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January 17th, 2001

Painful Words

A few days back, Paul brought up the topic of intelligent sounding words. Tonight I decided that the most painful word to me is “catheter.” There really is no context that makes this word any easier to hear uttered. What word really makes you cringe (and let’s keep it somewhat clean)? -ram

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FROM: Robert
DATE: Wednesday January 17, 2001 -- 12:52:01PM
As an akwardly sensitive person, there have been many words that bothered me in my life. When I really liked baseball, I could never say the word. And "music" used to seem weird if applied to anything but classical music. But the grand-daddy of them all was "puberty". I'm over that now, though.

FROM: Tina
DATE: Wednesday January 17, 2001 -- 3:39:07PM
The word "no" is pretty painful, n'est pas? (Oh, and French used outside its original context is also painful).

FROM: Robert
DATE: Saturday January 20, 2001 -- 12:48:02AM
So no one has a problem with "sodomy"?

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:05:54 pm

FROM: Michael [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday April 15, 2005 -- 4:24:48 am
Hatred, Death, DaRKness, love, Sober (lol)

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Friday April 15, 2005 -- 10:25:13 am
I agree with you Ryan, having had a catheter inserted. It's every bit as painful and uncomfortable as the word implies. Nurses are sensitive to the word's implications and will call the catheter a Foley, after its inventor.

It really doesn't change the facts, so it doesn't help.

Because my catheter got clogged, the one word that brings more pain to me than "catherter" is "irrigate." Basically, after your bladder is already so full that you can see it as a lump just above . . . the insertion point, the only way to free up the tube again is to take a turkey baster and blast a rather large quantity of saline into the already quite distended bladder.

Yes, my eyes did roll to the back of my head.

I then proceeded to shed about a gallon of fluid since the "irrigation" was successful.


FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday April 15, 2005 -- 5:03:00 pm
Thanks, Joseph, for making me squirm in my chair.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday April 18, 2005 -- 9:32:21 am
I think the worst part of a catheter, truly, is the feeling that you constantly have to pee, even though your bladder is empty.

Basically, they put an air bladder (or maybe it's full of water, I wasn't down there to closely observe the procedure) inside your real bladder and blow it up to make you feel like you're always ready to go, so your body is always on "drip" mode. Even after I shed a gallon, there really was only a mild feeling of relief, though the immense pain was gone.

If there is a hell, it's the catheter.

It's kind of like the dream you have when you really have to go to the bathroom. You dream over and over again that you're going somewhere (against a tree, in the john, wherever) but you can never ever get the relief and soon you're dreaming again that you're going (in the shower, in the pool), but it's not until you get up out of bed that you finally get relief. Okay, take the getting out of bed part away.

Now you're only mildly understanding.

More squirming?

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday April 18, 2005 -- 9:35:06 am
Now imagine that discomfort lasting for two weeks.

FROM: Rafael
DATE: Monday April 18, 2005 -- 3:13:54 pm
Joseph, I too have had the privilege of having one done many years back, I totally had put that memory out of my mind when a few weeks back I had to take my little boy (cat) to the vets because it hurt him when he tried to pee…turns out that he had a urinary infection. I cringed in pain when the Vet uttered the word “Catheter”. My stomach went into knows and I felt vertigo and even cried when he started screeching in agony.

Nyrk March 9, 2008, 7:32 am

Painful words? Ah, I have a collection of 63 of them. The most painful one I have is “Anatomization”. You’ll just have to look it up for yourself.

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