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August 24th, 2001


If you’re in the blogging circles, you know that Blogger is now two years old.

I honestly can’t remember the first time I heard of, or tried, Blogger… but I do remember the design prior to the current one, which was ultra basic. I poked around the site but didn’t use it as a utility. I think I might’ve attempted a test post, but given that I didn’t set up any FTP stuff… no go.

Given that Blogger’s only been around for two years, it’s pretty remarkable to see how it has changed the personal web. Not everyone uses Blogger, nor does everyone need to, but it’s arguably the easiest way for people to start blogging. At times it has become entirely synonymous with blogging, and almost everyone has had a chance to see their posts vanish into thin air (oops).

And, naturally, the Daily Ping will be turning two years old in January. Where does this time go, anyway? -pm

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