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March 25th, 2001

Poor Wrestling Gimmicks

The rumored gimmick battle royal at Wrestlemania next week will be amazing if it comes off, attracting the attention of anyone who’s had even a passing interest in professional wrestling over the past 20 years. Imagine a current match featuring Sgt. Slaughter, “PS” Michael Hayes, the Iron Shiek, Nikolai Volkoff, the Gobbeldy Gooker, The Bushwackers, and Doink the Clown. It might not be a spotfest or a non-stop brawl, but the nostalgia factor would be incredible.

As I was watching one of my many old WWF tapes tonight, I was reminded of one incredibly bad wrestler gimmick: Tugboat. This large man was marketed as being big as a Tugboat and they stuck him in a striped sailor’s outfit. I understand that the fantasy element of old-school wrestling had its place, but man was this a weak gimmick.

Sure this might not be as big of news as the WWF purchasing WCW, but it makes for just as interesting of a discussion. So come on out, you closet (and out-of-the-closet) wrestling fans… what wrestling gimmicks were the lamest of all-time? (Matt, I expect an essay from you!) -ram

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FROM: liz
DATE: Sunday March 25, 2001 -- 4:47:24AM
what about hulk hogan!! no pro ultimate matchup would be ok without him.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Sunday March 25, 2001 -- 11:29:53AM
I think the whole thing with Zeus back when No Holds Barred came out was pretty lame. I did see the movie, of course, and it was just as bad, if not worse.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Sunday March 25, 2001 -- 2:57:19PM
Lame gimmicks? Are you familiar with a little place called

I dislike the WWF's newfound fond for objectifying their women. It's really got to stop.

Oh, and the wrestling dentist was pretty stupid.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Sunday March 25, 2001 -- 5:32:06PM
I forgot about WrestleCrap...

Here's their page on Tugboat.

FROM: Aaron
DATE: Sunday March 25, 2001 -- 5:33:16PM
What about Jimmy "superfly" Snooka?

FROM: Matt Wright
DATE: Sunday March 25, 2001 -- 5:46:03PM
There are three sites that point fun of wrestling, and it's not as easily forgetable past. Like Robert said you have, then there is also it's predecessor Xavier Doom's Slayground, and For the web address of Xavier Doom, head to and check out their links pages.
Anyway, There have been a ton of bad gimmics in the past. If this battle royal does happen next sunday, the WWF is a purely genius organization. I have dreamed of seeing the Repo Man and the Goon since the both departed from said gimmics and the WWF, after their brief stays. I believe Paul Heyman is behind this idea, since he basically is what held wrestling together in North America for the last half-decade, and is one of the few big wigs in touch with the "real" wrestling fan.
I think Issac Yankem is one of the lamest gimmics ever in wrestling. I also think the whole DOA vs. Los Boriquas could have been avoided a few years ago. It's time to outlaw lame group gimmics in wrestling. While many people will rag on Akeem and Slick, I loved both of them, and thought they were so fun because they were so lame. I think a gimmic can be really lame, and still be good if it doesn't take itself to serious. I have plenty more I will report on later on.

FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Monday March 26, 2001 -- 1:33:51PM
For anyone that watches The Man Show, you may remember the episode where Jimmy & Adam go to wrestling school and take on the personas of The Caligrapher and Ostrich Sack.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday March 26, 2001 -- 1:54:27PM
Fezz--Those were GOOD gimmicks. Too bad they never saw a real ring.

DATE: Friday May 18, 2001 -- 4:22:45PM

FROM: Matt
DATE: Wednesday May 23, 2001 -- 5:56:16PM
Greg Valentine--greatest villian ever. By the way, the Repo Man was much cooler when he was in Demolition. It was just cool to see him get another gimmick after Demolition stopped being cool.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Wednesday May 23, 2001 -- 5:59:35PM
Greg Valentine--greatest villian ever. By the way, the Repo Man was much cooler when he was in Demolition. It was just cool to see him get another gimmick after Demolition stopped being cool.

