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July 19th, 2001

The Lack of Good Shipping Options

Last week I placed an order for an item I needed by Friday. The item was shipping on a Tuesday morning, so I figured USPS Priority Mail would be good considering they estimate (but don’t guarantee) 2-3 days. By Friday, it hadn’t arrived (I won’t even go into why this was so important, but basically it just topped off a month-long ordeal that has been nothing but a pain).

I got to thinking about how few good shipping options there are. The USPS isn’t awful, but they’re not great, either. I’ve had a number of pieces of mail lost by them that I know are sitting in the Dead Letter Office in Kansas somewhere. UPS is just flat out awful (exhibits a, b, c, and d). Fed-Ex is expensive. That leaves who, Airborne Express? Not many choices if you want a package delivered reliably and cost-efficiently. -ram

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