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November 1st, 2001

Wrinkled Butts

(I’m the jackass to blame about the late Ping today — it being the first of the month threw me off.)

So what do you do when you realize that it’s your day to do the Ping and that it’s past noon and you haven’t written it yet? Search for “wrinkled butts,” of course!

Start with, a site it’s probably best to avoid at work.

Continuing down the list of 113 responses from Google, I realized: every single site is a porn site. Aren’t there some good, wholesome sites about wrinkled butts? What is this world coming to? Even doesn’t help. Ahhh… there we go. -ram

Posted in Just Plain Odd

FROM: Robert
DATE: Thursday November 1, 2001 -- 1:06:34PM
Ryan--I should have guessed a long time ago that you are a hopeless assman.

DATE: Thursday November 1, 2001 -- 1:17:58PM
That's funny that you forgot it was your day to do it. I forgot, too, but that's not nearly as funny.

FROM: Barbara
DATE: Thursday November 1, 2001 -- 1:49:54PM
Funny, if you click "back" for the previous ping it takes you all the way back to Dec 31, 2000.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday November 1, 2001 -- 1:54:37PM
That is funny, Barbara. Thanks for the tip.

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