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December 1st, 2001

Sweet Pickles

I woke up this morning and the strangest thing happened: a tune got stuck in my head that I hadn’t heard since I was a kid… the Sweet Pickles commercial.

Does anyone rememeber this commercial? It’s a vague memory, but I remember this lonely looking kid waiting in his house, staring out the window, waiting for the Sweet Pickles bus to arrive. It would arrive, driven by one of the bizarre, oversized Sweet Pickles characters, and deliver his books. Though I never owned any Sweet Pickles products, I do remember seeing the books occasionally in the dentist’s office, etc.

I have the melody for the song stuck in my head, but can’t remember the words… something like “I count on Sweet Pickles, ’cause Sweet Pickles can count on me…” Any help?

I couldn’t find much on Sweet Pickles, but here’s what I did come up with… their literary agent, Jacquelyn Reinach (a Sweet Pickles writer that died of lung cancer just over a year ago), and here are a bunch of books for sale. -ram

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FROM: dave
DATE: Saturday December 1, 2001 -- 11:09:29AM
Dude, I would hate to die of lunch cancer. Do you actually have to eat lunch to get it, or does your body spontaneously create malignant lunch cells, or what? I'd better lay off irradiated foods.

Oh, I've never heard of Sweet Pickles.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday December 1, 2001 -- 1:23:23PM
Good catch on the typo. :)

FROM: Robert
DATE: Saturday December 1, 2001 -- 3:40:56PM
I know not of "Sweet Pickles", but I do remember that Vlasic commercial in which the little girl asks her dad, "when you gonna eat dat pickle?"

FROM: dave
DATE: Saturday December 1, 2001 -- 11:35:37PM
Hey, put that typo back! (Now my previous comment doesn't make nearly as much sense!)

FROM: Jeani
DATE: Monday December 3, 2001 -- 11:07:33AM
I remember Sweet Pickles! Unfortunately, my memory's about as fuzzy as yours on this one, Ryan, so I can't help you out with the song.

FROM: Michael
DATE: Saturday December 29, 2001 -- 11:26:53PM

Both my brother and I watched those commercials when we were young. All we remember is the ending -- "THANKS, MOM!... Sweet Pickles!" and then the kid waving to the goose or the duck, driving off into the distance in a green VW bus. What up with that?

FROM: joe
DATE: Monday December 31, 2001 -- 12:37:26AM
i think the words were... Smart moms know how kids might grow up on sweet pickles...

FROM: jeanetta
DATE: Tuesday January 8, 2002 -- 6:32:09 pm
hey, joe has the right idea..."Smart moms know how must grow, up on Sweet Pickles". I got them when I was a kid, looking for them for my child.

FROM: Matt Carter [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday January 10, 2002 -- 10:53:31 am
"Thanks Mom!" is what I remember about Sweet Pickles. I also remember that I had a box with stuff in it. Maybe it was in my head, but I thought there was stuff that you can buy. Cards and a green plastic "bus" that you could put all the cards in that had information them.

I am having a hard time finding stuff on this "Sweet Pickles" but I will keep the search alive!

FROM: Trey
DATE: Friday January 11, 2002 -- 8:07:36 am
I remember sweet pickles and I'm glad that I'm not the only one!! I would also like to know where to find anything from sweet pickles if anyone has any ideas

FROM: aaron
DATE: Monday January 21, 2002 -- 4:29:02 pm
I've seen some used Sweet Pickles books on Amazon. And I think the words to the song were "Smart moms know how kids' MINDS grow, upon... Sweet Pickles." And then they have a few kids praising the books: "I think it's excellent," and a high-pitched girl's "Sweet Pickles is GREAT!"

FROM: smithers
DATE: Friday February 1, 2002 -- 10:02:25 pm
Thats some funny stuff! I remember that commercial like it was yesterday. The song definitely had the line "Smart moms know how kids minds grow, upon sweet pickles" in it. If some one could dig up a commercial clip of that i would love to see it

FROM: matt
DATE: Monday February 11, 2002 -- 9:25:23 am
I remember them. You have the song right. I used to sit in the elementary
school library and read them when ever I had the chance. My favorite part was the map of the town at the front and back of the books.

FROM: Hoppy [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday February 12, 2002 -- 12:33:17 pm
Oh My God I thought i was the only one who remembered that commercial i am triing to find any info on it so i can prove to my friends I am not crazy..

DATE: Tuesday February 19, 2002 -- 11:41:09 pm
I'm 19, and I read the Sweet Pickles books all the time when I was little! I wish I still had them. I didn't know the author died; that's kind of sad. But I'm too young to remember the commercials.

FROM: Justin
DATE: Friday May 3, 2002 -- 5:57:49 am
If Anyone knows where i could find the mp3 or mpeg of that commercial that would kick so much, I am trying to explain the commerical to some of my freinds and thought that i was insane causwe i sung the song to them and they just laughed.. a lot and i would like to make them feel really bad and laugh at them so if you know help me out please..

FROM: Erin
DATE: Sunday June 16, 2002 -- 1:36:30 pm
My brother and I have been searching for at least a picture of the sweet pickles bus...any ideas where I could find such a thing?

DATE: Tuesday June 25, 2002 -- 2:18:03 pm
Look on Ebay and you will find many of the Sweet Pickles characters and books, such as Me Too Iguana, Camel Fixes It All, and Scaredy Bear.

DATE: Monday July 1, 2002 -- 7:53:07 pm
I'M SO GLAD I FOUND THIS PAGE!!! I was thinking of this commmercial on my commute home because we were talking about the VW vans!!! I had to convince my husband I wasn't crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone ever find a picture of the bus???

FROM: Mike [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday July 1, 2002 -- 9:04:12 pm
I've got a Sweet Pickles album on vinyl at my parent's house. If only my record player was working, I could rip it to MP3s and share with everyone. Someday...

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Wednesday July 3, 2002 -- 5:34:19 pm
I'm more partial to dill pickles, myself. MMMMMMM....garlic dill...


FROM: Diane
DATE: Thursday July 11, 2002 -- 8:46:41 pm
Check any thrift store or garage sale...lots of sweet pickles books. i've managed to collect almost the whole set. i use the map at the beginning and end to teach map skills to my second grade classes. they love those books!

DATE: Tuesday July 16, 2002 -- 5:39:35 pm

FROM: Rachel
DATE: Tuesday July 16, 2002 -- 5:41:25 pm
I had the whole Sweet Pickles set when I was little and I stupidly gave them to my cousin who got rid of them. Now I want to start my own family and would love to have them again. I remember seeing them advertised on tv a few years ago, but not since. Wish I could order them as a set, but guess I'll have to search and order a few at a time.

FROM: Zach
DATE: Thursday July 18, 2002 -- 10:21:34 am

FROM: Jessie Soto
DATE: Saturday July 20, 2002 -- 3:01:21 am
I found a link to a picture of the bus activity box that came with the books, in the 80's.., also a set for sale ... also browse ebay... I have the whole set including the 4 extra books that were about everyone. I can't find the bus (card box) though.. I am still trying to find that commercial for some of you :)

DATE: Wednesday August 7, 2002 -- 3:35:57 pm
Sweet Pickles is great!!!

DATE: Friday August 16, 2002 -- 3:04:47 pm
I grew up on Sweet Pickles books and I love them. My family used to pick which animal best fit the kids. With a family of eight kids it got to be quite fun. I still have all of my Sweet Pickles books and plan on passing them on to my children. I am sorry though I cannot remeber the tune from the commercial. Sweet Pickles Are Great!

FROM: Robyn
DATE: Tuesday August 20, 2002 -- 11:32:03 pm
I have all but 3 of the alphabet books from when I was a kid and am now trying hard to find them for my 3 youngest children. We had the entire set and a record but 3 were destroyed when my mom loaned them to my aunt. I don't remember the commercial, but I always loved the books. For years I called my sister "Nasty Nightingale".

FROM: Jason K.
DATE: Friday August 30, 2002 -- 1:19:15 am
LoL , I remember sweet pickles I am 25 me and my friend ryan are about the only people that I know that remembers Sweet Pickles. "Smart moms know, how kids minds grow.. sweet pickles.." good memoriesBoston ,Massachusetts here maybe sweet pickles was only an east coast thing?

FROM: Megan
DATE: Sunday September 1, 2002 -- 6:17:39 pm
My sister and I loved the Sweet Pickles books too! We both pretty much learned to read with them! I loved Goof-off Goose and my sister liked Fearless Fish! Ahh, the memories--good times!

FROM: Megan
DATE: Sunday September 1, 2002 -- 6:19:02 pm
I'm in PA, so maybe they were an east coast thing!

FROM: Kristy
DATE: Tuesday September 3, 2002 -- 4:41:14 pm
Oh my gosh! I am always asking my friends if they remember Sweet Pickles & they just think I am so crazy! I always wanted that green bus to come to my house & deliver all that stuff but my mom was too cheap to order it for me. I am so glad to find out that I'm not the only person out there that remembers this!

FROM: momnloveit
DATE: Wednesday September 4, 2002 -- 8:41:36 pm
I lived in Idaho and I remember the commercials! I too, longed for the sp bus to come to my door. I would have been really disappointed if my mom had ordered them and then they only came in the mail. We had a few books. Looks like they have some for sale on book safari.

FROM: Quita
DATE: Monday September 9, 2002 -- 7:13:22 am
My sister had all the sweet pickles stuff including the box but my mother decided my brother needed it. She gave it to him and now their gone. I would love to have all that stuff for my sons. I was always fun to watch my sister. I never saw the commercial but look slike you guys are on the right track.

