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September 10th, 2001

Warming Up to NPR

For years in my mind, NPR was relegated to the same status as PBS: largely boring stuff with an occasional gem. Locally, that meant our PBS station would air the excellent and thoroughly interesting tours of Chicago’s architecture and history.

However, not one but two NPR stations have earned presets in my car (and of course, in my mind.) I’m just starting to like NPR. I had heard a few episodes of This American Life featuring David Sedaris’s comedy before meeting him in person at a book signing. This weekend I got to hear a segment of a live concert by Jill Sobule. I’d long written her off as a one-hit wonder, but her performance and songs were quite good.

And then I got to hear an interview with Fatboy Slim on the weekend edition of All Things Considered, after learning of the conditions surrounding the upcoming Russian elections. Goodness gracious, can radio be this good?

It’s no secret that I’ve been increasingly disgusted with more and more of the commercial radio out there. NPR offers a solid, interesting, and good alternative. -pm

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Monday September 10, 2001 -- 12:11:27AM
I dig NPR and am also a fan of the even more left-leaning Pacifica radio network, especially Democracy Now.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Monday September 10, 2001 -- 12:59:45AM
Oh wait what's the topic?

FROM: Terry M.
DATE: Monday September 10, 2001 -- 1:53:38AM
You, Paul, are lucky enough to live within the airwaves of the very best NPR station in the world (not to mention, the best station, period), WBEZ FM. The rest of us have to RealAudio it (I'm listening as I type). All of the core NPR programs are absolutely top-notch. I can't count the number of times I've sat in my car after arriving at my destination to catch the rest of whatever engaging segment I've been listening to on NPR.

Another excellent, excellent, excellent radio service is BBC, which is also graciously available via RealAudio (and which many NPR stations carry after-hours).

FROM: vlm
DATE: Thursday January 30, 2003 -- 8:22:09 pm
Cross-linked here from the television shows ping, and can't help marveling at how the original post was 9/10/2001. I know MY listening time invested in WBEZ/NPR went up 1000% after this particular day; I suppose many other Ping visitors experienced the same?

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:37:58 pm

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