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September 9th, 2001

Tiny Football Helmets

Does anyone remember those tiny plastic NFL helmets you could get in the dispensers at the supermarket? I used to have all of them, and I’d line them all up on teams and have my own Pro Bowl. -ram

Posted in Childhood Memories

FROM: Scott
DATE: Sunday September 9, 2001 -- 9:28:14AM
I do indeed remember those helmets, I had most of them as well though I never acted out my own "Pro Bowl". I also enjoyed the baseball helmets that were the same size, and especially enjoyed the baseball helmets from Dairy Queen that sundaes came in.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Sunday September 9, 2001 -- 12:51:06PM
Actually, it was Baskin Robbins that did the sundae helmets. At one point in my life, I had many Orioles helmets to show for my love of ice cream.

FROM: Mike R.
DATE: Sunday September 9, 2001 -- 1:50:10PM
I still have the baseball helmets..(not football, sorry) with all of the old logos.. like the Chicago White Sox when they had a cursive 'C'.. and the poop brown padres helmet.. too cool..

FROM: Paul
DATE: Sunday September 9, 2001 -- 1:58:29PM
I remember having a few Cubs helmets, which served fine as miniature garbage cans.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Sunday September 9, 2001 -- 4:20:56PM
The helmets I'm thinking of were *really* small... you could have fit maybe four or five quarters inside them, but that's about it.

I never had any of the ice cream-sized ones, I don't think.

DATE: Sunday September 9, 2001 -- 6:54:52PM
Robert: Dairy Queen had the sundae helmets, too, at least in the snowy state o' New York, where Scott and I both grew up. Must've been a multi-chain thing. Used to go for the helmet sundaes after summer-league soccer games when I was in grade school. I was more of a Yankees helmet girl though. It was New York, after all...

FROM: MollyCule
DATE: Sunday September 9, 2001 -- 8:55:14PM
We had the sundae sized baseball helmets at Dairy Queens here in Ohio too. my brother (who is now 24) still has about 5 of the Indians ones on a shelf in his room.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Monday September 10, 2001 -- 1:01:31AM
Scott Racer gave me a Chargers one last year that he got at Wal-mart. Cool deal now that the Chargers have two of my favorite players: Tim Dwight, and Doug Flutie.

FROM: Fred
DATE: Sunday October 14, 2001 -- 7:02:06PM
Yes I remember them and I still have some of them. ANybody know where you can get blank ones?

FROM: ray
DATE: Saturday October 27, 2001 -- 8:29:42AM
i have at least 100 of them still intact sticks un touched

FROM: Steph
DATE: Monday October 29, 2001 -- 5:21:06PM
I need to get my hands on a California Angels ice cream helmet. Anyone know where I might find one or buy one?

FROM: Adam
DATE: Saturday January 19, 2002 -- 12:56:40 am
I still have all of the ones available in the early 90s in a box somewhere. It was before the Titans, Jags, etc.

I used to line them up head-to-head to show who was playing who that week.

FROM: Turi Guilliano
DATE: Friday February 1, 2002 -- 2:59:15 pm
ahh, yes... i have recently started collecting them as there is a better version in the vending machine of the 00's. only problem, they are now 50 cents... sucks but oh well... i used to put them on gi joes and play whole games...

FROM: Brad
DATE: Wednesday September 4, 2002 -- 6:18:53 pm
great comments !! i have 16 of the orginal ice cream mlb helmets .. i need SD, Chicago Cubs, Boston, Baltimore, Minnesota, KC, Oakland, Chcago White Sox & Texas .. anyone who can oblige, please send me an email !! thanks.

DATE: Friday September 27, 2002 -- 2:49:29 pm

FROM: Shannon
DATE: Friday September 27, 2002 -- 2:51:46 pm
The baseball helmets that had sundae's in them are hard to find. I have 13 throwback style logos and 12 modern team logo helmets. I'm looking to collect both the throwback and modern team helmets. If anyone is looking to get rid of or sell let me know. Thanks.

