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April 24th, 2001

Duplex Cremes

Make no mistake about it, folks: I love Oreo cookies. Who wouldn’t love that creme filling? The passable chocolate wafer cookie? And what about that filling? But, in times like these, I have found a very good alternative to Oreos. I’m talking about duplex cremes.

In spirit, duplex cremes are rather similar to Oreos. You’ve got a creme filling, surrounded by two cookies. The difference is that, traditionally, one of the cookies is a vanilla flavor while the other remains chocolate. And oftentimes, the cookies have holes in them which allow that creme filling to ooze out of the middle oh so slightly. Duplex cremes are rather delicious but unlike Oreos, they vary wildly by brand.

This is where the key difference lies. Duplex cremes are usually sold under a store brand, and while you can get a store brand Oreo substitute, I wouldn’t recommend it. This lends itself to different recipes and ingredients. For my money, though, I’ve found Meijer’s duplex cremes to be the tastiest all around. They offer a fine consistency and a very good creme for $2 a tray. Behind that, Dominick’s or Safeway brand duplex cremes are good. The cookie consistency is a tad too rough for my tastes, but it’s acceptable. And what about Jewel or Albertson’s? Don’t even consider ’em, unless you enjoy cardboard-flavored cookies.

Clearly the price is an advantage to consider, too. In many vending machines, one can find a small tray of 20 duplex cremes – fine quality – for less than 75 cents.

For your reading pleasure: Duplex DNA, wondering why said cookies are created as they are. -pm

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FROM: Matt
DATE: Tuesday April 24, 2001 -- 11:23:01AM
I began eating Duplex Cremes at my babysitters house when I was about 4 years old. They are still some of my favorites, and bring back the magical memories of my babysitters, like getting hit on the head with a 2x4 by a redneck kid.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Tuesday April 24, 2001 -- 11:34:21AM
Matt-Was that a contributing factor to your transformation into Mah-jeek Steek?

FROM: dave
DATE: Wednesday April 25, 2001 -- 11:10:22PM
The cited article is from the newspaper of the college in my hometown. I think this proves that it's really easy to get bored there.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Wednesday April 25, 2001 -- 11:30:30PM
This very night I spotted ocassional Pinger Brant eating Duplexes. He is vegan.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Thursday April 26, 2001 -- 12:39:33AM
Awesome investigation on that old Brant. But what really is a vegan? I think it's a title to give to yourself that usually lasts a few years at most. Vegetarianism makes sense, and would be easy to adapt to, but veganism is just unhealthy.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday April 26, 2001 -- 3:37:16PM
Matt--Veganism very well could be unhealthy, but it's a cause more than a lifestyle choice.

Now, back to cookies...

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday April 26, 2001 -- 5:08:03PM
I don't want to turn this into a debate about Veganism, but more and more people are doing it for health reasons (as I'm finding out from an interesting book available for free download at

FROM: Matteo
DATE: Friday April 27, 2001 -- 12:33:51AM
But what good is a healty body with an unclean spirit?

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday April 27, 2001 -- 1:03:33AM
Are you suggesting that the healty [sic] body is the chocolate cookie, and the unclean spirit is vanilla? Insightful!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday April 27, 2001 -- 1:31:00AM
If Duplex Cremes and Oreos can live side-by-side, so can the rest of us... and I think that's the real meaning behind this Ping.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday April 27, 2001 -- 9:07:46AM
This reminds me of Jerry's speech about the black and white cookie on that episode of "Seinfeld".

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday April 27, 2001 -- 9:24:44AM
This guy has drawn a correlation between racial mixing and Oreo O's.

FROM: Kelley
DATE: Tuesday September 21, 2004 -- 3:13:30 pm
Holy shit.

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