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March 18th, 2001

Bad Movie Promotions 101

Last night at the movies, I had the "pleasure" of viewing the Loews Cineplex Network, an in-theater promotions machine on big screen TVs. Not only was it designed to give you warm fuzzies for Loews, but you were to get warm fuzzies for upcoming movies.

One of the upcoming films is Josie and the Pussycats, and I’m not joking. It looks to me to be rather awful, and the sheer number of corporate logos in the preview was way, way beyond ridiculous. But more than anything else, one thing stuck with me: the setup for the trailer. It went something like this:

We’ve seen many great cartoons jump to the big screen. The Flintstones did it, and so did Rocky and Bullwinkle. Now, it’s time for Josie and the Pussycats!

That’d be fine, if either of those movies were, you know, good. Why not just run an ad saying, "Okay, we know this is going to be bad, so why not just mail in your $8.75 instead so it’s less painful?" -pm

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