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March 4th, 2002


I think I’ve found a new online addiction, via Mister Pants. He casually mentioned his addiction to something called Farklepimp.

It’s a dice game with easy rules: you get 12 rounds per game. Each round starts by rolling six dice. From there, you are to take out any fives, triples, or straights (full straights – all six dice). As you do so, points build up, and you can either risk what you’ve earned on the next roll or bank what you’ve got and go to the next round.

Naturally, if you keep banking, you won’t achieve much of a score and it’s not very interesting, either. If you risk, though, and the next roll of the remaining dice turns up to be a stinker, you’ve farkled.

Gameplay continues until all 12 rounds are up. The high scores on the site are kind of ridiculous, reaching into the millions of points, but I’m fine with my highest score of 20,000 (wow).

It’s a fun diversion, and pretty easy to get the hang of. I recommend it. -pm

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