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October 14th, 2000

Useless Site Award: AT&T Broadband

This’ll be my last badmouthing of AT&T for a while (after they properly credit my credit card for a cell phone I returned about two months ago). AT&T Broadband, the newly re-christened cable and cable modem provider, has a site as you might expect. Beyond that, it’s pretty useless.

Things seem positive when you can enter your zip code and get information targeted to your area. Sounds great! Guess what? All you get is a channel guide. That’s it. The rest of the content is generic: how to read your bill (for those of you unaccustomed to working with paper, I guess), the addresses and phone numbers of your local offices… and so on. No hardcore info, no FAQ, no pricing structure, nothing.

At least the AT&T Cellular site takes a stab at being useful. This is pretty bad. -pm

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