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March 26th, 2001

The Boy Who Cried… Something

This has been bugging me for months. On the page for a local road I live very close to, there is a little animated GIF of a newspaper boy. He is yelling something, something loud enough to make his face red, but I can’t figure out what it’s supposed to be. Can any lip readers in the house chime in? -pm

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DATE: Monday March 26, 2001 -- 8:18:13AM
Looks to me like he's saying "eat crap", but that wouldn't make my face turn red.

FROM: Barbara
DATE: Monday March 26, 2001 -- 8:26:10AM
Seeing that he is holding a newspaper, is he saying, "EXTRA"?

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday March 26, 2001 -- 9:25:35AM
"Yeeeeeee... wowww!"

FROM: Tina
DATE: Monday March 26, 2001 -- 10:49:57AM
What would bother me a teensy bit more is why does a ROAD have a web site? How inane. "OOOH, look honey! They fixed that pothole over on the corner of Spring Road and Main. That is such a relief!" "Wow! A garage sale at the Johnsons! Maybe they're selling their human skull collection!" Sarcasm just falls flat on the net, sadly.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday March 26, 2001 -- 11:38:51AM
Tina -- Good question. The only time I've ever seen anything similar to this is here in the DC-Metro area where there is major construction going on over a several year period on one section of I-95, and VDOT set up a site to keep people updated on the construction. This makes sense because it's a really heavily travelled road and it's a multi-year project.

Another good "name the caption" type game could be played with one of the pictures from the road's photo gallery. My guess for this picture would be "I remember Spring Road when it was this big..."

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday March 26, 2001 -- 11:40:32AM
And another scary photo.

Spring Road looks like an... interesting... place.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday March 26, 2001 -- 11:57:53AM
I will say that I am in one of the pictures on the site. But none that Ryan has linked to. :)

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday March 26, 2001 -- 1:31:09PM
The kid is yelling "STROKE!" a la Billy Squier.

FROM: Tina
DATE: Monday March 26, 2001 -- 2:00:03PM
Paul - Regarding the "scary" LIVE close to this road? When are you planning on moving? I would be packing my bags upon viewing that last photo - a fine advertisement for the wonders of modern dentistry!

FROM: Tony
DATE: Monday March 26, 2001 -- 3:50:52PM
Ya know, you people think this is bad, when I entered my town into yahoo, I get something like this

FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday March 26, 2001 -- 10:07:40PM
I live in Springfield, Virgina. That must be worth something.

FROM: Caleb
DATE: Saturday March 31, 2001 -- 9:17:19AM
Im gonna have to go with Rob on this one. Hes definately saying, "Eat crap."

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:13:56 pm

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