FROM: Peter
DATE: Tuesday September 10, 2002 -- 3:29:11 pm
I loved that big, goofy old goose, and the jolly, pickle-colored bus! I also love Kellogg's Bigg Mixx Cereal. Does anyone out there remember that?

FROM: Kristy Ann
DATE: Thursday September 12, 2002 -- 5:06:14 pm
i have been trying and trying to get someone to believe me that THERE WAS a big green van of animals that said they would come to your house!!!!! Everyones like, there are just sweet pickle books......but no dammit......there was a big green bus......and as they drove away they waved to that little boy with the brown hair and he said "Thanks Mom" They were animal cards with real animals on the front and with info on the animals on the back.......i felt hosed when they came IN THE MAIL!!!!!!! and not on this green van with the fake animal people......but i still will always remain a fan!!!!!!!

FROM: kym
DATE: Wednesday September 25, 2002 -- 5:17:47 pm
I was just trying found out if i could order the book series for my son, I had the whole collection of the books when was younger. I recently visited Tennessee, where my sons fathers mom has a daycare center and happened to come across one of his sweet pickles books,,,The only thing i can remember about the commercial was "sweet pickles is great"!

FROM: Little
DATE: Thursday October 10, 2002 -- 3:25:01 pm
Hot damn you guys are my salvation. Washington DC checkin in and I've been singing that song since I was a kid. I'm 26 now and it's hard to convince people your not crazy when they haven't heard it. Found this site as I like to collect t-shirts from when I was a kid but I've had no luck with sweet pickles, yet.

"Thanks mom!"

FROM: Crystal
DATE: Saturday October 26, 2002 -- 12:15:15 pm
Well I like other people, aren't going to be rude to you... I came to this spot cause I was looking to see if sweet pickles still existed... but I'm starting to think it doesn't... lol... but yes I definately Remember sweet pickles I used to have one of the buses when I was a kid (like 5 ) and now I have 3 kids and I want one for my kids but I think I'm out of luck... thanks for letting me have my say

FROM: travis
DATE: Tuesday October 29, 2002 -- 1:11:26 pm
i was just trying to convince a co-worker that i wasn't crazy. thanks to google i found this site. i may still be crazy, but i'm not alone.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday October 29, 2002 -- 1:17:59 pm
i may still be crazy, but i'm not alone.

I think that should be the Ping's new tagline.

FROM: travis [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday October 29, 2002 -- 1:23:30 pm
wow! i found an image of the bus!

it takes forever to load though.

FROM: Summer
DATE: Monday November 4, 2002 -- 5:59:49 pm
Omigosh!! I was looking for info on Sweet pickles to make sure I wasn't crazy...Thank goodness other people remember too! I had the box with the cards in it and I loved it. If anyone finds the commercial I would love to see it again.

FROM: jen
DATE: Tuesday November 5, 2002 -- 12:05:37 am
I loved Sweet Pickles too and have only 1 friend who also remembers them. I did manage to keep one of my books but the rest were foolishly messed up as a kid. We just don't realize what we do - coloring in them & stickering them up. I found a couple of spots to buy books separately but none not already listed above. I'm an Indiana girl so you know it goes out to the midwest ay least. My daughters are loving the book I do have so I stumbled on this site looking for more. Cheers to all Sweet Pickle lovers everywhere!

DATE: Tuesday November 5, 2002 -- 2:33:15 pm

DATE: Tuesday November 5, 2002 -- 2:38:24 pm
Hell yeah, I remember them...the books more than the commercials and junk, though. I actually ahd a friend of mine, who's quite talented at this sort of thing, screen-print the cover of one of the books ("Kiss Me, I'm Vulture" brutally ironic, a narcissistic carrion bird) onto a t-shirt for me, and it's become quite the conversation piece. Especially when you consider my penchant for spiked leather cuffs, biker boots, and cursing. The general public evidently isn't ready to take a hybridization of innocence and filth, even in the name of something as simple as fashion. I'm about as mercurial as people get, I adore it.

Come jump the gun beside me; I think I'm finally making sense/ I hate feeling like the future should be in f**king present tense...

From "Malice in Wonderland", Vox 2002

FROM: moe
DATE: Friday November 22, 2002 -- 9:31:35 pm
where can i download the song?

FROM: William L. Hobbs
DATE: Sunday November 24, 2002 -- 9:31:00 pm
My gym coach had posters that reminded me of the illustrations in this book series. I think the Sweet Pickles series could have a restaurant with decorations reflecting the characters. Also, maybe they could appear on General Mills product commercials?

FROM: Tara
DATE: Saturday November 30, 2002 -- 11:06:07 pm
i know what a sweet pickels bus is!!!
i have a tape that has that sweet pickles commerical!!! it has a big duck coming out of the bus and it has a little boy and girl in it!!! i love sweet pickles.

FROM: cecil
DATE: Tuesday December 10, 2002 -- 3:01:52 am
"Smart Moms know/
How kids' minds grow/
(Upon?) Sweet Pickles."

ad ends with some overenthusiastic little girl ehxorting "SEET PICKLES IS GWEAT(sic)!!!"
If there's one thing I know it's that g-d commercial! I have that song in my head on a loop most days...

FROM: Spongebob
DATE: Wednesday December 11, 2002 -- 4:56:03 pm
My cousin brought all her Sweet Pickles books to my Grandmother's when I was little and I used to love reading them when I spent time there in the summer.
Hey remember when kids used to read?
I think I have a couple at home, I kind of wish I had the whole set to give to a new reader! I saw a set on eBay that said they were selling the whole set of 14 - I remember there being at least 20 in the series though.

FROM: derrick
DATE: Sunday December 15, 2002 -- 4:34:15 am
I thought I was the only person who remembered the sweet pickles commercial. Now I know that I was wrong. I don't know the words though. I used to love those books and stuff. Whatever happened to sweet pickles?

FROM: Kirsten
DATE: Wednesday December 18, 2002 -- 12:13:46 pm
I had ALL the sweet pickles books when I was younger, and when my brother was born 12 years later, we read as a family, and each did voices...Positive Pig had a southern accent, and I did her voice. I think my Mom still has all my books, I'm hoping, since I'm expecting in July and would LOVE to have these books for my kids.

DATE: Thursday January 2, 2003 -- 10:32:28 am

DATE: Saturday January 4, 2003 -- 11:26:23 pm
I wish I could find Sweet Pickles for my children. I loved them as a kid. Does anyone know where to find them these days?

FROM: dawn
DATE: Monday January 13, 2003 -- 9:31:28 am
my cousins used to have the sweet pickle books. i used to love them. also, my nephew used to know every character when he was just 1 year old. i am a mother of three and would love to find a set so we could read them as a family. if anyone knows where they could be found please let me know.

FROM: Josh
DATE: Friday January 17, 2003 -- 1:48:36 am
I still have all of my old Sweet Pickles books. I used to read them over and over. It's hard to pick my favorite story but I loved the character descriptions at the beginning and the map in the back. I used to map out the travels of the characters (from house to house, to the gas station, etc). . . And I remember being shocked to find out that Imitating Iguana was a she! Whoah.

FROM: amber
DATE: Monday January 20, 2003 -- 7:57:12 am
Sweet Pickles are the best books for small children. I still have my set that i now read to my 3 year old son. He absolutly loves them. These books are also great learning tools. I would recommend that to try to obtain these books if there are small children in your home. Sweet Pickles ROCK!!!!

FROM: Michael
DATE: Thursday January 23, 2003 -- 12:06:57 pm
HAHAHA. I, Like everyone else here, thought I was the only one who remembered the Sweet pickles. All I remember was that song, and the bus. I thought they were learning videos or something (I am 22, so you work out how old I was when Sweet pickles commercials were on) I'd love to see the books, just to see if they bring back memories, because I don't remember any of those animals. And for anyone who read the "Maybe it's an east coast thing," Well, I am in seattle, my whole life, so you don't get too much more west coast than that.

FROM: Fred
DATE: Monday January 27, 2003 -- 5:37:37 pm
I guess my co-worker is not crazy after all. She kept telling me about this crazy green pickles bus and a stork that delivered books in the bus. She said some kid's line in the commercial was "I love you Sweet Pickles". I am now a believer.

FROM: Mike
DATE: Wednesday February 5, 2003 -- 7:43:56 am
Oneof the co-authors/editors of the Sweet Pickles series has a new project called BookHugs. I think the web site is

FROM: Kendra
DATE: Tuesday February 11, 2003 -- 1:23:30 pm
I didn't have any idea that so many people remembered Sweet Pickles books! How fun! I found some at a yard sale last summer and bought all they had...but they didn't have the one my mom bought for me when I was little--Goose Goofs Off! Now I'm sharing them with my third grade class...they enjoy the pictures of the characters in the front, and they definitely love the map of the town on the back cover!

FROM: Megan
DATE: Tuesday February 11, 2003 -- 3:57:14 pm
I was at a library book sale last weekend and found several Sweet Pickles books. As soon as I saw the cover I started having flash backs to elementary school. I don't remember the commercial and I don't think I had all the books, but after reading through thiese messages I do remember having the bus. So, just checking in and letting y'all know that there are some of these books hanging around Tennessee now and we had them in Idaho where I grew up.

FROM: randy [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday February 11, 2003 -- 5:55:06 pm

everyones fav sweet pickles fotos are on this website

FROM: Kimberley
DATE: Monday February 24, 2003 -- 1:10:49 am
OMG I have been searching for sweet pickles... I had it when I was a child and wanted it for my son.. I think they should bring it back and now like they do for rainbow bright who is now wearing skimpy clothes but the original!

