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March 5th, 2002

Makeover Story

Today I had a chance to see a few friends from high school on TLC’s Makeover Story. They took Jason and Amy, two 25-year-olds that have been married for three years (high school sweethearts) and have a young son and made them over for their return to New Jersey after having lived in Florida for several years after graduation. Jason and Amy both always “dressed down” and underwent quite the change at the hand of stylists and fashion consultants on the show.

But the change wasn’t what I enjoyed most about the show… what I liked best was being able to see three friends (Jason, Amy, and their friend Amy) that I was close with in high school but lost touch with after we graduated. It’s a weird feeling to have a sort of “reunion” via TV.

While Makeover Story isn’t a show I’d find terribly interesting if I didn’t know the people on it, I certainly enjoyed this episode and have to give TLC the thumbs up for going all out with Jason and Amy. You two make up nice. 🙂

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