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March 20th, 2001

Discovering New Music with the Net

This is pretty much as it should be, I feel. Check this out. I have been a fan of Toad the Wet Sprocket, and said band broke up a few years back, but Glen Phillips – lead singer – now has a solo effort out, called Abulum. I heard the lead single “Fred Meyers” on WXRT, my fave radio station, but I wanted to discover more.

Instead of jetting to Napster, as I’m wont to do, I went to Glen’s site. There, not only could I download full versions of "Fred Meyers" and "Train Wreck" (both excellent songs), but I could read more about Glen, and even get the disc straight from him instead of through various anonymous large record stores.

This, my friends, is the way I love to find out about music on the net! Right here. It acts not only as a way to access the music, and sample what’s available, but it enables me to get the music I want in the most direct way possible – straight from the artist. No one gets "hurt" from it, because not only am I satisfied with some good tuneage, but Glen Phillips is happy because he gets some money from it. That sounds fair to me. -pm

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