FROM: Barbie Lanning
DATE: Saturday March 1, 2003 -- 12:09:52 am
I feel so much better knowing that I didn't just dream up that Sweet Pickle bus. Thanks for sharing.
Oh yeah. Anybody find a link so I can show my friend Kelly what the commercial was like?

FROM: Name
DATE: Saturday March 1, 2003 -- 7:32:28 pm
"I count on Sweet Pickles, 'cause Sweet Pickles can count on me..."

sounds like the jingle to "i am stuck on band-aids, cause band-aid stick on me...."

FROM: jen
DATE: Monday March 3, 2003 -- 3:32:56 pm
it's amazing that so many people read these books when they were younger! i'm 22 now, and still enjoy them when i come across some old ones that i still have. i live in canada and thought my family was the only one to have those books. none of my friends have heard about them so it's nice to know i'm not the only one.

FROM: wendy
DATE: Thursday March 6, 2003 -- 6:20:56 pm
I never heard of the books, or the commercial, but I had the bus, And I still do! but its not a complete set. I use them with my kids now. I would love it if they started selling them again, they are great!!!
If you know where to find any of the games or cards from the bus let me know PLEASE!

FROM: Caitlin
DATE: Saturday March 8, 2003 -- 2:37:13 pm
oh my god, now cool! i actually still own all of my sweet pickles books. they are awesome! BUT... I used to have the Sweet Pickles Record... you know.. the one where Rabbit cleans up Goose's house for her? I used to listen to it everytime i had to clean my room... and now it's gone. :( does anyone know where you could find one of those?

DATE: Sunday March 9, 2003 -- 2:56:23 am
speaking of sweet pickles.

does anyone remember the brand rainbow pickles. they were candied sweet dill pickles. I can not find them

DATE: Sunday March 9, 2003 -- 2:57:16 am
rainbow pickles. anyone know how to find them

FROM: William L. Hobbs
DATE: Tuesday March 11, 2003 -- 9:28:13 pm
I got the first 5 of my books as hand-me-downs(stuff that older kids were getting rid of) when I was little. I now have the whole set. I think the Sweet Pickles could appear also on other commercials, like for Kellogg's cereals, or for Energizer batteries, etc.

FROM: Muncipal Fervor
DATE: Wednesday March 12, 2003 -- 12:53:33 am
I LOVE SweetPickles! I'm only 16 but I read them all the time when I was little. I know the illustrator Richard Hefter did lots more work. Anyone remember the stickybear spelling computer games? Those were pretty cool.

Sorry I don't remember the sweet pickles commercial. But I do remember the Capital I song from Sesame Street.

FROM: Muncipal Fervor
DATE: Wednesday March 12, 2003 -- 12:58:17 am
We all live in a capital I,
In the middle of the desert,
In the center of the sky.
And all day long we polish up the I,
Too keep it clean and shiny
so it brightens up the sky.

Rubbing it here,
Scrubbing it there.
Polishing the I,
So high in the air.

As we work we sing a lively tune,
"It is great to be so happy on a busy afternoon".
And when we're through with the days only chore,
We go into the I,
And we close the door.

Capital I, Capital I
Capital I, Capital I

The Lowercase n is a good one too.

FROM: Jack
DATE: Thursday March 13, 2003 -- 9:40:43 am
MAN.. I came looking specifically for the mp3 of the song, and stumbled on this thread. Looks like you guys are really close. I gotta tell you my reason for looking for it. So we are at this bar last night, and this female friend of our can't get the toilet to flush and gets embarassed. So someone remarks they she left some pickles in there, and in no time at all I remember Sweet Pickles and she has a new nickname. Now to find the theme song, and it's all a lock.

FROM: William L. Hobbs
DATE: Sunday March 16, 2003 -- 3:39:10 pm
Commercials That Sweet Pickles Characters Could Appear On
(There are 26-one for each character)
1. General Mills Cereals
2. Kellogg's Cereals
3. Energizer batteries
4. Efferdent denture cleaners
5. Goldfish
6. Kool-Aid
7. Manco products
8. Planters products
9. Campbell's Soup
10. Starkist Tuna
11. Vlasic Pickles(certainly)
12. MetLife
13. Pepsi
14. Oreo
15. M&M's
16. Almond Joy/Mounds
17. Kraft Cheese & Macaroni
18. Heinz Ketchup
19. Nestle Nesquik and other Nestle stuff
20. Keebler cookies & crackers
21. Pillsbury products
22. Kraft Mac & Cheese
23. Hershey's products
24. Jello gelatin(J-E-L-L-O)
25. Kodak film
26. Ocean Spray
And lots, lots, more!

FROM: Nicole Murray
DATE: Thursday March 27, 2003 -- 4:31:11 pm
Oh my goodness! I've been asking people all day at work if they've heard of this! Then I found this website!!!! So cool!!!

FROM: Lady Godiva
DATE: Sunday March 30, 2003 -- 12:25:55 am
Woo hoo! Thank you, people. Mom and I have had a joke for years that every time I was really pleased with something she did, I would say "Thanks, mom. Sweet Pickles" in a sing-song voice from the commercial. Yes, she was good enough to get me many packs of sweet pickles and I never saw the green bus either *winks* So getting back to why "woo hoo"...about one in every 100 people I ask around here knows what the heck I am talking about. Good to know I am not completely batty...

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday April 2, 2003 -- 10:18:14 am
It's just way too crazy that so many of us remember Sweet Pickles...was that before subliminial messages were outlawed??? I'm scared...hold me. Thanks mom.

FROM: Monique
DATE: Wednesday April 2, 2003 -- 10:49:24 am
I'm so glad I'm not crazy too! I thought my brother and I were the only ones who knew about Sweet Pickles. And damn it if I wasn't waiting for that VW to come to my house. I'm 21, so I'm trying to get the collection for my 2 year old daughter. Thanks for the links. I'll definitely check em out.
Thanks mom. Sweet Pickles!

FROM: Stephanie
DATE: Wednesday April 23, 2003 -- 12:44:37 pm
I love the sweet pickles box. When I saw that picture I got so excited because I used to play with it all the time! If anyone knows where to find that green bus, let me know!!!!

FROM: Laura
DATE: Thursday May 22, 2003 -- 11:49:26 am
I am 23 and live in Alabama. I remember the commercial reallly well. My dad bought me the whole set and I still have it!

FROM: Nomi
DATE: Thursday May 22, 2003 -- 6:37:29 pm
I loved the commercial and the books! They rocked, are they still around?

DATE: Sunday June 1, 2003 -- 7:47:37 pm

FROM: Jenn
DATE: Tuesday June 3, 2003 -- 5:26:46 am
O.k.. so I was having a conversation with my friends...and I brought up sweet pickles. NO ONE HAD ANY IDEA WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT!!!(clearly I need new cooler friends) But I found this site, and now feel completely justified. thank you for that!

FROM: Amber
DATE: Thursday June 5, 2003 -- 2:43:47 pm
I am so psyched!! It is so weird that hardly anyone you talk to remembers it! It was such a big part of my childhood, I am 24 now, my sister and I would always play the games. I don't remember the commercials, but I do remember the books and the infamous bus! It was such a great thing to look forward to....getting the packages! That's weird the bus came to MY house ;)

FROM: Justin
DATE: Friday June 6, 2003 -- 12:54:30 pm
Wow! I can't believe that so many people actually remember Sweet Pickles. I'm 23, and so many of my friends never heard of it. What brought me here was a desperate search to find at least a pic of the bus. If anyone has more pics, e-mail them to me! Thanks

FROM: Leoness137
DATE: Thursday June 12, 2003 -- 9:39:02 pm
Fond, but also vague memories about the Sweet Pickles bus commercial; I forget how it came up talking to some of my slightly older friends (I'm also 23), but they had NO idea what I was talking about and they turned the discussion into a sexual connotation about "sweet pickles" delivery. I would also love a pic of the bus or the song to prove them I'm not nuts! (no pun intended for the sick-minded).

FROM: Phil
DATE: Tuesday June 17, 2003 -- 9:52:44 am
I just had to convince 2 coworkers that sweet pickles existed the looked at me like i was nuts!! i was doing work then all of a sudden i started to sing "Smart mom's know how kids mids grow upon Sweet Pickles and that catchy tune.. then the kid waving in the back of the bus to his mom thanks mom! as he drives away with the animals.. That bus came to my school and the chicken came out of it and i swear it was possessed he scared the hell out of me i had a Sweet Pickels nightmare for years.. but i still remember..!!!

FROM: Reez
DATE: Wednesday June 18, 2003 -- 2:30:43 pm
Sweet Pickles were fine and we all loved the dumpy goose, but does anyone remember Kellogg's Bigg Mixx Cereal? He was a chicken-wolf-moose-pig from the Yakima Valley!

FROM: Julie Kohl
DATE: Sunday June 22, 2003 -- 4:40:44 pm
Hi! Me(25) and my sister(23) grew up on Sweet Pickles and loved them. We've lost all the books but at some point the green bus became a crayon box and we still have it! It's not in good condition and all the stickers have rubbed off but we love that silly bus!

DATE: Sunday June 29, 2003 -- 7:17:35 pm
I loved the sweetpickles! I had all the books at one time. Now I only have two remeaning. My two year old son loves them so much. I wish I still had them all!!!!!