FROM: David
DATE: Monday September 30, 2002 -- 10:40:41 pm
Helping son collect MLB ice cream helmets for current teams. I had him collect a a few extra TEXAS RANGERS for trade during the off season. please e-mail if you are interested in trading. PSS..... nice comments, I like the way htis conversation moved from mini/mini football, which we all remember to ice cream helmets........;.

FROM: mike
DATE: Monday October 28, 2002 -- 9:00:26 pm
I still have all of the football helmets and thanks to the internet I have been making my own new helmets to update. I have the old ones with the double bar facemask, the nest generation with the cage mask and the latest smaller ones with the facemask already more snapping them on.

FROM: todd
DATE: Tuesday November 5, 2002 -- 7:54:28 pm
I have a lot of the old football helmets dating back to the 60's, 70's & 80's. Does anyone know if they're worth anything?

FROM: Scott
DATE: Thursday November 7, 2002 -- 10:26:38 am
Mike, where can you go on the internet to complete a collection. I have all but two teams (NFL) around my office at work, and am getting tired of pumping quarters in and getting back Raiders and Chargers over and over...

FROM: Scott
DATE: Friday November 8, 2002 -- 6:18:05 pm
I have a vending business and sell these in my machines. If you need a few to complete sets let me know, I will see what I can do. I also have put a few complete sets together if anyone is interested.

FROM: Buck Cargal
DATE: Wednesday November 20, 2002 -- 1:44:57 pm
Man, those tiny helmets were great! Used to get a set every year for my birthday at IHOP. Wore them out playing them against each other.

Had the 1997 set and was planning on saving them. But recently turned them over to my 5-year-old to play with. Would like to update and complete with new teams.

Recently e-mailed IHOP and asked them to bring them back. Lady that responded thought it was way cool and would personally take it to the marketing department.

FROM: Brian
DATE: Thursday December 26, 2002 -- 9:18:45 am
I remember those tiny helmets. ( My son recently has shown an interest in my/his collection). I have always wanted to have the latest helmets, ie texans etc. but I have had a hard time finding them. I have a collection that starts about 1970. Any suggestions on where to buy a set ?

FROM: Kirk
DATE: Friday December 27, 2002 -- 11:21:00 pm
Hi everyone! Does anyone know where you can find football helmets that Dairy Queen used to sell its Sundaes in? Please let me know.
Thanks, Kirk

FROM: Did someone say they can get two more of the new helmets? I need the vikings and the rams.
DATE: Thursday January 30, 2003 -- 5:33:07 pm

FROM: ben
DATE: Thursday January 30, 2003 -- 5:34:12 pm
did someone say they can get exct helmets out? I need the rams and the vikings to complete my collection.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday January 31, 2003 -- 12:02:06 am
Why would you post "Did someone say..." when you can just scroll up and SEE if someone said...

People continue to astound and amaze me.

FROM: ben
DATE: Friday January 31, 2003 -- 1:43:15 pm
For the hell of it. Hopefully, by saying that, you could get a response from the person who said that they could. That's why. I'm glad I amaze you.

FROM: Adam
DATE: Saturday February 1, 2003 -- 9:30:44 pm
Yes i loved those mini helmets from vending machines. I wish i could have gotten more variety tho, i ended up with 3 carolina and 3 denver and none of most teams.

FROM: David N.
DATE: Saturday February 8, 2003 -- 11:23:02 pm
You can find the baseball helmets that ice cream used to come in at Oriental Trading. You get like 12 of them for 6.95 but they are random, you can't pick your teams.

FROM: Karl
DATE: Thursday February 20, 2003 -- 11:09:02 am
I have a bunch of the ice cream sundae helmets, both old and new that I would be happy to trade or sell.

FROM: Karl
DATE: Thursday February 20, 2003 -- 11:11:48 am
didn't leave my email in the above comment. Figured I would once I found out what "munged" meant. Let me know if anyone is interested, just give me an email.

