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May 17th, 2001

Now I Can Potty!

It’s been a long time since Ryan made poo-poo, but I can’t wait to make again! Now I Can Potty!

My own “history on the pot” involved outlines of my hand and gold stars. Now I’m a big boy and I have five full hands! I’m proud of my pee-pee.

I like the sounds when the potty flushes… I like pushing that magic lever. Sometimes, messages even appear! It all makes me feel like cuddling my teddy bear.

So, come on everybody, potty at my house!

My potty, my potty, I have my very own
I used to wear a diaper, but now you’ve seen I’ve grown.

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FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday May 16, 2001 -- 11:41:04PM
I'm scared and amused. But mostly scared. Yeah, scared.

DATE: Thursday May 17, 2001 -- 12:06:52AM
It's my potty and I'll cry if I want to.

(sorry, but it had to be done)

FROM: Plucky
DATE: Thursday May 17, 2001 -- 7:32:01AM
Plucky go down the hole...

FROM: Mr. Hanky
DATE: Thursday May 17, 2001 -- 10:48:12AM
Howdy Ho!!!

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday May 17, 2001 -- 12:15:00PM
That teddy bear picture is just too precious.

FROM: Elizabeth
DATE: Thursday May 17, 2001 -- 9:18:04PM
If you want to know what the pretentious are calling potty training these days, it's "Toilet Learning".

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday May 17, 2001 -- 10:38:58PM
What will become of like Cedric? He is toilet learning disabled.

FROM: Brian
DATE: Wednesday June 6, 2001 -- 9:44:54PM
Damn right the kid "expressed displeasure" while the tape was on. It doesn't seem like parents can do anything on their own these days-- everyone needs videos to teach their kids *for* them. Do they really need to leave it up to Barney to teach the little fella' how to squeeze one out? C'mon...

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Thursday June 7, 2001 -- 12:02:56AM
When it becomes available, I'll buy "Pinch a Loaf with the Teletubbies."

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