FROM: Renae
DATE: Monday June 30, 2003 -- 10:16:58 am
I was at a yard sale this past weekend and found 14 of the smaller versions of the Sweet Pickles books (I had the tall version growing up). I too had the bus and all that went with it. My mom got us each a different series of books growing up and I got Sweet Pickles. Absolutely love these books!

One little question though...I remember the original Rabbit story as Rest Rabbit Rest. This weekend I picked up a version with Rabbit on the cover called Wait, Wait, Wait. Anyone know anything about this?

FROM: Michele
DATE: Monday July 7, 2003 -- 12:05:55 am
I remember them...I ordered it and waited for the bus but a UPS guy delivered it instead. I still have it. I thought I was the only one

FROM: Alicia
DATE: Friday July 11, 2003 -- 5:20:59 am
I'm only 20 and I remember Sweet Pickles but too young to remember the commercial. I had the bus as a kid And the books there were 26 a-z books and then 14 special series books. The bus had a bunch of mini games like board games. I wish I still had it for my son but my mom donated it to my pre-school after i left for grammer school, and it can't be just an east coast thing I'm in Cali. If anyone can figure out where to get it (I know e-bay has it a lot of the time) I'd love to know. Thanx.

FROM: Alicia
DATE: Friday July 11, 2003 -- 5:43:12 am
Just thought you would all like to know... The original A-Z Sweet Pickles books were titled:
A -Who Stole Alligator's Shoes?
B - Scaredy Bear
C - Fixed by Camel
D - No Kicks for Dog
E - Elephant Eats the Profits
F - Fish and Flips
G - Goose Goofs Off
H - Hippo Jogs for Health
I - Me Too, Iguana
J - Jackal Wants Everything
K - Who Can Trust You, Kangaroo
L - Lion is Down in the Dumps
M - Moody Moose Buttons
N - Nuts To Nightengale
O - Octopus Protests
P - Pig Thinks Pink
Q - Quail Can't Decide
R - Rest Rabbit Rest
S - Stork Spills The Beans
T - Turtle Throws a Tantrum
U - Happy Birthday Unicorn
V - Kiss Me, I'm Vulture
W - Very Worried Walrus
X - Xerus Won't Allow It
Y - Yakety Yak Yak Yak
Z - Zip Goes Zebra

And the 14 special series books are titled:
A Bad Break
The Grand Prize
The Great Race
Ice Cream Dreams
Quick Munch Lunch
Rainy Day Parade
Robot S.P.3
The Secret Club
Some Friend
Wait! Wait! Wait!
Wet All Over
Wet Paint
What A Mess
What's So Great About Nice?

FROM: D.Stephens
DATE: Monday July 21, 2003 -- 6:04:45 pm
I'm from California, and remeber the whole sweet pickles deal. And I still have over 250 of the stupid polaroid sized animal trading cards that go in the bus. Catergorize by species, and family genome kinda thing. Those were the days.

FROM: Alison
DATE: Tuesday July 22, 2003 -- 9:49:01 am
The theme song! I remember that commercial very well.

It went something like...

Smart Mom's know how kids minds grow upon sweet pickles! At the end of the commercial the kid says "Thanks Mom!" In that standard cheesey child actor voice.

The kid I babysat for was afraid of the sweet pickles bus.

FROM: Jeanine
DATE: Friday July 25, 2003 -- 10:05:19 am
This site is amazing! For years I've been trying to get people to remember this...I learned how to read on these books..when I was only four!'s another good memory test...anyone remember around that same time on TV, a show called "The Magic Garden" or something and it had two ladies with long brown hair sitting on swings singing a song and then they'd open up this treasure chest..and there was a squirrel named "Sherlock" that lived in the tree, he was a puppet. There was a catchy tune in the beginning of that show...and the two ladies played the guitar while they sang it. Can anyone help me with this????? Thanks!!

FROM: Lisa
DATE: Thursday August 28, 2003 -- 3:52:19 pm
I definitely remember "The Magic Garden." Check out

DATE: Friday September 5, 2003 -- 8:20:26 pm
I am so glad that there are other people in the world that know what I am talking about. I have been searching for the set for my kids. Has anyone had any luck? I am also trying to remember another box set of cards. They were all about animals with their photo and information on them. They came in a storage box and would have been bought in the early 80's. If anyone has any ideas what they might be called please help. I would love them for the classroom.

FROM: Rachel and Matt
DATE: Friday September 12, 2003 -- 12:22:01 am
My brother(23) and I(27) were sitting here talking about sweet pickles (I know we are dorks) and I thought I would look for any info on them...I'm gald we aren't the only ones that remember them. Does anyone rememebr the story about Nasty Nightangale.....she cares too...about pizza!!

FROM: Brooke
DATE: Thursday September 25, 2003 -- 10:16:48 pm
"Sweet Pickles are Great"! I love sweet pickles but no one that I know has ever heard of them. I grew up in the East Coast and am now on the West Coast. Is it an East Coast thing????

FROM: gina
DATE: Tuesday October 7, 2003 -- 4:06:40 pm
OMG I remeber sweet pickles, I had this flash of a memory of this bird waving out the back of a bus. I wish I could get that pic. I also remember somehting about cards, but I was 3 when I had this memory, and I begged my mom to get me the cards so the bus would come. you guys helped me recatch my memory. I knew I wasnt crazy. anyone rememer the Hugga Bunch Movie, with the girl who was trying to take this witches young berries to save her grandma, and there was a book worm and stuff. LOL this is cool! I love recaping my childhood.

DATE: Monday October 13, 2003 -- 12:02:39 am
I, like so many others remember Sweet Pickles in great detail even though I was really young when got the cards in the mail and had the bus, I don't remember the books. No one I know had ever heard of them either!

DATE: Friday October 17, 2003 -- 3:39:31 pm
Anyone know where I can get the mp3 of that song please?

DATE: Tuesday October 21, 2003 -- 5:24:07 pm
Does anyone remember a Sweet Pickles playhouse? I got a cardboard playhouse in the mail when I was about three or four, and when I asked my mother about it years later, she said it was a Sweet Pickles playhouse. I remember reading the books, but I can't find out anything about a playhouse. Anybody remember it?

FROM: Pitt
DATE: Wednesday October 22, 2003 -- 9:35:15 am
Someone please for the love of god tell me how the song goes! I just keep running the end of the commercial in my head ... "sweet picklllleeessss"

FROM: Jamie
DATE: Sunday October 26, 2003 -- 1:37:26 am
Thank You !!!!!

FROM: Jessica
DATE: Saturday November 1, 2003 -- 11:55:44 pm
My mom purchased all of these books for myself (now 26), my sister (24), and my brother (23) when we were younger. We absolutely loved them! I even dressed up as Zany Zebra for halloween once. If anyone knows of a website where we can find more pictures of the characters and their alliterative names, please let me know. Also, for the person who keeps mentioning Bigg Mixx cereal, I definitely remember it. I rember eating it every single day for 2 years until we were sick of it. For awhile, they had these prizes that looked like caution tape that read: "Chicken-wolf-moose-pig crossing," or something clever like that. Awesome...

FROM: Chrissy
DATE: Saturday December 6, 2003 -- 9:23:12 pm
I am so happy that there are others out there who have a thing for sweet pickles. I am 27 now, and I remember the sweet pickles commercial like it was yesterday. My parents got them for me, but I remember being really disappointed when the green VW bus didn't come to my house to bring me MY sweet pickles supplies.

FROM: Bill
DATE: Monday December 22, 2003 -- 7:02:50 pm
In 1999 I had a strange dream one night- I saw Sweet Pickles books in a cardboard display bin at The Big Party!, which was a party goods store in my area that is no longer in business.

FROM: Will
DATE: Monday December 22, 2003 -- 8:11:29 pm
Hello! Check out this, "Sweet Pickles ABC." Do any of you recognize the real version of this poem? If so, please post a reply. Enjoy!
Sweet Pickles ABC
Big A, little a.
What begins with A?
Accussing Alligator, A...a...A.
Big B, little b.
What begins with B?
Bashful Bear is too scared to try anything.
Big C, little c.
What begins with C?
Clever Camel can fix anything
Big D, little d.
Doubtful Dog doubts he can do anything well
because his self-esteem is so low.
Enormous Elephant eats the profits
Big F, little f.
Fearless Fish is the town daredevil
riding with her SCOBA helmet.
Goof-Off Goose will do it tomorrow
Big H, little h.
Healthy Hippo always has the latest answer for keeping fit. Hooray! Hooray!
Big I, little i.
Imitating Iguana is a "Me Too." So am I.
Big J, little j.
What begins with J?
Jealous Jackal wants everything and chaos begins that way.
Big K, little k.
Kidding Kangaroo
can't be trusted
because he doesn't know when to stop joking.
Big L, little l.
Loving Lion
wants to love everybody all the time.
Big M, little m.
Moody Moose
cannot predict what mood he'll be in
so he wears those sweet and sour buttons.
Big N, little n.
What begins with those?
Nasty Nightingale
shouting, "Nyaah!"
up your nose.
O is very useful.
You use it when you say,
"Outraged Octopus wasn't afraid of saying no today."
Positive Pig always things
that everything will go right.
Even when things are going wrong.
And she always thinks yes.
Big q, little q.
What begins with Q?
The Questioning Quail
who just can't make up her mind.
Big R, little r.
Responsible Rabbit.
He is just so busy
he never has time to relax.
Big S, little s.
Smarty Stork
spills the beans
about where babies come from.
What begins with T?
Temper Tantrum Turtle
who will kick and yell and scream.
Big U, little u.
What begins with U?
Unique Unicorn may be the oldest in town, but she's not too old for fun.
Big V, little v.
Vain Vulture
just thinks he looks very, very much better than all the rest.
Worried Walrus
worries quite a lot
especially about riding a bike.
X is very useful
on the X-rating Xerus.
It also comes in handy
to show that she has to follow the rules and not just us.
Big Y, little y.
Yakety Yak Yak Yak.
Yak just talks and talks
and he never listens back.
Big Z, little z.
What begins with Z?
I do.
I am the Zany Zebra,
as you can plainly see.

