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September 8th, 2001

Pac-Man v. Donkey Kong

Between these two video games, which one was better?

While I was a fan of both, Pac-Man gets my vote. (The Daily Ping, covering the truly important issues of our times!) -pm

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FROM: dave
DATE: Saturday September 8, 2001 -- 7:06:50AM
The real question is, which one has spawned more sequels?

One way in which video games are better than movies: the sequels almost always outshine the originals.

I bet you didn't know the Japanese name of PacMan is HanglyMan.

FROM: Johnny Storm
DATE: Saturday September 8, 2001 -- 8:27:20AM
Pac-Man of course. First discovered it in a sit-down two-player table version at Pizza Hut in Fairfield, IL in 1981. Now you know more about Johnny Storm than you ever cared to know.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Saturday September 8, 2001 -- 5:53:01PM
Pac-Man for skill (ha!) and Donkey Kong for fun.

The title of this Ping reminds me of that short film "Mokey vs Robot".

FROM: Matt
DATE: Sunday September 9, 2001 -- 1:52:38AM
I always was a fan of the Ms. PacMan game. It's funny that any arcade you go into in recent times will always have two classic games. Those games being Ms. PacMan and Galaga.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Sunday September 9, 2001 -- 2:08:56AM
There's another game popular in arcades these days that is much less fun: try to find a game that still costs just $.25.

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