FROM: Axle
DATE: Friday March 14, 2003 -- 10:17:41 pm
As far as the mini football helmets are concerned I have a complete set,
but my wife has 90 of them up for bid on E-bay. I saw on a vending machine sight that the NFL has pulled the license on "bubble-gum machine" helmets. I believe this is because of the new Riddel "Pocket Pro" mini-helmets.

FROM: phil c
DATE: Monday March 31, 2003 -- 12:56:19 pm
please!!! does anyone know where to get the mini baseball helmets for Ice cream sundaes? I own an Ice cream shop and need them! And Oriental trading does not sell them!

FROM: Karl
DATE: Friday April 4, 2003 -- 10:06:07 am
Phil c,
Check out this website: This company makes the ice cream helmets. You cannot order them on this website, but I'm sure you could contact someone about buying - escpecially if you are buying in large quantities. If you are able to buy some, please let me know so that I can possibly buy some off you. Thanks.

FROM: Karl
DATE: Thursday June 12, 2003 -- 10:11:32 am
My email has changed if anyone is still interested in buying or selling the ice cream sundae baseball helmets.

FROM: Eddie J
DATE: Saturday July 5, 2003 -- 3:16:59 pm
I'll have my collection, with me, in August. I'll try to get a list and if you need a copy please write to me. It will be ready in August 13. They are the baseball "sundea" and "quarter" helmets.


FROM: pat
DATE: Wednesday July 9, 2003 -- 1:03:37 pm
am looking for 5in. football helmets for my lawn goose.plain,plastic.July,9 03 pat

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday July 28, 2003 -- 2:12:45 pm
I have many of the ice cream helmets. I live in CT and I remember that Carvel used to have those baseball helmet sundaes as well. I used to get them all the time when I was small. Hell, that was the only reason I ever wanted to go to Carvel. I wish they still had em. I guess they stopped carrying them about ten years ago. I went into my local Carvel and asked about them a few weeks ago and the lady there looked at me like I was crazy.

FROM: Sharon
DATE: Tuesday July 29, 2003 -- 1:26:07 pm
Looking for Yankees and Mets mini baseball helmets for ice cream sundaes...any ideas? please email me!

FROM: Carley
DATE: Tuesday August 5, 2003 -- 12:33:40 am
Looking for football helmets that fit the size of a Beanie Ty Bear for a Holiday Jesuit tradition...any suggestions?

FROM: Laurel
DATE: Thursday August 21, 2003 -- 9:47:05 am
Looking for football helmets for teddy bears or lawn goose. Also, looking for cubs and sox ice cream caps. I have other teams would be willing to trade or buy. Thanks alot.

FROM: David
DATE: Tuesday September 9, 2003 -- 6:42:44 pm
I have both baseball and football helmets,the vending ones.I have the really old ones and the new ones.I used to put them on mt G I Joes and play football .some things from your childhood you need to keep with you all the time,they represent happy times of your life.

FROM: mike
DATE: Tuesday October 14, 2003 -- 1:28:41 am
HI, need help getting all the teams of football.
want to make a stadium for my kids and guys with all the teams.
Any help in getting these helmets would be great,

DATE: Monday March 15, 2004 -- 9:58:59 pm
I need help finding baseball or football helmets for ice cream sundaes for a birthday party at the end of April. I do not know where to find them.

DATE: Thursday April 1, 2004 -- 2:39:15 pm
I have been collecting miniature football helmets from those quarter vending machines since the early 70's. I still have some of the old teams like the Bills with white helmets and the Bengals with the name on the helmet. I also have some of the orange, red and blue facemasks made back in the day. I am DESPERATELY looking to complete my collection after my son lost a few of mine. I need a few of the newer teams and a couple of the older ones. Does anyone have any idea as to where I can complete my collection ??? PLEASE let me know as soon as you can ! THANK YOU !!!

