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March 22nd, 2001

Discovering New Music with the Net II

Way back on Tuesday, I mentioned how I love finding new music with the net. The saga continues… a few days ago, a name popped into my head: Alison Perkins. I had corresponded with Alison many moons ago, way back before Ryan and I had our first phone call, and phonezilla had a version number.

Alison had always had an interest in music, a strong one – she was one of those people who had been blessed with a great voice, strong writing abilities, and could put them together. I lost touch with her but, as I said, her name popped a few days ago. So I ran a Google search on her and, whaddaya know, she’s in a band called Kind of Blue!

I headed to their site and was immediately impressed. Naw, it wasn’t just the design or the sound clip availability as it was with Glen Phillips’s site. It was the fact that there I was, in Chicago, reading about and listening to a band in North Carolina that I would have otherwise never heard of. Mind you, of course, this is a rather small scale; I could have been listening to a band from Japan, for instance.

Nevertheless, this type of thing just wasn’t possible – or was at least rather difficult – a good 15 years or so ago. Just like with Glen’s site, the artist has chosen to give me the power to find the music that I want to listen to – and then, go ahead and make a purchase right from the band. -pm

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday March 22, 2001 -- 9:44:00AM
I wonder if they named themselves after the seminal Miles Davis album...

FROM: Terry M.
DATE: Thursday March 22, 2001 -- 10:12:32AM
I don't think there's any doubt, Ryan.

I still prefer randomly buying stacks of CD's of artists I never heard of, to find new music. Almost none of the artists I like have websites and I would have missed all of them if I went this route.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday March 22, 2001 -- 11:34:07AM
I've found that my "new music" purchases are kind of split. About half I just pick up because they're in the 2-for-$5 bin at Tunes. The other half I read about somewhere on the Net, then I check out their site (if they have one), the All Music Guide, etc...

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday March 22, 2001 -- 12:19:08PM
Ryan--What is Tunes?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday March 22, 2001 -- 1:59:11PM
Tunes is my favorite used CD store of all time. It's in NJ, about 30 minutes from where I live. Outstanding selection of used and super-cheap CDs as well as vinyl (!!!). They're online at, but their site isn't very impressive or usable.

FROM: Terry M.
DATE: Thursday March 22, 2001 -- 10:31:58PM
Ryan, do you have much luck getting new stuff via used CD's? I've always been biased against them, since I figure that if it was good they would have kept it. :-) One exception is promo's which make there was to used shops, but even then, I figure somebody at the radio station would have kept it. Have you had better luck?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday March 22, 2001 -- 11:51:04PM
Terry -- Yes, almost everything I buy is a used CD. Judging by the condition of most of them, I'd say most are promo CDs from stations/reviewers.

You better than anyone should know not to trust someone else's opinion of a CD! :) Seriously, though, I think that the market is so saturated with music that a lot of times, a really good CD of one genre will go to a station that doesn't play unsolicited music, and then the CD ends up getting sold to a used CD shop by the station. I don't think it's "this CD sucks, let's sell it" as much as it is "we don't have room for this, let's sell it."

Tunes, especially is good -- I've bought stuff in the 2-for-$5 bin weeks before it was supposed to hit the shelves. Not a bad deal when you buy the volume of CDs that I do. :)

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday March 23, 2001 -- 1:29:18AM
When I first started used CD shopping I would get really mad when I saw that someone had sold off their copy of one of my favorite albums. And then began my true understanding of how tastes really can vary, and that I am always the best judge of what I like.

FROM: Alison [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday January 27, 2006 -- 12:57:19 pm
I did a google search on myself and my old band, kind of blue and came upon this site. I'm guessing I knew the author way back when, but I can't figure out who it is, so if you're still out there, please let me know!
Long time no see...
Alison Perkins

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