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November 20th, 2001

Jerry Springer: What the Hell?

Remember when Jerry Springer was a watchable show? Now, you’ll have to think back some time – we’re talking mid- and early-90s here. But at one point, Jerry actually had pseudo-normal topics on his talk show. I don’t know if you’ve seen this train wreck in the past couple of years, but oh man, it’s bad.

I’m not expecting quality television from Jerry, by any stretch, but the show is barely one at that. From what I can tell, it has taken the talk show to its most ridiculous, simplistic form: a bunch of stereotypes on stage for an audience to laugh at. The people I’ve seen on the show have fulfilled almost every single stereotype you can imagine… and yet, people in the audience treat them like garbage. It’s gotten weird, because the show no longer even purports to treat these folks like people – they’re just things, now.

A number of years ago, Jerry made local news when NBC 5 – the network that broadcast his show – announced he would be a commentator on their 10pm News. This caused both principal anchors to defect after nearly 20 years together – and the stunt only lasted a few weeks. Thing is, even then, Jerry Springer’s show had some semblance of a talk show. Now? Nothing.

It’s one of the few winners of 3 Thumbs Down on TiVo, and every time I pass it by, I pray the batteries in my remote don’t go into shock. -pm

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday November 20, 2001 -- 10:37:31AM
The "old" Springer was where I originally learned about Progeria.

The current show is nothing but a staged event. I'd bet that not a single "guest" isn't an actor. Night Stand it ain't...

What I find most interesting is that Jerry was the youngest mayor in Cincinnati's history, at age 33.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Tuesday November 20, 2001 -- 2:04:44PM
What are the 3 Thumbs Down on TiVo?

FROM: Matt
DATE: Tuesday November 20, 2001 -- 3:40:07PM
It's a weak version of Night Stand with Dick Deitrich, minus the good acting.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday November 20, 2001 -- 3:44:09PM
Robert: What are the 3 Thumbs Down on TiVo?

On TiVo, one has the ability to rate shows. Eventually TiVo figures out what shows the person does and doesn't like. Springer gets the special version of Hell designed by TiVo users: 3 thumbs down, the lowest rating possible. It goes all the way up to 3 thumbs up.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday November 20, 2001 -- 3:45:03PM
I just realized that I've been loose with the word "hell" today. Must be the illness. (Coincidentally, I wonder what the record for consecutive uses of the word "hell" on the Ping is....)

DATE: Tuesday November 20, 2001 -- 4:19:42PM
I only have one show marked with 3 Thumbs Down - America's Funniest Home Viedos. I had my TiVo for about a week, and it was still trying to figure out what kinds of shows to automatically tape for me. I almost threw my TiVo out the window when it taped that show for me.

Jerry Springer does get 2 Thumbs Down though. But 3 Thumbs Down is saved for Bob Saget.

FROM: Tina
DATE: Tuesday November 20, 2001 -- 4:32:05PM
Dumb Tivo question -- if you had two shows that you wanted to tape but they were at the same time, could you tape them both on Tivo, or won't it let you do that? I ask because I couldn't find the answer on the Tivo website. Thanks.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday November 20, 2001 -- 4:50:56PM
Tina -- I don't believe you could do that on one TiVo. Paul can correct me if I'm wrong, though...

FROM: Robert
DATE: Tuesday November 20, 2001 -- 5:23:37PM
Paul: I'm willing to go for the record with "hell" and with "goddamn".

FROM: Greg
DATE: Wednesday November 21, 2001 -- 10:50:29AM
What type of ad does Springer put out to get these actors?
Redneck needed for television show taping. Must have at least 4 children, bad teeth, both middle fingers, and a firm grasp of all vulgar words. Hell!

FROM: Dave Walls
DATE: Thursday April 24, 2003 -- 12:12:05 am
The weird thing is Jerry Springer, if he ever wanted to be, he is extremely literate, educated, and talented. He hosted the UK Version of the Game Show "Greed" (and did a good job, too), was elected as Mayor of Cincinnati in '77, and overall, could really hold his own in a political arena.

The real problem is that no one in the US will ever look at him as anything but the host of the trashiest show on TV for the rest of his life. Then again, we don't see Vince McMahon trying to run for office, so maybe Jerry should just be happy with his "show" and live of the residuals of the "Too Hot for TV" tapes.

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