FROM: Bill
DATE: Wednesday December 24, 2003 -- 12:00:34 pm
It was a good thing I got all 26 Sweet Pickles books just in time for the beginning of Season 34 of Sesame Street. The show had only 26 episodes this season-each one brought to you by a different letter of the alphabet. Just like Sweet Pickles! 26 episodes for 26 letters of the alphabet!

FROM: Bill
DATE: Wednesday December 24, 2003 -- 12:10:50 pm
Maybe there could be a book entitled, "The Complete Sweet Pickles A-Z Stories." It would have a table of contents similar to that in "The Sesame Street ABC Storybook". The letter could appear above each title, and the endpapers could be similar to those in the individual titles. The front cover could have a picture of a stack of alphabet cookies, with Enormous Elephant saying, "Oh boy, that letter E looks very edible." or something. And the back cover could say, "The residents of Sweet Pickles have put together a book of 26 delightful stories in which each animal gets into a pickle because of an all too human personality trait. Each story represents a different letter, and is about a different animal." or something like that. It would be quite a big book, I guess.

FROM: Isaiah
DATE: Sunday December 28, 2003 -- 1:09:11 am
I miss sweet pickles..:( I am 21 and I have a child I was searching the internet for their program and books and came across this site.. anyone have their program please e-mail me..

FROM: mahrya
DATE: Tuesday January 6, 2004 -- 1:29:15 pm
i am looking for the set for my boyfriend his mother never bought it for him when he was a kid and i have been looking everywhere for the last 5 months so i could have it by his birthday... but if i don't find it in the next month i won't get the good girlfriend award... so if anyone can help me out i would love it...

FROM: Christine
DATE: Sunday February 29, 2004 -- 7:39:22 am
I remember the sweet pickles commercials. I was telling my husband and friend about it recently and they thought I was crazy. My brother-in-law remembered the tune:
"Smart moms know how kids' minds grow, upons Sweet pickles......"

FROM: Jenn
DATE: Monday March 29, 2004 -- 9:24:44 pm
Thank you. I have had the song in my head for years (just the end "sweet pickle"), no one believed me. Now, siting this website as proof, my friend thinks we were all abducted as children and forced to watch alien comercials. But you believe me. I can finally sleep at night.

FROM: sham3078
DATE: Sunday April 4, 2004 -- 8:20:47 pm
oh my god i remember the sweetpickle bus...... i thought the little girl said "thank-you Mr sweetpickle//// I guess it was thanks mom... I am in Louisiana,, so it is definitely not a east cost thang...... but i can not find nothing by 3 people who remember

FROM: cara
DATE: Tuesday April 20, 2004 -- 10:54:17 pm
Ahhh I'm so excited so many people remember sweet pickles...I used to want the green bus sooo bad but my mom wouldn't get it for me. Didn't it come with cards that described random animals like the duck-billed platypus or was that some other card set? Also, the huggabunch movie was my favorite movie during my childhood, i used to watch it over and over again, they used to jump through the mirror i looooved it!

DATE: Friday April 23, 2004 -- 6:13:38 am
i wonder if they really came to your house i seen it along time ago on nickelodeon lets start a bussiness bring back the pickel bus

FROM: smartalex88
DATE: Tuesday April 27, 2004 -- 4:40:55 am
I am glad that there are soooooooooo many people that remember sweet pickles!!! I never owned the books and I don't remember the song but my sister and I had the game!! Did anyone else? You would play and do various things to earn little green cardboard pickles and the sweet pickles characters were all around the board each saying something different in a cartoon bubble. my sister and I used to pretend we were eating the pickles or pretend we were the characters. I know totally dorky but hey, we were young. I wish I knew what happened to that game! My daughters (6 and 8) would LOVE it! I also had a super pickle (unrelated to sweet pickles) stuffed doll. Anyone remember him?

FROM: David
DATE: Friday April 30, 2004 -- 12:59:22 pm
This is the best! Like many of you I remember the commericals and was telling my wife about them and she didn't believe me. However, we did incorporate the phrase 'Sweet Pickles" into our vocabulary and it now means anything that is 'EXCELLENT' (as in "I think it's excellent") or 'GREAT' (since "Sweet Pickles is great"). Now I have proof that I am not delusional, or at least that many share my delusions.

FROM: Elizabeth
DATE: Saturday May 22, 2004 -- 3:39:43 pm
I remeber it also, in fact I found this page by searching for sweet pickles for my children. my brother had it when we were younger.

FROM: Lindsey
DATE: Monday June 14, 2004 -- 1:41:09 am
Does anyone remember "The polka dot door"?

FROM: Amanda [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday June 22, 2004 -- 8:45:32 pm
The books are out of print but used bookstores carry them sometimes - I can't get the original poster's link to load... (Our store,, has quite a few, but no whole sets). Otherwise, you might try,,, or Ah, the memories of early reading: Fraggle Rock, Muppet Babies, Sweet Pickles...

FROM: Carly
DATE: Wednesday July 7, 2004 -- 6:40:38 pm
Hi all.. Another sweet pickles fan here!! I spent all evening last night trying to convince my husband I am not crazy as well... here's my proof.... AND look what I just found.. check fast for a look before the ebay sale is up!!!

FROM: Eddie Rouse
DATE: Saturday July 17, 2004 -- 4:11:21 am
Oh my gosh! I have been searching for other Sweet Pickle heads my whole life! Finally, my journey in life is complete........BUT.....

DATE: Saturday July 17, 2004 -- 4:14:09 am

FROM: Lisa
DATE: Friday August 6, 2004 -- 1:26:03 am
Okay so I see that everyone remembers Sweet Pickles...but...does anyone know anything about the "when you gonna eat dat piiiiiickle" commercial? I have twin nieces and their dad says that to them all the time...would like to find it!!! please. thanks

FROM: Vanessa
DATE: Thursday August 12, 2004 -- 10:25:48 am
Finally, I found people who know what I'm talking about....I feel soooo much better knowing I didn't just dream the Sweet Pickle Bus up! (although I did have a very active imagination as a kid). Now, one more thing....DOES ANYONE REMEMBER GARY GNU? I think from the show "The Great Space Coaster" (?), but I'm not sure.....I just remember a Gnu dressed up as a news anchor, and he said "No news is good gnus, unless it's Gary Gnu's!"
Please let me know if you remember this too......

FROM: josh
DATE: Sunday August 15, 2004 -- 4:47:08 pm
I remember sweet pickles! i didnt think this many people did though. theres somthing strange about how many people are obsesed with them, i been trying to figure out what the hell that little green bus lunch box with all the cards in it was when i was a kid, but i didnt know the name. im gonna find that commercial if its the last thing i do.

FROM: lookie
DATE: Wednesday August 18, 2004 -- 2:17:07 pm
I remeber the sweet pickles bus commercial, not the song thou did anyone ever actually see that damn bus I always waited for them to come to my home I am still bitter good marketing gimmick though

FROM: mike
DATE: Sunday August 29, 2004 -- 1:41:10 pm
One of these days, some savior will post an mp3 of the Sweet Pickles theme song here.

We shall all rejoice and praise them.

"I think it's excellent" (child's voice).

"Call now and we'll send the Sweet Pickles Bus to your door."

Thanks to all on this Ping for helping me remember the lyrics to the theme.

DATE: Monday August 30, 2004 -- 12:53:08 pm
Absolutely amazing. "Sweet Pickles" just popped into my head today, and the itch had to be scratched. I remembered owning some of the books so very long ago. Then I found this page, and went to and looked at some of the covers. Wow, what a flood of memories. "Fixed by Camel", probably my favorite, think that had anything to do with me becoming an engineer?

FROM: artfinn
DATE: Wednesday September 8, 2004 -- 11:05:10 am
wow- i can't believe how many people have been interested in this subject over the last few years. i had forgotten about the commercial though now i remember it thanks to you all (i wasn't allowed to watch much tv before age 5-10). i did have the books, cards and all though. darn mom and her garage sales and giving stuff to the "less fortunate" now that i'm 25 and ready to start a family soon i've been trying to put back together some of my favorite childhood books and classic toys. i've been finding lots of sweet pickle books used online, but, damn it, i want that plastic bus and all. guess i'll just have to wait and hope that i does get republished. i'm also collecting the Serendipity series by Stephen Cosgrove. I was overjoyed to discover that Harold and the Purple Crayon has been reprinted- got it! now, if disney, who now owns the muppets (how sad) would just see fit to release all the Fraggle Rock shows on dvd (and the books too) life would be awesome.

FROM: Allison
DATE: Wednesday September 22, 2004 -- 11:41:19 pm
The Sweet Pickles commercial is something I also thought I imagined and no one else I knew remembered. Also from that time period was a cartoon called Belle and Sebastian, which no one else but my brother seems to remember. I had one Sweet Pickles book and always wanted the bus. The commercial reminds me of a time long lost.

FROM: Jane
DATE: Wednesday October 6, 2004 -- 7:20:39 pm
My favorite pickles were the Rainbow brand pickles. For some crazy reason, I cannot find them anymore. All of the stores that had them no longer do. I cannot seem to find any other pickle worth buying. My family only eat the dill.
P. S. I hope that someone can help me find them again.