FROM: hhh
DATE: Saturday August 18, 2001 -- 10:42:34AM
hey what about the FAKE undertaker
i mean cumon it was obviously kane of couse we didnt know that at the time but the guys where almost twins also what about the gladiator
the guy with the red mask
i was watchin wwf classics the other day and saw him reminding me of how bad he was lol

FROM: jones
DATE: Monday December 3, 2001 -- 10:39:00PM
Brian Lee was the fake undertaker. Anyone ever notice at the 1990 survivor series, brother love announced the undertaker as "kane the undertaker"

DATE: Thursday December 12, 2002 -- 2:49:17 pm
i think the best gimmic of alltime was the bushwackers

FROM: mike
DATE: Sunday January 19, 2003 -- 2:20:47 pm
Shockmaster, The Juicer, Ace Dagger
Which one never debuted?

FROM: dion
DATE: Tuesday March 4, 2003 -- 9:03:33 pm
worst gimmck ever?
wow theres so many worst these days was a one time deal but that was kanyon being boy george worst of all time would have to be..........gillberg. its so bad its funny as hell or the new golddust/terrets vitim. my god will wwe ever think with a true concience? it makes me sick to see that they make fun of illnesses. at least gillberg was so stupid he was funny. he was so stupid that wcw didnt even try to sue for copyright infringement because they knew wwe was just making asses out of themselves. best gimmick of all time is the bobby hennan as the weasel and the weasel costume match against ultimate worriar.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday April 9, 2003 -- 1:07:17 pm
Clearly the greatest/ worst gimmick ever was the RED ROOSTER. This guy could have been a nasty wrestler. He had the talent, the looks, and the charisma. But leave it to Vince McMahon to ruin a good thing. I nominate the RED ROOSTER as the worst gimmick in wrestling history

FROM: tobias lane
DATE: Wednesday April 9, 2003 -- 3:51:56 pm
The greatest or worst gimmick of all time has to be Doink. C'mon didn't anyone ever see Killer Klownz from Outer Space.

FROM: Saibot Enal
DATE: Saturday April 12, 2003 -- 3:32:39 pm
The worst gimmick was the Shockmaster. The guy trips and falls and loses his helmet at the same time. Then puts his helmet back. Is that beliveable or not. Doink was good. But the shockmaster is terrible.

FROM: Krow Hampton [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday April 26, 2003 -- 11:27:12 am
Loch Ness- fat bloke from WCW
Leprechaun- Sarge's old crappy gimmick
The Yeti- looked like a Mummy not Big Foot
Arachniman- Purple and yellow Spiderman rip-off
The Ding-Dongs - tag team who wore light peach lycra costumes with bells on
Akeem the African Dream- not african (one man gang)
The Berzerker- huss huss huss huss huss huss
Kamala the Ugandan Giant
The Bird Man Koko B. Ware- I loved Koko, he rocked
The Mantaur- moooooooooooo!
Max Moon- I liked this gimmick
Saba Simba- poor Tony Atlas
Men on a Mission- were shit
Duke the Dumpster Droese-was okay
Giant Gonzales-rubbish but 7'6"
Zeus-crappy actor in 'No Holds Bared' which is the best film ever...not
Bastion Booger-fat bastard who couldn't be arsed showing up for the Royal Rumble
Nailz- crap but he did assault Vince which is funny
Xanta Klaus- Balls Mahoney a few years ago
The Bushwhackers/Jameson- Jameson ruled in my opinion, Bushwhackers sucked
Damian Demento- from the dark side of your mind
Big Bully Busick-nice tash
The Man's Man Steven Regal
Ludvig Borga- Ludwig should be spelled with a 'w' but the yanks wouldn't understand
Jean-Pierre LaFitte- he was a pirate and a good wrestler
Dino Bravo- the second one (a bit like the fake Diesel and Razor Ramon)
fake Diesel- good ol' Isaac Yankem/Kane
fake Razor Ramon- good ol' Big Titan
The Goon- evil ice hockey player who only ever played against teams of one bloke
Knuckleball/MVP- Brooklyn Brawler in one of his classic gimmicks
Doink- oh no, we need another Doink...lets use Steve Lombardi (Brooklyn Brawler)
Avatar-Poor Al Snow
Shanobi- Poor Al Snow
Leif Cassady- Poor Al Snow
Aldo Montoya- Pj Walker/Justin Credible with jock on head...of course he's Portugese
Repo man-yes.
Naked Mideon
Glacier- basically Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat
The Mountie
Big Boss Man
GI Bro
Beaver Cleavage
Low Down- in Tiger Ali Singh clothes
Man Mountain Rock
The Oddities
Oz- Kevin Nash and his manager the Wizard...oh dear
Dean Douglas-Shane, just say no
Dynamic Dudes- I said 'say NO!!!'
Farooq- with the silver helmet
El Matador

