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December 31st, 2000

New Year’s Eve… So What?

New Year’s Eve… So What?

I think I can probably be labeled “The Most Boring Person in the History of New Year’s Eve.” Most New Year’s Eves I spend at home, watching the tube… midnight comes and goes with Dick Clark’s countdown, but not much else. Last year was a big deal because I travelled to Penn State to hang with a couple friends — the most I’ve done for New Year’s since a small party I went to in high school. I’m OK with it, being boring and all, but before I get too much older I think I’d like to be in New York for the ball drop or some foreign country celebrating the new year well before or after America. Or maybe I’ll push things back a few months and go to Vietnam to celebrate Tet.

In any event, this year’s going to be another anti-climactic change of the calendar, most likely. Does anyone else have any exciting plans? Perhaps I can live vicariously through you… -ram

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