FROM: Jarrod
DATE: Tuesday November 2, 2004 -- 11:49:33 am
Weren't the records square?

FROM: Heather
DATE: Tuesday November 2, 2004 -- 12:15:44 pm
Allison, I totally remember Belle & Sebastian (the cartoon, not the band). When my husband wanted to name our daughter Belle, I told him I refused to name our child after a dog.
He had no idea what I was talking about. I felt so alone.

FROM: Marjorie
DATE: Sunday December 5, 2004 -- 1:06:19 am
I'm right with you guys. Every time I talk about the Sweet Pickles Bus or Belle and Sebastian, I get funny looks.

FROM: Lauren
DATE: Friday December 17, 2004 -- 10:07:10 pm
wow i'm so glad i found this messageboard! on a whim, i began googling for maple town, a cartoon on nickelodeon in the 80s and then i remembered sweet pickles! like lots of other people on the board, NO ONE i talk to remembered sweet pickles. I never had the bus, but i wanted it so freaking bad! if anyone finds anymore links about sweet pickles, they ought to post them!

FROM: Bill
DATE: Monday December 20, 2004 -- 7:38:13 pm
I have looked at the map on the back endpapers of those books. How come there is no cemetery in the town of Sweet Pickles?

FROM: Jennifer
DATE: Wednesday December 22, 2004 -- 8:56:03 pm
I just thought about the sweet pickle bus Monday at work. Everyone, including my sister who used to watch the commercial with me, thinks I made it up. Thanks to this website I am going to print this out and prove them that I am not CRAZY!!!

FROM: John
DATE: Thursday December 30, 2004 -- 9:24:14 am
I remember it vividly. "Sweet Pickles is Great!" (pronounced GWATE) I've been waiting for that bus ever since... sob.

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:57:42 pm

FROM: Adana
DATE: Monday January 31, 2005 -- 6:51:15 pm
This Ping is Great...
Last week "Sweet-Pickles" popped into my head. Found this site and thought I would share ...
When we were kids we had the Sweet-Pickles-Board-Game, where you went around and collected Pickles. You spun a Pickle which indicated how many moves forward you could take, if you landed on a pickle, you added one to your basket!

FROM: Michael
DATE: Friday February 18, 2005 -- 12:02:02 pm
THis site just made my F$ckin day! Smart moms know how kids minds grow, upon sweet pickles! just great...grrrrrrrrr8

DATE: Sunday March 6, 2005 -- 8:25:30 pm
Does anyone remember the animal "trading" cards from Sweet Pickles? I believe they went in a green box (might be the bus I keep reading about). If so, know where I can get them? Thanks.

FROM: joy
DATE: Friday April 15, 2005 -- 10:02:17 am
I love sweet pickles to. I started realizing how much of an effect these books had over my life years ago. Now we are getting older and we see children who need the type of direction that sweet pickles provided, also i think parents who gave there children these books showed support in a way that they could never imagine. The way sweet pickles has touched a whole generation is wonderful and it only adds to my belief that moralistic views are learned behavior. I'm a special educator now and i try to teach the children i come in contact with in a sweet pickles type of way.
i am also a writer and i hope that my childrens books one day touch a generation the way sweet pickles have touched all of us and so many more. im pleased to know im not the only one touched in such a way. Much success in all your endevours.

FROM: Andrea
DATE: Friday April 15, 2005 -- 6:58:49 pm
Hello. I have a few Sweet Pickles children's belts from 1981. Each with a different painted enamel character on them on different colored fabric belts. They are new in there boxes. These are truly a rare collector's item. If you are interested please contact me. Thanks.

FROM: Alex Slater [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday April 28, 2005 -- 6:54:26 pm
I remember Gary Gnu! "No GNews is good Gnews with Gary Gnu. It was on the Great Space Coaster right after Hatchy Malachy, where the chick painted a picture with a magic paint brush!

FROM: Zach Selwyn [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday May 1, 2005 -- 4:38:46 am
Oh my God - Thank you ALL for remembering the genius of Sweet Pickles - DOES ANYBODY HAVE A COPY OF THE THEME SONG? my band will cover it... Immediately.

FROM: Timothy
DATE: Sunday May 1, 2005 -- 6:44:28 pm
Hello to everyone... that Sweet Pickles song has stayed with me for years.... It's nice to know that there are other people who appreciated it as much I did. I'm 32 years old, and I'll never stop singing it.

DATE: Saturday May 7, 2005 -- 6:50:45 am
I *still* have my Sweet Pickles van (the green box that the cards came in). Alas, the cards that came in it were lost many years ago.
I do remember the animal cards that came with it, I think. They were photos, not cartoons, of animals. I definitely remember the platypus one. That platypus card must have been a freebie, trying to get smart moms to order some other series put out by Weekly Reader.
By the way, I was born in 1983 on the East Coast.

FROM: Anne
DATE: Monday May 23, 2005 -- 1:59:56 pm
OMG...I totally remember Sweet Pickles AND Belle and Sebastian! I am in Texas, so it's definitely out everywhere. I'm in the same boat one else remembers but me! I was born in 1979, too, so it seems like we're all about the same age. Does anyone remember "Cities of Gold"?! I loved that show, along with Belle and Sebastian and The Little Prince. Ahhh, the good old days. :-)

FROM: Alissa
DATE: Thursday May 26, 2005 -- 7:15:07 pm
I used to LOVE sweet pickles and I even had that bus...unfortunatly I no longer have that bus because of a nasty divorce when I was young, but I have been trying to track down that stupid peanut butter ball recipe ever since...does ANYONE know what I am talking about, or if you have it, could you send it along to me??? Thanks so much!

FROM: McKenzie
DATE: Saturday May 28, 2005 -- 1:21:25 am
I loved Sweet Pickles as a kid! Unfortunately, all of my books and cards are long gone, but I do still have the activity card with the recipe for "Jackal's Cheese Crunchies". If anyone wants it, contact me and I will send it via email. Haven't made them in a long time, but I remember they were "gweat!"

FROM: William Ward
DATE: Tuesday June 7, 2005 -- 12:43:04 pm
I'm teaching a class today in Richmond Va, and the quote "Sweet Pickels is great!", pop up duing the class. I said this and only one person even knew what I was talking about!
Oh well, I will keep looking for the song and movie.

FROM: Angela
DATE: Wednesday June 8, 2005 -- 12:23:28 am
I have been searching for YEARS for the Sweet Pickles records. If ANYONE knows where to find one PLEASE post or email me. I have had the Jealous Jackal song in my head for years and am dying to hear it again. It goes something like "Behind my back htey call me jealous jackal, and oooooh, it makes me pretty sore!!" Thats all I remember. This is so exciting.

FROM: Katie
DATE: Tuesday June 14, 2005 -- 5:03:06 pm
Love Sweet Pickles! So glad I found this web site to help fill in the memories. My sister (23) and I (26) totally had the van and the books, but now can't remember where they are. And I think it was an all-over thing, because I grew up in Oklahoma.

FROM: rashawn
DATE: Friday June 17, 2005 -- 6:19:00 am
I had the sweet pickles bus when i was about 5 years old.I tried to get anyone to remember and no one could so im glad i found this sight.

FROM: Lindsey
DATE: Thursday June 23, 2005 -- 10:37:20 pm
haha, wow. I went looking through my books and found one, quail can't decide. I used to have the bus and all of the books, LOVED THEM. I was looking through this one, I loved to read all the little quotations from the characters in the front of the book and create stories between them. I used to spend hours playing with the little map in the back of the books, I'd pick a car and have it drive all around town, making up little stories. oh the memories :)

FROM: jessie
DATE: Monday June 27, 2005 -- 7:08:52 pm
my husband and i were talking the other night about old children's books that we used to read, nd for some reason i couldn't remember sweet pickles for the life of me until a little while ago.......i could remember the first thing you see when you open the books were the whole gang of characters, which i loved. then looking on e-bay for the books and seeing the covers again reminded me so much of my childhood. i love sweet pickles.

FROM: Stacee
DATE: Thursday July 14, 2005 -- 2:44:14 am
Does anyone remember the tapes??? They had songs on them something like...sweet pickles are...sweet pickles are....sweet pickles are here... ???They were stories and songs on the tapes?? I loved them but have yet to find anyone who has heard of them:(

FROM: melissa
DATE: Friday July 15, 2005 -- 7:56:53 pm
Although I'm too young to remember the commercials, I do remeber the green bus. I had one and was hoping to get one for my son, from what i understand they went out of print in like 1991...too bad I loved my Sweet Pickles

FROM: Lynne
DATE: Wednesday July 20, 2005 -- 12:27:42 pm
During the 80's when my daughter was young I subscribed to the Sweet Pickle Bus "program". There was a bus to store the many things I purchased over the years, including small board games, short stories, learning games, songs, puzzles, recipes, etc. She really enjoyed the materials as there were many things we could do together, and still remembers them fondly. We, too, have wondered over the years what happened to the program. It certainly has disappeared.

FROM: vincent
DATE: Sunday July 24, 2005 -- 7:32:27 pm
sweet pickles letter V = Vain Vulture

FROM: Bonnie Fortner
DATE: Tuesday August 2, 2005 -- 8:21:38 pm
I used to read the Sweet Pickles books to my kids when they were little (they are now 24 & 26). Does anyone know where I can find the one called "Wait, Wait, Wait" - at least I think that was the name of it? It's purpose was to teach kids not to be impatient, etc.

