creigh
DATE: Friday December 12, 2003 -- 8:58:49 am
My granddaughter has a prom dress (white) that is labeled "Do Not Dry Clean and Do Not Wash". How in the world does one get the black marks off of the bottom of the dress with those 2 "don't do"? Help Heloise I read your article everyday keep up the good work. An ardent fan.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday December 12, 2003 -- 9:37:36 am
Apparently, this Ping has a case of the "Maurys."

FROM: Tina
DATE: Friday December 12, 2003 -- 10:18:46 am
In reading this old Ping, I'm just shocked that you used the contraction version of "it's" instead of the correct possessive form "its". Shame on you! :) Signed, the Grammar Police

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday December 12, 2003 -- 10:48:19 am
Holy crap. Time for some revisionist history.

FROM: Tina
DATE: Friday December 12, 2003 -- 2:35:35 pm
"Another job well done! Thanks Grammar Police!"

*prepares to fly off into the sunset* GRAMMAR POLICE AWAAAAY!!!

DATE: Sunday January 11, 2004 -- 5:52:42 pm
ink spot

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday January 11, 2004 -- 6:21:40 pm
My favorite column in the paper is "Everyday Ethics." It's about ethics.

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 2:45:03 pm

FROM: beverly
DATE: Friday March 10, 2006 -- 4:03:11 pm
can you help? candle wax on carpet. thanks so much!!!!!!

FROM: scott
DATE: Friday March 10, 2006 -- 4:17:05 pm
For candle wax on carpeting try this --- Put ice cubes into a metal pan. Place it right on top of the candle wax until the wax is frozen solid. With a small hammer, hit the wax to break it up. Pick up the pieces. Then apply dry-cleaning solvent on a clean cloth to remove any leftover residue. --- found this on

FROM: Lucky
DATE: Tuesday April 11, 2006 -- 12:22:28 am
I misplaced or deleted Heloise's hint for instant cheese cake, today and I am kicking you have todays or last nites Helpful Hints on Cheese cake? Thanks Lucky

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