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September 6th, 2001

What is a Ping?

Even though I write Pings every other day, one question keeps sticking to the inside of my brain: what exactly is a Ping, anyway? Naturally, I went right to the source: Ask Jeeves.

If you ask Jeeves plainly, you’ll get this super page which has a fixation on Ping golf clubs. But you can also learn about the stealth Ping, which might have been Saturday’s entry by Ryan (kidding). Then for some reason, you’ll get bounced around to stealing a Ping, although I’m unclear on the topic.

Daunted, I asked the same of Google. The results ranged from the online game news site, Ping0 in Japanese, to The Ping Collection, which ranks right underneath this very site in that Google listing. I don’t know about you, but I think that our boxer shorts look far better than that cheap stuff they’re selling at The Ping Collection.

Finally, offers up a bevy of definitions though I think this one is my favorite:

A quantum packet of happiness. People who are very happy tend to exude pings; furthermore, one can intentionally create pings and aim them at a needy party (e.g. a depressed person). This sense of ping may appear as an exclamation; “Ping!” (I’m happy; I am emitting a quantum of happiness; I have been struck by a quantum of happiness). The form “pingfulness”, which is used to describe people who exude pings, also occurs.

Forget “Show me love” – try “Gimme some Ping”. -pm

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FROM: dave
DATE: Thursday September 6, 2001 -- 8:00:26AM
A ping is a unit of area in traditional Chinese weights and measures...I forget how many square feet it equals.

And that's my useless tidbit for today.

FROM: Greg
DATE: Thursday September 6, 2001 -- 8:42:32AM
Isn't there a river in China called "Ping"?

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday September 6, 2001 -- 9:11:48AM
A "ping" is what proceeds a "pong".

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday September 6, 2001 -- 10:50:26AM
Of course, I meant "precedes", however you spell it.

FROM: Jeani
DATE: Thursday September 6, 2001 -- 11:24:14AM
My task for the day: use "pingfulness" in conversation at least once.

DATE: Thursday September 6, 2001 -- 11:37:17AM
Blah. That's easy. You can just walk up to someone, whether you know them or not, and say, "Gosh, doesn't Paul have oodles and oodles of pingfulness today?"

FROM: Colin
DATE: Tuesday May 23, 2006 -- 3:22:32 pm
I live in Taiwan, a ping is 36 square feet.

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