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July 25th, 2001

Name Calling

I’m not a dumbhead! You’re a big, fat stupidhead.

What did you call me? You said “booty”! I’m telling mom!!

What was the worst name you were ever called (but not regularly, like a mean nickname)? -ram

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FROM: i am mike
DATE: Wednesday July 25, 2001 -- 8:25:45AM
fat guy. that was the worst. now, on the surface, it doesn't seem like such a bad name, but it came from a kid who was about 6 or 7 years old. at that age, kids are brutally honest. so i got a glimps of what people think of me, but are nice enough not to say. by the way, i'm not fat -- just big boned.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Wednesday July 25, 2001 -- 9:14:54PM
I HATE HATE HATE it when people call me by any name other than my own. Some lunkhead jock called me Sean in 10th grade for some reason. I hope his liver is rotting right now.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday July 25, 2001 -- 9:48:03PM
Do you hate when people call you Bobert?

FROM: Robert
DATE: Wednesday July 25, 2001 -- 10:41:10PM
No one does that, thankfully for them.

What I really hate is when people think I like being called "Rob". Shuh! As if!

DATE: Thursday July 26, 2001 -- 9:00:24AM
Hey, now... what's wrong with "Rob"?

I just hate "Bob". I think I shall go back in time and kill whoever decided that "Bob" was a good nickname for "Robert".

FROM: Tina
DATE: Thursday July 26, 2001 -- 2:00:39PM
Bob is really generic, sad to say. If you're named Robert, whom did you allow to make the decision to call you Bob, anyway? Freedom of choice and all that.

DATE: Thursday July 26, 2001 -- 10:22:03PM
Cathy. No offense to the Cathys of the world, but I really, really hate that name. Catherine, Kate, Katie, Kitty, ANYTHING but Cathy. I'll visibly cringe.

DATE: Friday July 27, 2001 -- 10:42:34AM
Cat - I imagine the Cathy comic strip has ruined the name Cathy for a great many people anyhow. I wouldn't give people the liberty to call you ANYTHING, though...

FROM: Tony
DATE: Friday July 27, 2001 -- 3:32:19PM
I really got pissed when somone called me Toby. I guess it stuck because...anyone who wants to get on my nerves instantly can call me that and Ill have a very short temper.

FROM: MollyCule`
DATE: Sunday July 29, 2001 -- 7:20:39PM
I've been called Holly, Dolly, Polly, and Maria. All as some kind of Molly substitute, I'm guessing. I also hate it when people call each other "homefries" or "homeslice." Mostly just because it's stupid, though

FROM: Jake Potts
DATE: Saturday July 27, 2002 -- 12:09:01 am
Can't stand being called "Jerk Pot". Warms my whistle, if you know what I mean. Probably not...

By the way Toby...I mean Tony! Ha ha ha!

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:30:51 pm

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