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March 18th, 2001

Bad Movie Promotions 101

Last night at the movies, I had the "pleasure" of viewing the Loews Cineplex Network, an in-theater promotions machine on big screen TVs. Not only was it designed to give you warm fuzzies for Loews, but you were to get warm fuzzies for upcoming movies.

One of the upcoming films is Josie and the Pussycats, and I’m not joking. It looks to me to be rather awful, and the sheer number of corporate logos in the preview was way, way beyond ridiculous. But more than anything else, one thing stuck with me: the setup for the trailer. It went something like this:

We’ve seen many great cartoons jump to the big screen. The Flintstones did it, and so did Rocky and Bullwinkle. Now, it’s time for Josie and the Pussycats!

That’d be fine, if either of those movies were, you know, good. Why not just run an ad saying, "Okay, we know this is going to be bad, so why not just mail in your $8.75 instead so it’s less painful?" -pm

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FROM: Robert
DATE: Sunday March 18, 2001 -- 2:18:53PM
That sounds like "me-too" sydrome as a tagline. How shameful!

FROM: Matt
DATE: Sunday March 18, 2001 -- 5:10:48PM
Corporate ads in movies are horrible. Did any of you see Austin Powers 2? I saw that movie, hesitantly and all that crap was based around was selling lameass products. Thanks alot Mike Myers, I'll go have an enema now to flush out that crap.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Sunday March 18, 2001 -- 7:14:18PM
The ads in Josie were mind-boggling, and make Austin 2 look like a PBS sponsor drive. Everything is there: MTV, Pizza Hut, McDonald's, Sony, Sega... you name it. It's very scary.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Sunday March 18, 2001 -- 8:41:02PM
Things like that are basically the reason why I barely ever watch television when at home and seldom see movies in the theatre. It's better to read a good book or support a good music group that is doing it on their own terms. Screw corporations and their mind games.

FROM: Terry M.
DATE: Sunday March 18, 2001 -- 10:49:29PM
I don't watch TV or movies, and I read many good books (the Public Library is my second home), and I listen to the best music (i.e. classical).

The problem is, that situational advertising is the only that can't be hacked. If advertising circumvention devices become widespread (and, for that matter, if media piracy devices become widespread) then advertisers and content producers will be forced to put ads into the content itself since they cannot sell discrete advertising (since people will skip it), and they won't be able to charge for the media (since people will find out ways to pirate it).

Of course, I'm not offended in the least by corporate logos (I'm a huge advocate of the world's only moral social system); my only concern is dilution of content (i.e. I don't want to here AT&T's jingle not because I have some irrational vendetta against AT&T, but because it is a bad jingle).

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Sunday March 18, 2001 -- 11:50:51PM
Terry -- I think one has to look at the reason ad blocking software is here in the first place: ads have become entirely too prevalent in our everyday lives. There were no serious attempts at blocking advertising before because never in our history has so much crap been thrown in our faces at every turn. For instance: ads during the previews at the movies. What the hell is that about? Like they aren't already charging outrageous amounts for non-matinee admission...

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday March 19, 2001 -- 7:29:10AM
As I'd mentioned to my date that night, Ryan, people used to boo at the ads, and I still do like to hiss at them. In the least, I simply do not look at them... but people once did not like them but, now it's common.

On your commute this morning (or this evening), take a look around and see just how many ads there are out there. It's really pretty shocking.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday March 19, 2001 -- 9:00:52AM
I hate advertising for the crap it is, but we must not forget that lots of advertising means lots of choice and I wouldn't trade that so easily.

DATE: Monday March 19, 2001 -- 11:10:09AM
Paul - What I find pretty shocking is that you had a date. ;)

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday March 19, 2001 -- 11:22:13AM
Rob--Don't you see the man's menacing goatee? How could any woman resist that?

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday March 19, 2001 -- 11:55:43AM
Don't be jealous, Rob. There's only so much of me to go around.

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