FROM: Krow Hampton [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday April 26, 2003 -- 11:31:27 am
Red Rooster
Gobblety Gooker- What was the point?
'make a difference' Fatu- Rikishi being 'cool' and 'wise' straight after being a savage
The Sultan- Rikishi again
the Punisher- Mark Callaway in a bondage mask
Mean Mark Callous- The Heart Punch...need I continue?
The Genius
Brutus Beefcake and all his other names
that 70's guy Mike Awsome
THe Model Rick Martel
Papa Shango/Godfather- both very silly, yet the same man (Kama was good)
Van Hammer- his guitar had confette coming out of the end
Hurricane Helms- takes it far too seriously, should be done like the Blue Blazer
Kwang- Savio always rules
Adam Bomb- Bryan Clarke- Iliked this gimmick (I was young)
THe Smoking Gunns
Virgil/Vincent- shit. Very sit. And if his name doesn't really start with a 'V' he must just really like that letter.
Well Dunn
KwiWee(sp?)- he of the split personality
Perry Saturn w/Moppy- Al Snow and Head was bad enough
Salvatore Sincere- did we need two Rick Martels

to be honest, I love the old gimmicks and wish they'd come back....everyone acting 'realistic' makes it all too samey (faces hate their boss, heels suck up to their boss).

FROM: Dave Walls
DATE: Saturday April 26, 2003 -- 1:51:58 pm
I was never a fan of the WCW Tag Team PG-13. Two skinny white boys, thought they were rappers, and carried..hub caps?? The sad thing is, if you saw them in the indie, they werent bad wrestlers.

Cult favorite gimmick: La Parka. Big man in a skeleton costume, hitting everyone he can with a chair, playing air guitar on the chair. He was even bigger in Mexico, with an entrance complete with pyro, and "Thriller" as his theme music!

Long live La Parka!

FROM: gracie
DATE: Friday May 2, 2003 -- 10:27:12 am
anyone heard of Bugsy McGraw, Dr. Red Roberts, or are they just local boys?

FROM: damien (not demento)
DATE: Friday June 20, 2003 -- 4:46:11 pm
well, virgil sucked so much it was unbelieveable - was he related to SD jones or something?

akeem was the campest thing ive ever seen, there was a match between him and disty rhodes sometime in the late 80's and it was so stupidly camp all the way through (who dances on the way to falling from a knockout elbow to the head?)

mean gene singing - the national anthem at wrestlemania and that oh so rediculous version of "tutti-frutti" with hogan on bass

the shockmaster - after the incident, becoming "fred ottman - builder by trade, clumsy sod by nature"

koko b ware - possibly one of the more racist things that went un-noticed, you have a black guy carrying a parrot and acting like a poor james brown rip off.

haku - shame this guy never got anywhere not even when he came back as "that 70's samoan" with the HUGEST afro ive ever seen, oh and dont forget, as vince mcmahon said at the '88 royal rumble his toes are the perfect shape for hanging from the top rope.

heres one - yoshi kwan, the most sickening misuse of a good indie wrestler ive ever seen. chris champion should be ashamed.

then of course we have we have the era of stupidity - WCW had a thing about going to $1 stores and making cheap rip off versions of the god awful "i look a bit like a movie character/tv character/wwf wrestler" action figures - arachnaman, the yeti (get your urban myths right mr.sullivan) and god help us all, loch ness (although giant haystacks was a great british legend of wrestling)

just one more thought - what the hell was the black thing that vader used to wear down to the ring? it used to give my little brother nightmares but now he just laughs his ass off at it.

