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March 31st, 2001

Creative Media Storage

When you have what would be considered “an awful lot” of CDs, cassettes, or vinyl, you’ll quickly find yourself using something other than “normal” media storage. For instance, I love the 100-cassette Napa Valley wood cassette cases, but they are no longer made, so I find myself bidding on them in ebay auctions. I’ve also been forced to get creative: copy paper box tops (which usually hold about 60 tapes), a part of the inside of a foot locker (which holds about 130), and milk crates (which hold quite a few, but are only suitable for storage, not browsing).

Has anyone else resorted to especially “creative storage” for their music or movies? -ram

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FROM: Terry M.
DATE: Saturday March 31, 2001 -- 1:47:23AM
I phased out my collection of vinyl (which was my primary format until 1996) precisely because it was difficult to store (and move). I still have them in milk crates, but that doesn't work well for me (not stackable, so it wastes floor space).

I love CD's; just buy a few of those six foot metal shelves which hold 600 CD's each, and you're all set.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Saturday March 31, 2001 -- 10:33:21AM
While my CD holders still have room (remember when you could say THAT, Ryan? :) I have a few boxes from clementines that I purchased, and it looks like they could hold a fair number.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Saturday March 31, 2001 -- 4:32:39PM
I'd had to resort to sticking CD's, book, videos, DVD's in all kinds of wacky places, mostly drawers. It sucks but it allows for the easiest access to rock I can get.

FROM: Terry M.
DATE: Saturday March 31, 2001 -- 6:56:25PM
That reminds me ... in The Recording Angel, which is a book about records (and one of my favorite books about music), there was a guy in NYC who owned 3/4 of a million vinyl records. He kept them EVERYWHERE, in the fridge, in the oven, completely filling his garage, huge stacks on the floor in his house. Anyways, great book.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday March 31, 2001 -- 7:27:39PM
That sounds like a cool book, Terry. I'll have to hunt that one down!

Something else I'm using to store cassettes: an old Tastykake box. My dad used to get bulk Tastykakes sometimes from his school, and they came in a carrying case that is perfect for holding about 50 or 60 cassettes, plus it has a handle.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Saturday March 31, 2001 -- 10:08:54PM
At home I keep tapes and cd's in random cardboard boxes, and shoe boxes. I have also started to store them in US Mail crates, which my Vinyl is also store in.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday March 31, 2001 -- 10:15:32PM
You know that stealing US Mail crates is a federal offense, Matt. They'll be knocking on your door soon!

FROM: Matt
DATE: Saturday March 31, 2001 -- 10:58:59PM
Thats what my mom told me, but I'll press my luck.

FROM: Aaron
DATE: Monday April 2, 2001 -- 7:32:44PM
Come whammies....STOP!

FROM: g.oney
DATE: Sunday November 16, 2003 -- 7:53:13 pm
have not been able to find the napa valley 200 cd wooden rack. where can it be located?

FROM: Paul
DATE: Sunday November 16, 2003 -- 8:13:12 pm
Normally it's in aisle 12, next to the pre-packaged term papers on progeria, but we're out of stock.

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:14:49 pm

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