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September 11th, 2001

Today’s Frightening Statistic

Today’s frightening statistic comes from a US DoJ-funded study analyzing sexual exploitation of children in America: 1 in a 100 children are sexually exploited each year. That’s between 300,000 and 400,000 kids, many from middle class families.

Not an encouraging statistic. And the increasing sexualization of young people in the media probably doesn’t help much, either. -ram

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FROM: Matt
DATE: Tuesday September 11, 2001 -- 1:48:19AM
I agree with the comment that the media's sexualization of the youth is a factor that probably contributes to this madness.
Now I'm going to the basement to watch Small Wonder.

FROM: Scott
DATE: Tuesday September 11, 2001 -- 9:58:22AM
I completely agree with your statement regarding the media's sexualization of children. I remember the first time I saw Britney Spears first "layout" for Rolling Stone, she was 16 at the time the pictures were taken. The layout consisted of her in very tight, revealing clothing with words like "Baby" across her ass. The pictures totally played up the fact that she was attractive and very young. Kind of sick. While in many people's eyes she was not a child, she was still technically a minor and these pictures appeared in a major magazine.

FROM: Chris Shaver
DATE: Tuesday September 11, 2001 -- 2:21:50PM
There was an article in the local paper about the current fashion trends. A couple clothing stores have had lots of upset parents returning their daughter's clothes that unsuspecting grandparents (apparently mostly) had bought their daughters. JC Penney's has pulled an ad that featured a mother pulling her daughter's hip huggers futher down her daughter's hips than the daughter had been wearing them. I saw the ad before it was pulled and I remember thinking "no daughter of mine". I think that a lot these days as I watch tv and read magazines.

FROM: Scott
DATE: Tuesday September 11, 2001 -- 7:12:32PM
Chris, I know exactly what you mean. Though I do not have children, I assure you my daughter would never be allowed to walk outside dressed like Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera. Unfortunately many of today's young people do not realize that there is a difference between looking good and looking trashy. In addition many of today's parents do not tell their children why they should not wear something and why they should not do something. The children are free to emulate what the media portrays "cool" to be.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday September 12, 2001 -- 10:45:04AM
And, you know, I don't blame the musicians as being guilty of this... they're total pawns whose images are being controlled by A&Rs, managers, and media folk. All Britney Spears is responsible for is making crappy music.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Wednesday September 12, 2001 -- 12:28:16PM
Britney Spears is responsible for not matching her preaching and her words. She crows on and on about being a virgin but she does not back down from flaunting her sexuality, e.g. her striptease at last year's eMpTV awards show.

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:38:15 pm

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