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March 21st, 2001

Peter Pan Man

Peter Pan Man

“To each his own” is my mantra, but sometimes I see something that just makes you say, “Wow.” Or maybe “Yikes.”

Long-time Pinger Maria passed along Peter Pan’s page at This 47-year-old man is searching to reclaim/maintain his lost youth by dressing in various pixie costumes. While the shots of him as Peter Pan are bizarre enough, wait until you check out his fashion page. I wonder how he’d look in a Daily Ping shirt.

The good thing is that he doesn’t appear to take himself too seriously: “I know all this makes me a very silly boy! … I laugh at myself all the time!” -ram

Posted in Just Plain Odd

FROM: Matt
DATE: Wednesday March 21, 2001 -- 12:14:48AM
Yes my friend Patrick passed that page along this past weekend. It's great

FROM: Maria
DATE: Wednesday March 21, 2001 -- 4:17:43AM
I think he'd look a little something like this:

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday March 21, 2001 -- 7:11:26AM
OK. Now I'm scared. Thanks, Maria!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday March 21, 2001 -- 9:20:08AM
You kick ass, Maria. :)

FROM: Robert
DATE: Wednesday March 21, 2001 -- 11:00:40AM
I can't decide if Ping Pan or Peter Pan is scarier. The former is definitely a better dresser...

FROM: Monica
DATE: Wednesday March 21, 2001 -- 1:44:42PM
Wow. The entertainment provided by you guys is certainly holding steady at the wow/weird/very interesting level!

FROM: liz
DATE: Wednesday March 21, 2001 -- 5:47:50PM
dude. ping pan. that's freakin' classic.

FROM: Jessica
DATE: Thursday March 22, 2001 -- 7:12:20PM

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday March 23, 2001 -- 10:25:33AM
Maybe Peter Pan Man should hang out with this dude.

FROM: Monica
DATE: Friday March 23, 2001 -- 10:45:45AM
Unicorns, huh? Is THAT what they're calling them these days...(other site-appropriate euphemism--magic wand....)

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday March 23, 2001 -- 11:33:57AM
Ryan, that can't be real. Please.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday March 23, 2001 -- 11:40:35AM
All these guys are coming off like half-assed drag queens. They need make-up!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday March 23, 2001 -- 1:39:55PM
I know, I know, Paul. :)

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday March 23, 2001 -- 7:42:39PM
Plus it uses My Comet Cursor! A more heinous crime it could not commit.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday August 7, 2001 -- 1:41:12PM
The Peter Pan Man has gotten all sorts of publicity (no doubt from this Ping!). Here's a lengthy article on the man known as Peter Pan.

FROM: Maria
DATE: Friday December 28, 2001 -- 1:31:19AM
I happened on Peter Pan's site again today only to discover that in the time since this ping was posted, he has not only found his Tinkerbell but won a Webby award, to boot.

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:13:35 pm

FROM: Roadkill
DATE: Saturday March 11, 2006 -- 10:05:08 pm
There's somebody who avoided visitin psychiatrist for a touch too long.

FROM: Danny Keller
DATE: Saturday April 22, 2006 -- 11:46:51 pm
I love Peter Pan's website. I really love little boy blue! hehe :) Will someone be my friend? I'm a real bad boy sometimes. I get into all sorts of mischief even though I am only 12 years old!!

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