FROM: steven dunn
DATE: Friday July 4, 2003 -- 9:18:20 pm
if anyone is still talking about any gimmick,how could it be bad?by the way,i hated it too.but,the bank loved it.i welcome all response.

FROM: Troy Lowe
DATE: Wednesday December 3, 2003 -- 10:28:31 am
Sure, there are a lot of really bad gimmicks, but it can sometimes bring the best out of a wrestler. Mick Foley had been over for years, but , after a slow start, his Mankind gimmick put him way over, so much so that we could accept even a gimmick as goofy as Dude Love from him(I know, I know, it was supposed to suck, but I digresss...).
When I first saw poor John Cena debut of WWE TV with his white boy rappin' gimmick, I thought it would bury him, but he's busted his @$$
to make it work, and now he's over
HUGE. I'm not defending bad gimmicks, but maybe it takes a special breed to pull them off, not just giving a scientific babyface like Terry Taylor and comepletely mis-using him by giving him a bad had style and telling him to crow.
Unfortunately, when we see a really bad gimmick in the WWE, you can tell it's because some wrestler ticked off the office and is being made to pay for it, but in WCW, it was because they had dumb@$$-es running the creative side. The Ding Dong's? Jesus...

DATE: Monday January 12, 2004 -- 7:52:12 pm
Steve Dunn, if that's really you, the bank may have liked Well Dunn back then, but did the bank like it so much last February when you were wrestling at the Chetser County Highschool Gym? Then Jerry Lawler came out and knocked the mess out of you...Heck, I'm just a college student, a 5'7" college student at that, and the promoter asked ME if I wanted to wrestle for him sometime...

FROM: Mike Hennessey
DATE: Thursday January 29, 2004 -- 6:51:53 pm
There has been alot of bad gimmicks . The ones I remember the most one is rikishi rapping and that bright ass jacket he use to sport, that was really gay. WWF tag teams: Well Dunn the colors and and that g-string on top of the regular tights was a killer to see, truely homo. Lodi and Lenny lane aka the West Hollywood blondes, Then there is Billy and Chuck man this would be a fued for the gay community. Survivor series when Shawn Michaels took place for Jerry Lawler and had the Knights of the Round Table as tag partners another bad gimmick. El Gigante that suit with the patch furr over the private part. Men at Work , Mark Starr and Chris Kanyon that just screamed Village people. Vicera I have no idea why they kept this fat fuck around he had like three moves Punch, Kick, Splash. There are so many bad wrestling gimmicks that failed but are remembered by true wrestling fans, that's what makes the business interesting to watch and sometimes laugh and cringe at times. Well I think this would be fun angle for a one time John Cena and Akeem the African Dream tag teaming coming out to slick's old music.

FROM: The Franchise
DATE: Tuesday September 14, 2004 -- 8:07:35 pm
I have a lot of Favs of old school the best I like is Waylon Mercy and there is some that have grown from jobbers to huge stars that I can't stand, that would be The Hardy Jobbers and Suckkind and John Cena.

FROM: Shayne
DATE: Tuesday September 14, 2004 -- 8:10:21 pm
FAV salvatore sincere and WORST the man that copied sals finishing move The Rock, The Sincerely Yours came before The Rock Bottom, remember that

DATE: Sunday October 31, 2004 -- 12:24:12 pm

FROM: B.B.O. [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday October 31, 2004 -- 12:26:15 pm
go to my site if u like the wrestler repo man. its hilarious. leave somethin in the repo guestbook or ill kick ya leg out ya leg

DATE: Sunday October 31, 2004 -- 12:27:04 pm
so it didnt post my site, its

FROM: Superman
DATE: Monday December 6, 2004 -- 10:46:29 pm
there were so many bad gimmicks. repo man, what's the point? same with gobbledy gooker, hector guerrero must really needed work. that was worst than his lasertron gimmick. the yeti trying to bearhug hogan. looked like he was trying to hump him. billy kidman with what appears to be crabs. take a bath. akeem the african dream. glacier a slow ninja, savio as kwang, a fat ninja. red rooster. hacksaw jim duggan, he couldn't wrestle his way out of a wet paper bag. shock master, all of brutus beefcake's gimmicks except the barber, all of dungeon of doom, right to censor, the most annoying music ever followed be christian's. it's so many that i can't name them all right now.

