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February 13th, 2001

Personality Test

Personality Test has given the Net quite a bit of joy: The Fat Project, Stinkymeat, Stinkyfeet… so, by request of Ping lurker Adam P., I invite you all to take TheSpark Personality Test and share your scores and analysis with the rest of us.

Apparently, I am a “Dominant Introvert Abstract Feeler” (or an artist). I am 87% likely to write poetry (good call!) and I “actively put your creativity to constructive use.” Mighty true! I think. And according to the test, I am 100% compatible with one person Adam knows (Arsha Belton) and 73% compatible with Adam.

What I like about TheSpark’s tests is that they become more intelligent as more people use them. Sort of like the somewhat frightening Guess the Sitcom Star/Dictator. -ram

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