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October 25th, 2001


Who remembers Colorforms? The thin plastic pieces with pictures of Barbie, Wonder Woman, various animals, or any number of other items would stick on the “Colorform playboard” which displayed some sort of scene. The plastic would stick temporarily (enough that the board could be turned upside-down and not lose any pieces), but would come off easily. It was like having your own stage with actors that you could move about at will. I know I had at least one or two sets of these as a kid, but can’t remember which ones.

I’m happy to see that Colorforms are still around and actually celebrated their 50th Anniversary this year. -ram

Posted in Childhood Memories

DATE: Thursday October 25, 2001 -- 9:45:36AM
Yeah, I remember Colorforms. I played with those a lot. I also liked those other things... I forget what they were called... But you basically had a sheet of something kinda like wax paper with characters and stuff on one side and you were supposed to rub the other side with a pencil and the character would transfer to paper or to the scenes that you could get. I remember having Star Wars ones. Very similar to Colorforms except that once these were on the paper, you couldn't get them back off again without destroying them.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday October 25, 2001 -- 9:52:35AM
This discussion will, inevitably, end up at Shrinky Dinks.

FROM: Elizabeth
DATE: Thursday October 25, 2001 -- 12:27:15PM
What about those christmas ornament things that were metal outlines you had to fill with colored bits of plastic.. then bake them in the oven so the plastic melted and voila, an instant hideous christmas present for grandma.

I also totally had Shrinky Dinks AND the wax paper things.

FROM: Maria
DATE: Thursday October 25, 2001 -- 9:08:08PM
I had Garfield Colorforms, but I forgot that's what they were called for a second because I thought, at first, you were talking about Shrinky Dinks which were just the coolest things ever.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Friday October 26, 2001 -- 12:37:31AM
Damn Robert before I even read any of the responses I was going to say Shrinky Dinks. Hours of amusement and good for lazy babysitters.

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:43:55 pm

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