FROM: david
DATE: Monday March 28, 2005 -- 11:37:00 am
does any one know were i can find out info on marchman randy savitch?

FROM: Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday March 28, 2005 -- 1:31:09 pm
Man, when "Randy" is the only part of the name you get right, you need more help than any website can give you.

DATE: Sunday May 22, 2005 -- 6:09:13 pm
my comments

Virgil-him and rico need to team up
Too Cool-Go back to dancing school
Coach-what does he coach??????
Jeff Jarrett-play the guitar not hit ppl with it ya dumbass
Nation of Domination-Ok 500 ppl were in it what the fuck
Ultimate Warrior-Um weird
Demolition-should of been Smash,Crush and Wreck Ax just don't fit in
Giant Gonzlaes-him and Zach Gowen should of been the oddities.
L.O.D.-Animal should come back
James Mitchell-what the fuck
Fake Undertaker-crap
TNA-Better than WWE

FROM: Hulk Rules
DATE: Friday July 22, 2005 -- 12:12:25 am
The worst gimmicks ever are:

Big Bossman
Owen Hart
Sycho Sid
Brutus Beefcake
Norman Smiley
Booker T
Scott Steiner
Rick Steiner
Bob Backlund (he had no gimmick, that's why he sucked)
X-Pac aka Syxx aka 1-2-3 Kid
Vincent aka Virgil
IRS- Irwin R. Schyster
Kurt Angle
"Road Dogg" Jesse James

The best gimmicks ever are:

Hulk Hogan
Andre the Giant
Shawn Michaels
The Rock
Steve Austin
The Undertaker
Ted Dibiase
Ric Flair
Macho Man Randy Savage
Big Show aka The Giant
Kevin Nash aka Diesel
Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon
Triple H
Bret Hart
Ultimate Warrior (Weird, but it worked)
Rowdy Roddy Piper
Sgt. Slaughter (Loved and hated)
Jake The Snake Roberts

The people with the best gimmicks are usually those those who can be the fan favorites and be the most hated. Hulk Hogan pulled that off better than anyone in the history of the business. Other who have done well with this are: Jake Roberts, Lex Luger, Randy Savage, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, and Andre The Giant.

FROM: Hulk Rules
DATE: Friday July 22, 2005 -- 12:30:16 am
Additional Comments:

WWE- The titan of Sports Enternainment. They will be hard to beat or even compete with.

NWA-TNA- The only company that has a chance of competing with the WWE.

WCW- Gone and never coming back.

ECW- Gone, but the spirit lives on.

Hulk Hogan- The best of the 80's, 90's, and the new millenium. He still has legions behind him and over 50 years old. He is still a huge draw for the WWE.

Ultimate Warrior- Smart man, but would never make it in the wrestling business of today. He is better off sticking to politics and philosophy.

Ric Flair- Jealous of Hulk Hogan.

Bret Hart- Jealous of Hulk Hogan. Has sadly lost his whole family in six years. (brother, mother, father, brother-in-law)

Lex Luger- Killed Miss Elizabeth (bastard)

DDP- His time has passed.

Bill Goldberg- Flash in the pan.

The Rock- Thinks he is too big for a full-time career in the WWE.

Steve Austin- His career is in a coma and may soon die.

The Undertaker- Keeps reinventing himself before his gimmick gets too old. Smart man.

Sting- Christian man.

Ted DiBiase- Christian man.

Shawn Michaels- Christian man.

Zeus- Horrible gimmick, Christian Man.

Kane- Put the mask back on.

Mick Foley- One brave or crazy SOB.

Terry Funk- Falling apart, he shouldn't be walking.

Jake Roberts- Crackhead, great gimmick, will never be big in WWE again.

