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April 25th, 2001

White Noise

I’m one of those people that sleeps a lot easier with some sort of white noise. During the winter, a humidifier will do the job. During the summer, I use a fan. While I can deal with absolute silence and don’t need one of those white noise generators, I still prefer some sort of background noise if I have an option. But this is one of those things that varies widely from person to person.

When I stayed at a friend’s place in the Hell’s Kitchen area of New York a few years back, I had trouble sleeping over all the loud yelling from the street throughout the night. But they told me that they need that (it’s their white noise) in order to sleep well. They can’t fall asleep with dead quiet.

Others, though, seem to have trouble with the smallest of noises, waking up with a shudder if someone so much as walks by the room.

I’m interested in taking an informal poll of Ping regulars: dead silence, white noise, lots of noise, doesn’t matter — what do you need to sleep well? -ram

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