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February 8th, 2001

Stock Photography Descriptions That Make Me Laugh

As part of my job duties, I need to find good stock photography. While iStockPhoto is a great resource, and all images are free (including the whopping huge full-size files), I generally turn to PhotoDisc – prices are okay, and the selection is also pretty good. (Their servers suck, but what can you do.)

While looking through pages upon pages of images, I’ve found that some of the descriptions for the photos are simply humorous, especially out of context. Tell me where else on the web you can find captions like these, please.

Portrait of a Young Boy Wearing a Party Hat
Father Giving His Two Children a Piggyback Ride
Portrait of a Young Girl Wearing Face Paint
Boy Photographing His Three Generation Family
Girl Embracing Chihuahua
Rotterdam Farmer with Laptop
CONFUSED Young Woman Typing on a Laptop (their capitals, not mine)
Portrait of Man Using Laptop in a Subway Terminal
Businessman on a Cellular Phone Leaning on Stairs
Leaf Woman
Mother Watching Her Toddler Brush Its Hair
Orange Snow
Portrait of a Teen Boy Being Cool
Condom in Blue Jeans Pocket
Handgun in the Waistband of a Man’s Pants

Now try to imagine those images. -pm

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