Owen Hart- deceased
Yokozuna- deceased
Andre The Giant- deceased
Big Bossman- deceased
Miss Elizabeth- deceased
Hercules Hernandez- deceased
British Bulldog- deceased
Adrian Adonis- deceased
Junkyard Dog- deceased
Bobby Duncum, Jr.- deceased
Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig- deceased
Rick Rude- deceased
Road Warrior Hawk- deceased
Kerry Von Erich- deceased
Brian Pillman- deceased
Freddie Blassie- deceased
Gorilla Monsoon- deceased

Jesse Ventura- Jealous of Hulk Hogan
Booker T- IDIOT
Konnan- Retard
Road Dogg- FAG
X-Pac- Piece of shit
Chyna- Messed up in the head...


FROM: josh mason
DATE: Thursday February 2, 2006 -- 3:45:44 pm
i hate hulk he trys to come back every year and quits because he cant take over vinces WWE

FROM: JEM, a Diamond in the Rough
DATE: Monday June 5, 2006 -- 1:11:20 am
A lot of people have suffered from horrible gimmicks, but lets also not forget the greatest Indy wrestler of all time, the one and only Straight-Edge King, CM Punk, who was forced, by the WWE none-the-less, into changing his gimmick into something that made no damned sense, which was unnecessary, as well as being made to drop his finisher, the Pepsi Plunge and covering up tattoos. All of this is totally uncalled for, I mean really, who wouldn't have loved to see someone get a Pedigree from the top turnbuckle? The WWE has some great gimmicks, and no one can take that away from them, but they have also made us all suffer through the past years by taking some of our Indy favs and turning them into punk ass sell outs. I think it is time for us all as fans to stand up and say that we just won't accept shotty gimmicks anymore. If it sucks, let the company responsible no it, and this DOES include TNA, as well as some mid sized Indy feds. I mean, really, should we as fans be accepting WEW's (Women's Extreme Wrestling) so called chairman? A guy who runs around, uses the same quotes that the Rock made famous, the same moves, every one of them in fact, but somehow feels he is doing something right by changing his name to "The Smoke" this really necessary? We have had one Rock character...let's not be forced to suffer through another, shittier version of him...please.

ben canary June 5, 2007, 4:50 pm

Giant Machine…….Andre

Skinner…..croc hunter

Did Tito Santana ever wrestle Mantaur when he was the elmatador?

Dude Love…

Roadblock rochester!

joseph gonzalez July 9, 2007, 12:45 pm

Here are my worst gimmicks ever. wcw beat the crap out of the wwf/wwe when it came to bad gimmicks. The only thing they did better than the wwf/wwe lol. They are:

.Gobbly gooker probibly the biggest what the f**k were you thinking moment in wrestling hystory ! Poor hector gurerro

.Dan arquette as a wrestler: arguibly the second or third biggest what the f**k moment were you thinking moment in wrestling history (Vince getting car bombed is one or two). Worst champion ever. At least vince had carisma

.Mantaur a guy in a bulls mask, why ?????

.Repo man

.Tug boat: this one was bad but he managed to do one even worse and it was….

. THE SHOCKMASTER LOL ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!!! This guy wore a cape and had a spray painted storm tropper helmet. After the falling through the wall incident the helmet fell off of and it was the one and only tug boat from his wwf days that same night he had the nerve to talk to his opponets and try to make himself seem tough, again are you kidding me ?

.The ring master: in his biography he said that before he became stone cold steve austin vince was thinking about naming him the ice dagger true story lol

.repo man

.Duke the dumpster: thank god jerry lawler ended that mistake

. The yetti: this guy looked like he was wrapped up in tissue paper.that match with hogan when he tried to bear hug him but it made it seemed like he was humping him gave me nightmares for a week

.issac yakeem lol

.fake diessel and razor

.billy and chuck: they should go back in time and fight the hollywood blonds, that would be the gayest match in hystory. This would be a funny match.

.Mr america: what was hogan thinking

.The oddities

.mr boring lance storm

.The good doink the clown

.aracnoman: why did wcw make a fake spiderman that tried to pass of that silly string he shot out of his arms as webs lol !
.Max moon: he came with a jet pack

.giant gonzalez

.alex wright: just pure gayness

.glashier: fake sub zero. This guy just sucked period

.the tag team the american males: add these two with billy and chuck and the hollywood blondes and have a triple threat match

.gi bro: poor booker t. He must have stolen the bosses lunch or something and they punnished him by doing this.

