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March 6th, 2002

Found Items

A nifty find: Found Magazine, devoted to stuff that people find just lying out there on the street.

For a while I thought about doing this as a way to get people to visit the Ping (and other sites I make.) I’d just casually put pieces of paper with the URLs on them here and there, mostly at train stops, and see if anyone took them. Thus far, nothing.

The site and my bad idea got me to wondering, though, if fellow Pingers have found anything genuinely useful and/or cool on the street. Mine? When I was about 7 or 8, I found a small plastic tube with about $2 in coins inside – that was, by far, the best thing. -pm

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FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday March 6, 2002 -- 9:26:07 am
One time I found a $10 bill underneath the boardwalk at the Jersey shore. Of course, at 13 years old, it probably wasn't safe for me to be under there in the first place...

I also would habitually check soda machines trying to get free sodes, and one summer I managed to get four or five freebees that way. Not really "found," per say...

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday March 6, 2002 -- 10:15:46 am
I found a total of $47 on the sidewalks during my time in college.

FROM: Greg
DATE: Wednesday March 6, 2002 -- 12:43:33 pm
I found a crisp $100 bill in a bank parking lot when I was 8. Then I found $10 in an outdoor mall a few years later.

Ryan - Me and a friend of mine were bowling. He went to buy two bottle of Coke out of the machine. For the price of two, we got 5! They just kept falling out. What kind of machines did you get the "free" sodas out of? Maybe Coke manufactures faulty machines.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Wednesday March 6, 2002 -- 2:21:05 pm
My friend informed me she found $200 in 20's sunday in NYC.
I found about $75 in a wave pool at Water Country USA.
I also found a wallet in a driveway onetime. I returned it and got a $20 reward. Too bad the wallet had about $2,000 in it.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday March 6, 2002 -- 4:11:16 pm
Oh, oh -- I forgot to mention the $30 I found outside of Total Beverage shortly before our wedding... that was cool.

FROM: Matt
DATE: Wednesday March 6, 2002 -- 4:41:03 pm
Maybe that $30 was a pre-purchase refund for the missing champagne.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday March 6, 2002 -- 8:11:00 pm
Don't even get me started on that unresolved issue...

FROM: fresh
DATE: Wednesday March 6, 2002 -- 9:21:30 pm
a buddy of mine, while cleaning boats in the highly rich highly boat-ridden city of Marblehead found a corpse in one of the boats hulls it was some homeless person who was there for about 2 weeks, he said maggots were crawling all over him and in and out of his mouth adn anus, now thats what i call a find! i once found my mothers douche bag and proceeded to drink soda out of it, you know the ones that hang from the shower and have a long tube on them.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Wednesday March 6, 2002 -- 10:27:45 pm
fresh -- clearly you've read too much mecawilson.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday March 6, 2002 -- 10:38:30 pm
fresh: That douchebag story is right out of Marilyn Manson's autobio!

FROM: fresh
DATE: Thursday March 7, 2002 -- 8:34:17 pm
shite i was hoping no one would notice that but oh well, the boat however is true and he said it was in the paper.

FROM: MollyCule
DATE: Thursday March 7, 2002 -- 9:02:01 pm
I found weed in the mall once. And I smoked it, and it was good.

FROM: sk1dzz
DATE: Friday March 8, 2002 -- 11:40:30 am
I was filling my car up with gasoline several years ago and found a 1848 silver dollar on the ground near the pump. Why someone would have that in their pocket to lose is beyond me.

DATE: Friday June 21, 2002 -- 4:53:20 pm
Things I've found
1. Money:
a) $4 at a playground, age 11
b) Soggy $20 on the ground outside the back door of the bar I tended in college where the drunk waitresses exit at the end of the night and pull out the tips they've hidden from the boss, age 20
c) ditto
d) ditto
e) ditto, age 21
f) ditto
e) Remembering that these 20 dollar bills are hidden somewhere on the waitress's bodies, I begin to get bothered that they are always soggy.
f) Bonus--two 20's today
g) only $10 today
i) $20 again
j) ditto
k) One night, I'm drunk myself, I tell the other bartender of my "lucky" finds--I never find a soggy $20 again.
l) a wallet full of cash in the street, but with an ID. Good Samaritan me, I return it to the owner, who happens to live in the house about 20 yards away. I knock on the door and the woman grabs the wallet out of my hand and slams the door again.
2. Future pets
a) black lab puppy roaming the streets at age four: Max will be my companion until at age 9 (me) he swallows a Super Ball that lodges in his intestines.
b) A mixed puppy, brown color, black snout. I name him Puck. When he gets older and bigger and too much to handle in the small apartment, my dad "finds" him in his big back yard; they become tight.
c) a torty kitten named Pandora who now runs the household.

a) a great 1/4" Snap-On ratchet with a 1/4" socket in the middle of a busy intersection
b) nuts and bolts of various sizes that almost always come in handy later
c) welding goggles in the street in front of my house
d) a screwdriver with a broken tip, but good for using to adjust jackstands!
e) too many pens to count
f) underwear with poopy in it--I let this one remain where I found it, thus, others may report this find as well.

FROM: FrankenHuman [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday June 17, 2004 -- 1:59:53 pm
Look, it's June 2004.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday June 17, 2004 -- 4:05:59 pm
FrankenHuman apparently found the ability to tell time.


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