FROM: Denniis
DATE: Saturday April 3, 2004 -- 11:40:45 pm
I have about 100 of these helmets or maybe more. I have about 10 from the 60s that used to have pencil sharpeners in them. Vending machine owners may still have some.

FROM: Zing
DATE: Monday April 12, 2004 -- 9:23:24 am
I'm looking to find the vending baseball helmets, I am interested in any but really need the Devil Rays, Diamondbacks, Braves, Yankees & Cubs

FROM: Lisa
DATE: Tuesday May 25, 2004 -- 6:10:07 pm
Would love the helmets for my daughers sports themed birthday party. Don't care what teams they are. Just need to make sundaes in them!

FROM: Jaron
DATE: Friday June 4, 2004 -- 3:43:00 pm
I have found a guy who sells the baseball (ice cream sundae size) and football (miniature) sets, he has them all!! His name is Tim Potter and his email address is and his web site is
He is a great guy and has the best prices around!

FROM: mike
DATE: Friday July 2, 2004 -- 2:17:18 am
i collected the helmets out of vending machines as a child in the late 70's.they are terrific especially the old an adult i put together a cool sports room with some high end and novelty sports items.the best of the novelty items is a 70's style gumball vending machine which i filled with over a hundred of my vintage helmets .it is topped of with an original vending machine header card advertising the helmets circa 1970's that i luckily was able to buy off tim potter.he's the man to go to for this material.

FROM: Lance
DATE: Tuesday October 12, 2004 -- 8:22:19 pm
I have been collecting the mini gumball hemlets and am in need of a Houston Texans. I have a complete set from 2001 except the Texans, anyone willing to sell me just that helmet. I would pay for the shipping, etc. Or if anyone knows where I can get one I would appreciate any information. Thanks.

DATE: Tuesday December 14, 2004 -- 8:58:55 pm
I have the entire set of the gumball football helmet teams from the mid 70's... These are the ones with the white snap on face mask..If anyone can tell me what they are worth, I would appreciate it..!

FROM: Martino Massaro
DATE: Tuesday December 28, 2004 -- 7:16:32 pm
have been collecting the mini gumball hemlets and am in need of a Houston Texans. I have a complete set from 2001 except the Texans, anyone willing to sell me just that helmet. I would pay for the shipping, etc. Or if anyone knows where I can get one I would appreciate any information. Thanks.

FROM: Suzy [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday January 19, 2005 -- 2:36:24 pm stocks and sells all the old gumball helmets.

FROM: Duane
DATE: Tuesday February 15, 2005 -- 5:26:52 pm
Am looking for info on the old Dairy Queen/Baskins football and baseball helmets. Was wondering if there is a site for collectors/traders or a clubout there.

FROM: Luigi
DATE: Tuesday March 22, 2005 -- 9:05:09 am
Yea, does anybody know where I might be able to find the helmets you got out of a vending machine and you had to put the stickers and facemask on by yourself? Please reply.

FROM: Michael
DATE: Tuesday April 26, 2005 -- 12:37:49 pm
I have all the NFL teams, including some of the helmets from the 60s, like the white Chargers with the silver lightning bolt, the white Buffalo Bills with the red buffalo, the redskins with the spear, as well as the yellow Redskins with the big R in the circle. I also have a bunch of old baseball hats - not mini helmets, but fitted caps (the plastic mold even has creases to show the fold in the fitted cap). Some of those teams aren't even around anymore - like the Seattle Pilots. I don't think the vending machines are carrying the football helmets anymore - just the little magnets. Those are not cool.

FROM: Micah
DATE: Thursday April 28, 2005 -- 3:27:38 pm
I need the Pirates,White Sox,Marlins,Devil Rays,Diamondbacks,Brewers,Mariners,and the Nationals if anyone wants to sell those e-mail me! Please!

