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September 26th, 2001

Toilet Buddy

Are you tired of having to lift your toilet seat by the seat? What a mess! That’s why you need… Toilet Buddy!

Yes, friends, Toilet Buddy is a handle for your toilet seat. Because even if your seat is decorated with razor blades, it still might be icky. Note that the Toilet Buddy was “designed more than 5 years ago”, and “no scientific research exists at this time that specifically proves that the use of a Toilet Buddy” helps the situation, it’s still a heck of a product. Makes a great gift, too. -pm

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DATE: Wednesday September 26, 2001 -- 8:58:41AM
Now I know what to ask for for Christmas.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Wednesday September 26, 2001 -- 10:24:40AM
It looks like a clown's nose.

FROM: Greg
DATE: Wednesday September 26, 2001 -- 10:43:42AM
I can't believe that I've been using the toilet for 20+ years without this product!

DATE: Wednesday September 26, 2001 -- 11:05:41AM
What's to keep the Toilet Buddy from getting icky too? Obviously the only solution is remote control.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Wednesday September 26, 2001 -- 12:25:41PM
Actually, those dishwashing rubber gloves are the best solution. Or just keep your terlit scrubbed. It's not that hard, folks.

FROM: Josh
DATE: Monday October 1, 2001 -- 12:53:58AM
And I thought that "Potty Putter" thing they advertise of Fox news was bad...

FROM: don sutton
DATE: Monday September 13, 2004 -- 12:57:50 pm
is the toilet buddy patented or do you have a trademark copywrite?

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