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February 21st, 2002

Life at 5am

I don’t get up early. I just don’t. But since my sore throat has subsided, I’ve been battling a head cold. Last night wasn’t a fun one… I was up every 30 minutes or so and having some wicked hallucinations.

At about 5am, I had had enough, so I went downstairs and watched some TV. Did you know that Full House is on at 5:30am? Did you know it’s a surreal experience to watch Full House at 5:30am?

Also of note, I looked out my back window and saw a pair of police cars, complete with flashing lights, at a nearby house. I’m curious.

I imagine today’s going to be a difficult day to get through, but if it ever starts to get really bad, all I have to do is tell myself, “At least I’m not watching Full House.”

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