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February 25th, 2001

Fighting Driving Drowsiness

Fighting Driving Drowsiness

Since I make relatively frequent trips out-of-state to visit family and such, I often find myself returning home late at night. I like driving at night because there are a lot fewer people on the roads, but the downside is that I often have to battle my own fatigue. Fortunately, there’s only been one time that I’ve been so exhausted I felt the need to pull over (I ended up sleeping for half-an-hour in my car at the Maryland House).

Usually, I just try anything I can to keep myself awake and alert. I’ve found that food and drink helps quite a bit, as does dynamic music (with lyrics) or familiar music that I can sing along with. Sometimes cracking open the window a bit helps, or just running my hand through my hair to keep myself mindful and alert will do it.

What are you most successful anti-fatigue methods when you find yourself driving late at night? -ram

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