FROM: mike
DATE: Tuesday July 26, 2005 -- 3:38:24 am
I got a couple out of a machine in 1972 when i was 9 yrs. old. Then a friend had a complete set and i was amazed at all the different logos and colors. After nagging my parents day after day they brought home a complete set and i was the happiest kid in town. i saved that set to this day and a few yrs. ago i found some people on ebay that buy,sell and trade...and now i have just about every helmet ever worn by the nfl teams including "proposed helmets",and helmets that were worn for pre season only. Its a great little hobby and im now the happiest old man in town.

FROM: Mark
DATE: Wednesday August 10, 2005 -- 3:49:00 pm
The Wienerschnitzel hot dog chain is selling the MLB helmets during their sundae promotion during August and September this year.

FROM: RC [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday August 25, 2005 -- 2:03:57 am
There is a club for helmet collectors:
The Virtual Helmet Museum and Club. Join up free and you will learn about all sorts of sports helmets and see thousands of helmet photos. Go here to join:

It is for collectors and football helmet lovers.

FROM: joyce
DATE: Saturday September 17, 2005 -- 8:10:41 pm
i am looking for mini plastic football hemlets you get in the machines can anyone tell me were i can find then now

FROM: Tim Potter [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday October 12, 2005 -- 2:07:36 pm
I have ALL the items you folks are talking about! Check out my website! There are OLD STYLE and NEW STYLE gumball helmets now! Let me know, Tim

FROM: Keri Miller
DATE: Sunday December 11, 2005 -- 7:38:29 pm
Last Christmas I bought a NFL game for my nephew that contained all the teams mini helmets. It was a board with a replica football field and two cars that the helmets attached to so you could play against each other. The helmets were the same thing as what you used to get in the quarter machines. I was shocked at the price which originally was $69.99 was marked down to $29.99. A complete set of these helmets go for about a hundred bucks. I got this item at J.C. Penney. I believe they are selling it again this year.

FROM: kellie stewart
DATE: Sunday February 12, 2006 -- 12:36:09 pm
I have a question? I have the pro football helmets that are attached to a car, do you have any idea where they originated or where to research them. I have looked all over the web unable to find them. They were made by Sportoys Orange Prod. Chatham NJ.

Thank you for any information.


DATE: Friday April 14, 2006 -- 7:10:55 pm
Yes I have th whole NFL vintage set of the mini gumball helmets and I have many of the throwback helmets of teams that are not around or have since changed thier design and colors. * I do have many doubles and items for trade*

FROM: bob burke
DATE: Wednesday April 19, 2006 -- 12:23:06 pm
i have all the nfl team football helmets in a clear plastic case,very good condition......willing to sell....send me a email and i will send a picture off the helmets in the case...

FROM: Corey
DATE: Thursday June 29, 2006 -- 6:20:48 pm
Looking for the Red Sox, A's & Astros baseball sundae helmets. Have some to trade......KC, Dodgers, cubs

FROM: Chris
DATE: Saturday July 8, 2006 -- 11:13:46 pm
Yes I remember the helmets. I have a full set still in the bubble gum ball containers from between 1975 and 1980. I am interested in selling my set.

FROM: Wayne
DATE: Wednesday July 26, 2006 -- 9:56:22 am
I have the entire set of the gumball helmets from the 70's in mint condition and I also have the entire set of the "Slush Puppie" baseball caps and the board that you put them on. Would love to know if they are worth anything.

FROM: curtis
DATE: Thursday August 3, 2006 -- 7:25:23 pm
Yes, these are worth something if not only sintamental value, but some card dealers are selling them for 5 to 10 dollars apiece. Have old ones football only my collection ranges into the 3 hundreds.

FROM: Tammy
DATE: Thursday August 10, 2006 -- 5:28:45 pm
I have an assortment of the sundae baseball caps , including the pirates, whitesox, if interested contact me please and we can maybe work out some kind of deal on the lot of them.

Steve September 9, 2006, 4:21 am

FROM: Scott
DATE: Friday November 8, 2002 — 6:18:05 pm
I have a vending business and sell these in my machines. If you need a few to complete sets let me know, I will see what I can do. I also have put a few complete sets together if anyone is interested.

