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July 3rd, 2001

What Makes a Good…?

Let’s all do a creative exercise.

Answer as many of the following questions as you can in 15 words or less (each):

What makes a good…

  1. teacher?
  2. stew?
  3. suitcase?
  4. blog?
  5. stand-up comedian?
  6. TNBC show?
  7. movie review?
  8. pair of pants?
  9. Ping?
  10. adult film? (challenge: answer this in such a way it would be clean for children to read)

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday July 3, 2001 -- 12:37:47PM
Oh come on... SOMEONE has to feel SOMEWHAT creative?

I'll start...

1. True passion for the subject they're teaching.

2. Chickpeas, thick sauce, and lots of garlic.

3. Firm pliability.

4. Good, personal stories.

5. Everyday observations that don't take a rocket scientist to figure out.

6. Involvement of Peter Engel.

7. Brief plot rundown, historical context, technical/creative critique.

8. Being blue and being jeans.

9. A topic that inspires people to talk, but not act like Jackasses.

10. Cowboys, feather dusters, and garbage cans.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Tuesday July 3, 2001 -- 12:58:02PM
1. Be hot
2. Tomatoes and lots of salt
3. A special comparment for my Speedos
4. Return when I search for ""
5. Have the name Andy Campbell
6. Uh...
7. A good movie review does not exist
8. Plenty of room in the crotch
9. Be something I understand
10. Nice make-up

DATE: Tuesday July 3, 2001 -- 1:22:07PM
Oddly enough, large breasts fits for most of them for me.

DATE: Tuesday July 3, 2001 -- 1:23:13PM

  1. Dedication
  2. Thick sauce
  3. Wheels
  4. Me.
  5. Fish jokes
  6. Cancellation
  7. Snarky comments
  8. Legs
  9. Oreos
  10. Rob Lowe

FROM: Elizabeth
DATE: Tuesday July 3, 2001 -- 7:24:58PM
1. Commitment to the job and passion for whatever they are teaching
2. Vegetables, vegetables, vegetables
3. If it's a backpack, then we'll talk
4. If the person has an interesting background and I can relate to where they're coming from
5. A part in their routine where they put their mouth right next to the mic and speak in a loud voice
6. If it is titled "The Guys Next Door"
7. pass
8. Comfort is the only factor
9. If it sparks conversation AND if it has nothing to do with meat-headery (i.e. detailed computer garbage)
10. A shaky premise, as in if it's based on another, more famous movie/play

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday July 5, 2001 -- 4:14:32PM
1. A true passion and love for the subject matter
2. Well-cooked potatoes
3. A nice, firm-but-giving ergonomic handle and room for all of the necessary items
4. Good content, good looks, and peanut butter
5. Anyone who can bug his/her eyes out
6. _One World_. OK, just kidding. I think we know.
7. being concise
8. Comfort, no damn pleats!
9. Any that inspires someone to use the term "meat-headery" in reply
10. One that explores the finer parts of individual interpretations of the human psyche and its relationship between the physical and psychological realms

FROM: Barbara
DATE: Friday July 6, 2001 -- 3:40:30PM
1. Having a passion for knowledge themselves
2. Lots of red wine
3. Good heavy wheels
4. Subjects I can relate to
5. The ability to be funny without being dirty
6. Apparently, air-brushed faces
7. Makes you want to see the movie without giving too much away
8. Length about halfway down the heel of my shoe, and doesn't have to be ironed
9. On a topic I understand
10. Non-surgically enhanced

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