Any help would be appreciated. I want to find the books for my future grandchildred!

FROM: Laresa
DATE: Friday August 12, 2005 -- 4:47:44 am
The wait wait wait book is listed on Amazon. I loved those books too and am trying to find them.

DATE: Monday August 15, 2005 -- 2:12:25 pm
There's actually a recipe in that little green bus that I used for a Free Enterprise class in Jr. High called "Peanut Butter Balls". It featured either a lion or a bear on the card. The recipe as I can only recall had peanut butter, honey, dry milk, and dry oatmeal. So this did indeed exist and if I ever find the bus, I'll upload a pic of the cards and such. I also remember little plastic flimsy records with sweet pickle songs that came with the package. They actually played on record players. I thought that was the coolest thing when I was little.

FROM: Andrea
DATE: Wednesday August 24, 2005 -- 8:06:57 pm
This is all too funny. We were talking about VW vans today at work and the subject of Sweet Pickles came up. A co-worker of mine swore they exsisted and we all thought he was nuts, so I decided to do some searching and found all of you who want to prove to people you're not crazy too! This is so funny I must print these pages for him, he will feel so much better because we made alot of fun of him about this. He also talked about a slim goodbody, or something like that. We think he had to have made this up. Does anyone know who this slim is?

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday August 25, 2005 -- 12:15:03 am
Slim Goodbody? Of course (scroll to Dec. 13)!

DATE: Sunday August 28, 2005 -- 11:30:03 pm
Thanks for the sweet pickles info
all I needed was the the tile and the books they're being sold on amazon, thank you .:)

Fearless Fish was my hero as a kid.
A fish that wheres a water tank so he can ride a motorcycle on land thats all I remembered :)

FROM: Teresa T
DATE: Tuesday September 13, 2005 -- 12:55:46 pm
I was doing a search on the sweet pickle bus, and this site came up. I just remembered "sweet pickles" the other day, but my co-workers thought I was half nuts so I had to find proof sweet pickles did exist at one point. :-)

FROM: Thomas of Baltimore
DATE: Monday September 19, 2005 -- 2:31:13 am
I am so glad that someone else on this list understands why I spent more time engrossed in the he map on the inside cover of these books than in the actual stories. I am a huge fan of maps and the Sweet Pickles's Gang map is iconic for me.

FROM: Stacey
DATE: Monday September 19, 2005 -- 11:02:06 am
fearless fish was awesome! i'm so glad i found this site, i've only met one other person that i know of who knows what sweet pickles is. now here's the real question, has anyone ever heard of zoom the white dolphin? it's a french cartoon film about these kids and their uncle who live on an island and are friends with a white dolphin named zoom, a sloth, and a minah bird.... i found it on vhs so i know i didn't make it up, but anyone? anyone?

FROM: Brian
DATE: Sunday October 2, 2005 -- 10:22:34 pm
Sweet Pickles! With the square records! Unique Unicorn and Vain Vulture! Ahhh the memories!

DATE: Thursday October 6, 2005 -- 7:18:12 pm
I had the whole set when I was young (28 now). I was hoping to find the theme song so I could put it on my voicemail. I remember THE GREAT SPACE COASTER too. I actually bought a vhs tape a couple years ago on ebay with a few episodes. Do not watch while tripping!

FROM: reese [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday October 12, 2005 -- 9:47:49 pm
Oohhhh I have the song in my head! In fact, I found your site when trying to find out more info on sweet pickles. I feel like singing it into the mic and sending you the file. ha ha.

it goes,
"sweet pickles"
(chorus repeats, "sweet pickles!")
"sweet pickles"
(chorus repeats, "sweet pickles!")

rinse, and repeat. :D

FROM: greg nice
DATE: Wednesday October 19, 2005 -- 6:18:49 pm
i'm 23 years old and i remember the sweet pickles commercial and the vw van. every time i see one of those vans, i remember that commercial...i think i still got a box of cards from them too...i don't remember the characters's great to remember the old days...DETHRONE SPONGEBOB!!!

FROM: Cynthia
DATE: Monday October 24, 2005 -- 4:40:07 pm
Did the guy that made Sweet Pickles also make a kid's magazine called "Wow!" in the 80's? It seems like it's the same animation. It's main character was a rabbit who skate boarded. It was a magazine that came on card stock type paper and had cut outs and other activities in it. PLEASE tell me someone else remembers it. I can't find it anywhere on the net.

FROM: Jessica
DATE: Tuesday November 8, 2005 -- 10:20:42 pm
I had all of the sweet pickles books and cards. Do you remember the box caame with stickers to construct the bus. The commercial had the weird girl putting stickers on her self....

FROM: Dude
DATE: Wednesday November 9, 2005 -- 2:50:26 pm
I think you are all having flashbacks to when mommy told you to ask daddy for a "sweet pickle."

FROM: Daniel\'
DATE: Thursday November 10, 2005 -- 9:34:36 pm
My husband and I were talking about vans and the sweet pickles van came up, he had never heard of them!!! can you believe? I then proceeded to tell him about when I was in college, many friends and I would drive around in a van that we had dubbed the sweet pickles van!!! I love them, and am glad that there are others out there.

FROM: kevin mcginty
DATE: Thursday November 17, 2005 -- 6:03:28 pm
i remember them, made a little song to make fun of my little brother and how crappy his first car would be when we grow up.......

sweet pickles, jalopy
not lotus or ferrari.

kinda stupid now but funny when i was little.
ps, i had a set in the green box as a kid

FROM: Steve A.
DATE: Thursday November 17, 2005 -- 9:13:03 pm

This is strange. Between VH-1 I Love the 80s and you guys, I'm learning more and more about what I missed in a total of nine years living in Europe.

To you guys it's all memories and nostalgia, to me, it's missing pieces.

What can I say but thanks!

FROM: Greg Casiglia
DATE: Friday December 2, 2005 -- 12:56:17 am
I loved The Great Space Coaster! It ran as a syndicated daytime childrens t.v. show from 1981 to 1986.Please sign the bring back the great space coaster petition @ because it already has 1,873 Signatures! Does anyone remember Fran, The Beautiful 16 Year Old Brunette/Guitar Player/Singer/Female Lead of the show? Does anyone remember the practical jokes she used to play on Puppet Goriddle Gorilla? Like making him into a fake Scarecrow in Edison Elephant's Corn Garden, taking all of his bananas away from him, tickling him on the tummy, and hitting a bell on a table to distract him while he was doing a talk show? Frannie was played by The Very Pretty Singer Emily Bindiger.She used to wear a gold ring on her ring finger when she was tickling Goriddle.This popular 1980's childrens t.v. show won many emmy's and peabody awards.It also had Gary Gnu and The No Gnus Is Good Gnus Show.

FROM: impressed
DATE: Thursday December 15, 2005 -- 9:29:52 am
Wow, crazy to see this thread has been going for 4 years now, and that so many people have similar stories as to having found it. I also just spontaneously remembering these commercials and pieces of the theme song...the "Thanks Mom" and then the chorus of "Sweet Pickles....." at the end were all I could recollect. Odd that it's still difficult to track down the song/commercial, I can't seem to either.

There is an excellent archive of 80's tv commercials at that has a ton I remembered(my favorite are the Empire Strikes Back toys and the GI Joe Bridge Layer, which I actually had as a kid).

I also remember Gary Gnu but don't recall any of that other stuff about that Space Coaster show.

FROM: Greg Casiglia
DATE: Saturday December 17, 2005 -- 9:27:49 pm
What do you remember about Frannie, the very pretty 16 year old female lead who played the guitar in the great space coaster band? She was played by the very attractive Acapella Singer/Actress, Emily Bindiger.Do you remember the time Goriddle Gorilla was doing a talk show at The Coasterville Ampitheater and Frannie kept hitting a bell as a practical joke on a table right there to distract him? Goriddle said, "Don' ring the bell, Frannie!" But she kept on doing it before he could finish any sentences! Do you remember the anit-gravity day episode of TGSC? Do you remember when Frannie found Puppet Goriddle Gorilla on top of The Coasterville Ampitheater pretending to be King Kong? Please sign the bring back the great space coaster petition @ because it already has 1,886 signatures! Do you remember when Gary Gnu met female guest star, Actress "Mary" Kathleen Turner? She said, "Gary Gnu, you need a shampoo! " Do you remember when Gary Gnu and Goriddle Gorilla met Linda Gray of Dallas as a guest star on The No Gnus Is Good Gnus Show? Happy holidays to both you and your family! Please write me back soon. Thank you very much for your time in answering my post.

Greg Casiglia

FROM: gfnhgfnxfgndxf [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday December 19, 2005 -- 11:31:57 am

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DATE: Monday December 19, 2005 -- 11:37:49 am

FROM: wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday December 19, 2005 -- 11:42:24 am
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FROM: Thweet Picklth is GREAT!
DATE: Thursday December 22, 2005 -- 5:18:34 pm
Definitely unbelievable that this thread has lasted 4 years. But for, real, there is absolutely nothing on the Sweet Pickles gig on the Web. I attest to witnessing the commercials on TV when I was a kid. I always thought it was sort of akin to the "SPECIAL" bus pulling up to your house. I never got any Sweet Pickles products, but it seemed like something for kids with learning disabilities, no? A deck of phonics cards here, a math game there? The thing is, there is no way that a giant rabbit or duck or whatever was gonna drive up to your house in a green bus and deliver this shit, so what's up with making these visual promises to [mentally challenged] kids?

