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December 10th, 2001

The Tylenol Dupe

Last week my girlfriend came home and said, surprisingly, “I’ve been duped.” Naturally I wanted to know what she was talking about, so she began to tell a tale….

A while back, she had purchased a box of Tylenol Sore Throat for her sore throat pain. It’s a honey-flavored liquid that claims to work for sore throat pain, along with headache pain, cold pain, and muscular pain. So she went to take some of it for her rather icky sore throat. But before she swallowed a dose, she took a look at regular ol’ Tylenol.

Take a look at the Tylenol ingredients and the Tylenol Sore Throat ingredients. Notice anything familiar? That’s right – these products are essentially identical, featuring the same active ingredient. The Sore Throat version just has a higher dosage, but compared to 2 Tylenol tablets, it’s the same.

So, taking Tylenol Sore Throat is the same as taking 2 Tylenol. There’s nothing in the Sore Throat version that is specifically for sore throats, other than the fact that it’s a liquid – easier to swallow when a throat is sore. -pm

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