I am VERY interested, Scott. I only need TB, HOU, and GB for the entire set of the new ones (pre-attached face-masks, painted logos).
I have literally 100’s of the old-style ones, and a bunch of those mini-mugs if you want to trade or something. Otherwise, I guess there’s always e-bay.

Brian September 17, 2006, 8:06 am

Hey I was hoping someone could help me out? I am looking to purchase a set of the football helmets, Hopefully the old style ones…Hopefully someone could help me out..thanks….

gary November 6, 2006, 3:51 pm

looking for 300 brand new never used ny mets mini helmets for an ice cream party… any ideas?

Fernando Flores January 14, 2007, 11:45 pm

Hello out there in cyberspace! I have me a problem. I have been collecting these 2006 football helmets, I love them! But my only problem is I got duplicates up the wazoo!(Pitts.,Indyx2,G.Bx2,Denver,NewEngland,Chicago,Detroit,Atlanta,Philly plus two more.) Anyway, first off. Anyone interested in these helmets. I will sell them at face value i.e. .75 cents a piece plus shipping. And believe me. I am not looking to make any profit on these, I will ship honest amount!!! Second! I need these helmets: Jets, Bills, Ravens, Bengals, Chiefs, Redskins, Giants, Cardinals & Rams. Thats one of each! So hopefully someone out there can help me! Thanks all!

Kevon February 17, 2007, 9:13 am

Hey, I am also trying to complete several of the football sets. I need several from the 2006, 2002, 70’s and 60’s. Who out there is still willing to sell or trade. I have several of the new 2006 helmets to trade. Email me and let me know. I diffently need the old redskins helmets, bills, bengals, chargers, rams, bears, etc.

Tim February 27, 2007, 6:54 pm

I am looking to trade some of the helmets too, i need the browns, bengals, raiders, texans, giants, and the entire nfc north(bears, lions, packers, vikings) if anyone can help let me know.

Tracy Wiseman May 15, 2007, 3:18 pm

I am also looking for these and found them on the Dairy Queen web site. Packed in groups of 600. I need about 60. Anyone interested in splitting an order?I need them VERY soon.
June 10,2007

Nichole Duffy June 6, 2007, 5:09 pm

I need about 100 Yankees – what team are you ordering?

Kelly Berry June 16, 2007, 12:34 am

I am interested in splitting the helmets with you. I need them by July 15. Please email me.

Jeff Scanlan September 9, 2007, 1:47 am

I am in need of MAJOR help!!! I’m trying to find a company that manufactures both the miniature football & baseball helmets. The ones you got out of vending machines for about a quarter.

I really need the baseball helmets (Not the ones you put ice cream in like at Dairy Queen), I need the really small helmets. The ones on the same scale as the football helmets. Teams do not matter (I paint them anyway).

Can anyone help me? I’m looking to purchase about 3-4 dozen of them. Thanks so much.


Jeff Scanlan
America’s Sports Magician

amber October 3, 2007, 1:03 am

im looking for those small porcelin football cups for my husband he is still missing like 6 more teams does any1 know what im talking about if ya do plz respond ty or tell me where to look. THANK YOU

Rob K October 16, 2007, 2:03 am

Hey, I’m lookign for those little cups too!! I have been searching vending machine prizes, but this place was the only link that came up. Anybody know where to buy them?
Thanks Large!

Renee January 22, 2008, 9:51 pm

Hey my son was collecting the porcelin cups. He needs a few and has some extra that he would like to trade. Anyone interested, I will list them.

Tim January 24, 2008, 4:18 pm

I am trying to complete my vintage collection of mini football helmets from the 60’s-70’s. I am looking for the following: cleveland browns helmet with c\b on both sides, the powder blue houston oiler helmet, and the denver bronco helmet either orange or blue with the white bucking bronco on it without the letter d. email me at

Nancy January 24, 2008, 11:56 pm

I am also looking for the baseball helmets that you can put ice cream in. Can’t find them at Oriental Trading. Having a party in June…Can anyone help?

