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February 22nd, 2002

Game Show Botch-Ups

Yesterday, as on every weekday, Jeopardy! was viewed. This episode held special humor, though, as Alex proceeded to screw up on the show: he gave away an answer.

The category, naturally, escapes me. The clue was similar to, “Newer models of these for kids have clips, so they won’t lose them – like kittens.” Obviously, the answer was, “What are mittens?” but instead of saying “kittens” in the clue, Alex went ahead and said, “mittens”. All three players had a blank look for a moment, before Alex apologized and said that it happens only “once or twice” a year. Wow.

And then, in the same episode a player gave the right answer to a clue. Alex: “No. Wait, yes. No. No.” He really wasn’t sure. Quality editing makes for good entertainment, folks.

While Jeopardy! is probably my favorite game show right now, I realize that game show gaffes are entertaining anywhere. What are some of your favorites? -pm

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