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June 25th, 2001

Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook

Since my favorite vegetarian cooking show is on a temporary hiatus, I was searching the TV listings for other cooking shows featuring vegetarian recipes this week. One that came up was Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook on BBC America.

This show is actually a cross between a beginner’s cooking show and a game show. On this particular episode, two men were brought on the show by their wives who claimed they were either awful in the kitchen (one of the men had apparently put a piece of bread and a slice of cheese in the toaster to make grilled cheese because he was too lazy to get out a frying pan) or they refused to go near the oven. The over-excited host then guides the two men simulatneously through a series of two or three dishes (today’s theme was “a vegetarian brunch” with roasted tomatoes, cheese-topped mushrooms, and some kind of pancake). Occasionally the host will yell at one of the guests (“Turn the stove off, are you trying to blow this place up?”), but it’s all in fun and not malicious.

When the dishes are done, the men’s significant others were blindfolded and had to pick who made the better dishes. In this episode, each woman ended up picking her own man’s food, so the host had to taste and make a decision who won.

Winners receive a kitchen item, like a food processor, and the losers go away with a bottle of champagne.

Kind of an interesting concept that probably won’t get an Iron Chef-type following, but is still kind of a fun way spend half-an-hour and pick up some easy cooking ideas. -ram

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