Nancy January 25, 2008, 12:05 am

OK, Google baseball ice cream helmets….then take you pick of which company you want.

Good Luck

Tim January 25, 2008, 8:11 pm

Nancy for your baseball helmets try, I have heard good things about them, and heard you could buy in bulk. Hope this helps.


KENNY March 3, 2008, 2:27 pm


John Smith July 1, 2008, 3:46 pm

ya i have a pretty nice collection of helmets i have:

50 sundae helmets
one full set of the regular ones
and i have over 200 of the little football helmets

david November 5, 2008, 11:31 pm

I loved those little helmets!!
On a (slightly) related subject – does anyone have an early 70’s IHOP plastic mug with the AFC team helmets on it? Does anyone even remember these mugs?!? I have an NFC and would love to complete the set for 3 year old son. Thanks a lot.

Jeff August 20, 2009, 8:12 pm

I have a complete set of the 28 teams from the early 70´s, if anyone is interested in buying them , you can make an offer ,I might take it.

KERI November 8, 2009, 8:56 pm

Desperatly looking for the vintage refridgerator magnates of the NFL helmets. I found some on ebay. My father had the entire collection, and now lost in the estate battle. Please let me know!

Doug November 13, 2009, 6:41 pm

Message for Keri from 11/8/2009: Check ebay under gumball helmet magnets. Go to the sets made by Tim Potter. He has updated logos as they have changed so his are pretty much up to date as of now. I think he want ~ $10 plus shipping.

Phil November 19, 2009, 12:24 am

Yes i remember them i have the full set with goalpost display holders that i got as a kid in the 70’s for my birthday. i still collect them from the gumball machines in the supermarkets they look much better now. i still need the Seahawks and Texans of the new collection.

Dan November 20, 2009, 8:43 pm

I have a 1965 helmet/pencil sharpener with the Cleveland Browns “never used” logo… C/B I want to sell it on Craigslist but I don’t know how much to ask for it. It is rare. I can’t find much of anything online with that logo. Take a look at it here…

Corey February 1, 2010, 10:35 pm

I have a 26 team set from Dairy Queen and I was wondering if anyone had a display they would like to sell?

meridyth March 21, 2010, 11:31 pm

I have a complete set of 28 mini gumball football helmets. They sit in a plastic gold display with the words “team helmets” in blue at the top, with a football player and a baseball player pictured on each side of the words. Ok, the problem is I accidentally cracked the top corner of the display, so I would like to purchase an identical display case. I believe the set is from the 70’s or 80’s, so I assume the display case is from the same time. Can anyone please give me info on where to locate the vintage display case.

Mike September 6, 2010, 1:14 am

I have 14 of the plastic 6″ like mlb helmets from the 70’s but i remember them being sold with slush’s not ice cream. Nothing on e-bay anyone know what they are worth?

VJ October 4, 2010, 1:42 am

Does anyone know where I can buy a nice display board or case for ice cream sundae helmets…I saw some wood ones, but they are a little pricey…a good cardboard display would work fine…thanks

preston October 7, 2010, 5:05 pm

hey everyone i have all of these for sale: (1st football helmets tiny from machine) KS Cheifs, Rams, Eagles, Packers, SanFran, Lions, Vikings, Broncos, Saints, Dolphins, Browns, Bears, Patriots, Bills, Raiders, Jets, Bengals, Falcons, and the one w/ the indian head w/ the feathers (2nd Baseball) LA, NY, M, B, B, STL, BM, P, T, ATL, SEATLE, SD, ASTROS, INDIaNS, PHILLIES, BLUEJAYS

mike March 1, 2012, 7:17 pm

I remember the small helmets from gumball machines but my favorites are the mlb/nfl helmets from Dairy Queen in the ’76-’77 range. The football helmets came with stickers for the stripes and logos that you applied yourself. The baseball helmets had the logos on them. There were also cardboard display/standings boards you could buy to show off your helmets. Those were some great times!

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