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March 19th, 2001

Wedding Crunch

Wedding Crunch

Through any slump in the economy there are two industries that will never run into problems. First is the funeral business, for obvious reasons.

The second is the wedding industry, which, as my own nuptuals get closer and closer, I’m convinced is full of slimy, sleazy opportunists. In the area where I live, at least, it is impossible to have a catered reception for a 150-200 people that doesn’t leave your wallet bleeding. Having a buffet versus a served dinner saves some money, as does cutting out an open bar. But even after those two (supposedly) significant money savers and following every rule in Bridal Bargains, we’re still nowhere near the budget we set. Bascially, we can either have 160 people at our wedding and tell them, “Bring your own food in lieu of presents” or we can have a catered meal as we want to, but only invite the wedding party.

Or maybe we can charge admission… -ram

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