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July 18th, 2001

It’s Macworld: Go Crazy.

Perhaps the biggest day of the year for Macheads, and a lot of those in the tech industry, is today: Macworld NY. Last year, Apple introduced a rather funny-lookin’ thing called the G4 Cube which I actually said I’d pass on. (Of course, today I’m typing this Ping on – what else? – a G4 Cube.)

But today is the day, and rumor sites have been going crazy over what Steve Jobs will or won’t announce. Will it be a new, flat-panel iMac? How about some new G4 towers already? And what about something to fill the alleged gap between the iBook and PowerBook G4? No one knows, and this year – unlike last – there have been no real leaks to the press. Impressive.

Give Jobs credit: he knows how to surprise people. He loves it, and I know that the Mac fans love it too. Without the various Macworld shows, we wouldn’t really know what to expect next from Apple.

Watch this little company: someday, they’re gonna be big. -pm

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FROM: Patrick
DATE: Wednesday July 18, 2001 -- 7:51:05AM
He's finally going to annouce the handheld...or is it still rumor?

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday July 18, 2001 -- 8:33:09AM
Still rumored. There is a new G4 tower image floating around as of last night, but I find it somewhat offensive - rather unimaginative and bland.

The Apple Store is currently down, which always occurs before a new product launch (or two... or three....)

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday July 18, 2001 -- 11:15:13AM
Of course, I'd be more interested in the fact that Opera will be exhibiting at MacWorld... :)

FROM: i am mike
DATE: Wednesday July 18, 2001 -- 1:57:18PM
you guys still don't know that macs suck? :)i'm kidding. i'm just not a big fan of macs. that's not to say i dislike them - i'm just not familiar. but seriously, what about them do you guys like? any input would be good. thanks. i am mike

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday July 18, 2001 -- 3:28:34PM
Hi Mike. I am Paul. I recently switched over to a Mac, and while I'm not out to convert anyone... you've got to use what works for you. A PC no longer did what I wanted and needed it to, so I got a tool that worked better for me. Boom. A little more detail, if you wish.

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