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March 23rd, 2001

Potty Putter

Potty Putter

I officially have a new favorite commerical.

The Potty Putter is a small golf green that you can play while sitting on the john. I kid you not. The best part of this absurd product is that the commerical features men and women with their pants around their ankles, putting. And if you order now… get a sign to hang on the bathroom door, so others know you’re putting. And you thought your dad took a long time with the Sunday paper…

I wish I could provide you with an official Potty Putter link, but alas, I cannot. The best I can do is a mention of a similar product in a Dave Barry article and in an online store. -ram

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FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday March 23, 2001 -- 1:23:54AM
Dave Barry and Jay Leno got a lot of mileage out of this dumb product.

I'm waiting for the potty basketball set.

FROM: Vinny
DATE: Friday March 23, 2001 -- 10:56:18AM
The sign should say "Smacking my balls with my putter. Do not disturb." If that were the case there would be no doubt that I would have one hanging on my bathroom door.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday March 23, 2001 -- 11:19:55AM
Robert -- I hadn't heard Jay Leno mention it before... I've only seen the TV ad twice, but man is it classic.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday March 23, 2001 -- 11:33:05AM
I need to see this thing on television. In addition, I think I could use one in the "office" at work.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Friday March 23, 2001 -- 5:51:37PM
Ryan and I both saw it advertised on TNN during a broadcast on Monday Night Raw.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday April 23, 2001 -- 1:30:57AM
Here's a slightly more informative page on the Potty Putter.

FROM: Ric Dee
DATE: Saturday May 5, 2001 -- 7:43:59PM
check out

DATE: Saturday July 28, 2001 -- 11:04:07PM
To view the video online, go to They are the people advertising the Potty Putter on TV!

FROM: Tamsin
DATE: Monday July 14, 2003 -- 7:58:43 am
Am trying to locate the Potty Putter TV Commercial for a TV Show in England...can anyone remember which channel it was showing on?

FROM: John
DATE: Friday February 27, 2004 -- 1:36:24 pm
Gives new meaning to the phrase "Hole in one!"

DATE: Friday February 27, 2004 -- 1:37:29 pm
I saw it on TVGame, the horse racing network.

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:13:43 pm

FROM: david moeller
DATE: Friday November 18, 2005 -- 10:50:52 am
Man, i love the potty putter. It is my best new friend. I love to sink shots in the hole!!

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