.big poppa pump scott stinner: this guy could barley move around the ring

Sorry if this list is so long by the way

.the real mans man william regal

.the ding dongs

.the head bangers

.the baiston booger lol just plain afull

.forooq when he had that goffey head gear

.disco inferno: him dancing with alex wright and that japanesse guy was funny

.THE GOON ! They painted his boots to make it seem like he had on ice skates lol

.haku, fatu … damm rakishi had a lot of crappy gimmicks

.al snow with head: that manikan head he carried creeped me out. What does everybody want……..

.the spirit squad. Why they stayed together for that long is byond me


.fake undertaker

.brutis the barber and all the other gimmicks he did

.dr death steve williams: had no talent

.chainsaw charllie

.bill goldberg: who’s next my @ss. this guy faught so many creampuffs during his streak and he had no in ring ability and was horrible on the mic. He took so long to get to the ring and I’m surprised he didn’t beat him self up before he got there. And he basicly ended bret hearts carrer when he injured him. Man I hate goldberg. The sad thing is gillberg the pairody version of him lasted longer in the wwe lol ! Who’s first !

.the sultan again rakishi, damm

.The truth commision

.los baricuas: I’m purtorican and I even couldn’t stand these guys

.marvolus mark mero: if you wanna fall asleep quickly have him wrestle lance storm. unlike the wildman gimmick he had no carisma at all. at least he had sable

.almost any angle with the divas: I’m sorry but a lot of these divas can wrestle for crap these days

.scorpion sting: he was better as young sting

.randy orton when he had that concussion which mysteriously vanished … come on

.china: who wants to see a man beast protray him self as a woman

.Loc ness: three words… L O L


.the stulker

Long list isn’t it

. Sexual chocolate mark henry: when he admitted to having sex with his sister that did it with me when it came to him. Also that crap with may young when mark henry got her pregnant with the hand ! This is in my top 20 what the f**k were you thinking moments

.hack saw jim duggan: HOOOOOOOOOO!

.maven. ewww no talent at all

.the blue mennie: just plain stupenity

.The evil godwins

.naked mideon: ewwwwwwww !

.steve blackman: dream match. him against glashier (sarcastic weeeeee)

. Perry saturn when he had those cow prints on his wrestling tights

.the real double j jessie james: how hilmiliating

.and of course who could forget the imortal rocabilly! the wwe was acually trying to sign disco inferno so he could play this part but it failed so poor billy gun had to be the sacrifiscial lamb. Even more hulmilliating than the real double j. Of course sometimes two wrongs do make a right and these two became the new age outlaws

James July 15, 2007, 9:06 pm

ok guys what about:
the moondogs? they look like zztop and to tag it was permitable for them simply to hop where they were.

the Mulkeys?
the midnight rockers?
LASERTRON? i need a picture ..the internet dont seem to have one
vampiro- i hate him..hes a cement head ey?
the king harley race.
iron mike sharpe and his “armbrace”
the powers of pain! (roadwarriors ripoff for wwf)
the taskmaster
the honky tonk man
the new breed
stinky jimmy garvin and precious
remember when rick steiner was retarded?
the goombas? i think that was their name.. one was called johnny the bull
the big boss man
men on a mission
the genius leaping lanny poffo with is poetry and frisbees
adrian adonis’ cross dressing act

BlackSteelStudBrett1953 November 2, 2010, 12:19 am

Marc Mero(Johnny B. Badd,Wildman Marc Mero)was a DAMN GOOD WRESTLER but hamstrung by wrestling’s desire to create stereo-
typical black characters from the 70’s through the 90’s.(See
Saba Simba,Papa Shango/The Godfather,Kamala the Ugandan Head-Hunter,etc).In WCW,Mero played Badd,a Little Richard
re-incarnation with a hankering for the buxom blonde British
lass Jeannie Clark(“Lady Blossom”;being a black Canuck lad,I’d have LOVED TO STUDDED Blossom myself!!!)who,unfortunately,was then Steve Austin’s wife.
In WWE,Mero was a prop to his own blonde babe spouse,Rena
“Sable” Mero,later Brock Lesnar’s wife.So M.M. could have been great but for the era.

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