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October 31st, 2001

Live Forever!

Yes, you can now live forever! And don’t worry — it’s easy, all you have to do is wear magnets and you’ll be immortal. Says Chiu, “I am not one of those stupid moron who don’t know what I am doing.”

Interestingly, he has a guarantee on the product, but only for 90 days. Explain that to me.

Be sure you also see his patent, in case you were thinking of stealing his wonderful idea.

Perhaps Alex Chiu could team up with Steven Gibbs. Gibbs could travel ahead in time and prove that Chiu’s device works. That would be a good testimonial! (Looking at Steven Gibbs’ page, he apparently hasn’t travelled ahead to the year 1999 yet, as his web design seems to be stuck in 1996.)

Living forever. Time travel. We are in the future, folks. -ram

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