FROM: Carol
DATE: Wednesday January 4, 2006 -- 11:59:20 am
I loved Sweet Pickles when I was little. My favorite characters was "Zany Zebra" and "Goof off Goose". As a matter of fact, I just found out that I am going to have a baby, so I am looking to re-collect some sweet pickles books. I know s/he will ove them as much as I did!

FROM: Debbie
DATE: Sunday January 15, 2006 -- 12:07:16 am
I remember the commercial like yesterday. My husband and I were just talking about it in the car. He thinks I'm nuts. I never got the books, but I remember feeling like the kid in the window. Bored, waiting for something cool to happen. That bus never came for me. Now I'm all messed up.

FROM: jenn
DATE: Thursday February 9, 2006 -- 4:34:04 pm
OMG I cannot believe I found this. Sweet pickle is my greatest memory. Everyone always thinks I am nuts but i knew better, HAHA. I think it is so great that this many people were touched by the silliest thing. I am 26 years old from Alabama, and i have a 1 year old son. I would love for him to have the same memory i do. Thanks for the memory playback!!!!!

DATE: Monday February 13, 2006 -- 1:23:42 pm

"I think it's Exxxxxxxxxxxcellent! Sweet Pickles is GWEAT!"

We used to make fun of the kid in that commercial constantly. LOL!

PS: What's with all the 21-year olds that have kids? One of the ones here
had a 2-year old kid? Damn! Times have sure changed.

DATE: Monday February 13, 2006 -- 3:12:58 pm
I'm not so sure about this one, smells fishy. This is how the "My Buddy" theme song (that stupid, oversized male doll for boys) went. See chorus below, but substitute "My Buddy" for "Sweet Pickles". Then it was followed by, "My buddy and me like to climb up a tree... My buddy and me, we're the best friends that could be!" Then comes the same again. Why do I know this song? Once again, loved to make fun of it.

it goes,
"sweet pickles"
(chorus repeats, "sweet pickles!")
"sweet pickles"
(chorus repeats, "sweet pickles!")

FROM: Chavez Naste
DATE: Thursday March 2, 2006 -- 1:58:13 am
holy fuck i just got so rippped and this song got in my head, i then told my roomates holy shit u remember that? they don't remember. I say holy shit i gotta google that shit been laughing since i clicked this thread 1st

FROM: melissa
DATE: Thursday March 2, 2006 -- 10:25:18 am
I was sitting here remembering Sweet Pickles and I tried to google it, but not much info is coming up.
My brother and I both had the Pickles box...I still have mine. Not sure what happened to the cards and stuff we used to have though.

FROM: christopher
DATE: Thursday March 2, 2006 -- 10:32:27 am
yo gas is horrible and i'm just probobly going to quit driving

FROM: Laura
DATE: Friday March 24, 2006 -- 10:04:43 am
I ABSOLUTELY remember the Sweet Pickles Gang. And every time I bring it up people look at me like I am Crazy!! I dont remember a song but I remember the big oversized penguin delivering the books! So glad I didnt just make this all up!

FROM: Doug
DATE: Thursday March 30, 2006 -- 3:07:53 pm
Thank God this thread exists. I can't believe there aren't any of the commercials online. It's incredibly disappointing, but at least I know there are others out there that remember this and that I'm not crazy. Cheers guys!

FROM: Kati
DATE: Thursday May 11, 2006 -- 11:26:51 am
I'm trying to locate the complete Sweet Pickles series for my child any suggestions on where I can find them would be a great help.

FROM: Celeste
DATE: Wednesday May 17, 2006 -- 9:56:21 pm
hi, well I have a breaf comment about the film HUGGA BUNCH. I'm from Argentina and I was a child, I have the opportunity to watch that film and for me was wonderful!! I want to download it free, so that if anyone know sth about it, send me a message, please, thanks, bye bye

DATE: Tuesday May 23, 2006 -- 12:38:27 pm
EBay always has Sweet Pickles books for sale - both the large and small. I was wondering which books are rarer and found this site on a Google hit. Had no idea there was such a following! I picked up a box of 12 SP books on the burm during junk day and they're selling for over 20 bucks so far - who'da thunk!

FROM: Anita
DATE: Wednesday May 24, 2006 -- 10:40:41 am
Here's the song:

Smart moms know how kids' minds grow
Upon Sweet Pickles.

Maybe someone already wrote in the song, but I thought I'd put in my crazy jingle/commercial/theme song knowledge. It's gotta be good for something!

FROM: Simret Zeru
DATE: Monday June 5, 2006 -- 11:24:19 pm
GOD, I'm so glad to know I'm not the only person that was tormented by that commercial as a child!! The tune hasn't left my head some 19 years later!!

FROM: Summer
DATE: Saturday July 8, 2006 -- 4:44:27 pm
I remember the sweet pickle bus my brothers,myself and my sister got them when we were kids in Kansas.I am 27 now and it is a great memory and I cant believe so many people remember it either.It was in the early 1980'sand it would be great just to go through the box one more time and to be able to show my son what we played with when we were little besides the

FROM: kwm
DATE: Friday July 28, 2006 -- 11:14:36 pm
does anyone know where i can find the sweet pickles board game?? help, i must find it!

FROM: Brooke
DATE: Sunday August 6, 2006 -- 2:19:10 am
Wow, I can't believe this! Legions of people who remember Sweet Pickles...
I had the green bus when I was little, and always had vague memories of it, but for the longest time couldn't remember the name of the series!
I remember I LOVED the peanut butter balls recipe!
I will find a copy of it... oh yes.

FROM: Brooke
DATE: Sunday August 6, 2006 -- 2:32:32 am
I just found a recipe on that looks really close...
I don't remember oatmeal being an ingredient, but someone above said they do.,1713,151189-240193,00.html


1/2 c. honey
1/2 c. peanut butter
1 c. nonfat dry milk
1 c. uncooked quick oats

Combine honey and peanut butter.
Gradually work in nonfat dry milk and oats.
Shape in small balls. Makes 2 dozen.

This one looks closer to what I remember (but I may be mistaken):


Rolling up these no-cook peanut butter balls gives kids a legitimate excuse for playing with their food.
For a deluxe version, toss the finished balls in shredded coconut, carob chips, or chopped peanuts and call them "meteorites."

1 cup creamy or chunky style peanut butter
1 cup powdered milk
1-1/4 cups confectioners' sugar
1 cup honey
Optional shredded coconut or chopped peanuts

1. In a medium bowl, combine the peanut butter, powdered milk, sugar and honey.
Pull off walnut-sized pieces, roll into balls and set on waxed paper.
Refrigerate until firm or roll in shredded coconut or chopped peanuts before chilling.
Makes 24 to 30 balls.

Does anyone out there have the actual card from the green bus with the actual recipe on it?

Jason N May 4, 2007, 2:54 pm

Smart moms know
How kids minds grow
Upon Sweet Pickles

GINA August 18, 2007, 7:17 pm


Linda September 2, 2007, 3:16 am

My youngest daughter Kate begged for sweet pickles for the longest time,,,,,,and of course her wish was granted, but, she thought the bus would bring her treasure……and to this day she still wants to have a replacement. Is there any out there to purchase ?

kristina September 6, 2007, 2:11 am

i remember a commercial… i also recall ordering “flash card” type things. the sweet pickles bus was, a lunch box sort of thing where you could store these “flash cards” in the bus/lunch box.

i cannot for the life of me remember the song. nor can i recall the books having anything to do w/ the flash cards.

i am also pretty sure i remeber this because i got in trouble for ordering the cards & bus…. i’ll check w/ mom.


viviene September 23, 2007, 3:31 am

I really wanna see the commercial with the little girl saying “sweet pickles is gweat!”. We are obsessively looking online but no dice. If anyone has an old vhs tape, they should do us all a favor and upload it to youtube!
We found this commercial…remember to circle the pickle:)

Travis August 9, 2008, 3:45 pm


The commercial is after a couple of other commercials in the above link. Sweet Pickles is gweat!

Julie Zweig April 29, 2009, 5:26 pm

Sweet Pickles! I was the daughter-in-law of Jackie Reinach who wrote some of the books and all of the songs. I have two cassette tapes: Pop 26 and Goof Off Goose. They are great, and my son listens to them all the time. If you really want copies of these tapes, I can make them on to CD on the special machine I got to transfer music. I would have to charge a fee I think though, especially since we are so poor right now! Make me an offer, and I’ll send you copies of the music. In Peace, Julie julieezweig at gmail dot com

RebelHawk November 4, 2009, 9:41 pm

I see sam digital books for kids. Sweet Pickle will be available soon.

Ciana July 14, 2010, 6:47 pm

I remember Swett Pickles well. My mom got me the entire collection when I was younger! I am 33 now, so that was years ago. I had the green bus and everthing! The song went like this: “A smart mom knows how kids might grow, upon Sweet Pickle! lol

cheryl September 19, 2014, 7:12 pm

ok have I got a PING !!!!!! a friend of mine found a set of kids records from A to Z of songs they are by Sweet Pickles I have found books but not the records it is like they don’t exist they are from 1977 78 79 albums 1 through 6 he is and older man 68 I told him I would look on line for him but cant find them anywhere we r trying to get info. on them and how much they are worth if anybody is out there and can help plz send me an email thank you very much that’s my PING !!!!!

Steve June 29, 2021, 2:49 pm

Almost 2 decades old, impressive! I, too, woke up with he commercial in my head today– no idea why, and I, too, wondered what the hell happened to this series. Thanks to google search, I found the commercial BEFORE this thread, but I see you have too. Thanks for the memories, all. Forgot all about those maps, until you guys mentioned them.

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